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Weights767-300 - Empty with PW-4050s 79,560kg (175,400lb), with CF6-80C2B2s 79,379kg (175,000lb).
Production652 767-300s (including ERs) had been ordered by late 2002, of which 607 had been delivered. Boeing affirmed that it was creating an extended improvement of the 767-200 in February 1982. The 767-300 flew surprisingly on January 30 1986, and was honored confirmation and entered administration in September that year.
The girl was with female friends when she ran into the star and his pals at an unnamed club in LA.After talking for a while, BieberA  - who TMZ reported on Wednesday may be faced with another warrant in connection with his alleged egg-throwing incident - and his friends suggested the girls join them at an after party. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If you ignore the carnage and the blood and the pain and the suffering of war, and only portray heroic images and fancy, clean Generals doing derring deeds in immaculate uniforms, what do you get? Standard German practice was to take 10 or more locals as hostages for every German killed whenever the partisans really irked them. The Holocaust now has its own page, so there is only a sprinkling of pictures from it on here - most of the pictures there are as bad or far worse than any on this page, but that is a whole other universe of savagery. Incidentally, regarding comments, off-hand remarks that "the captions are wrong" or you don't like them or the pictures are too ghastly or you find something objectionable or it is wonderful that people were killed or any other spurious remarks (and this kind of page attracts them all) will be disregarded and discarded. Everyone is tired of keyboard heroes who shout the loudest about how war is needed to solve this problem or that in the world. In summary, the intent of this page is to convey the reality of war itself, which is horrible, and not the special case of the Holocaust, which is like the Twilight Zone of brutality.
Caption: "A German soldier ties the hands of a captured Slovenian partisan prior to his execution on Mala Poljana mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This also is not a "Tsk, Tsk, bad, bad Germans" page, though of course they did more than their share of evil acts. Nurse at the Scherbatsevich hospital, Olga Fedorovna, hanged by the Germans in Alexander Square in Minsk, October 26,1941.
But the Germans were pretty much the champs in terms of systematic killings during World War II, no question about it.
Sometimes killings are legally justified by the rules of war, but that does not make them any less ghoulish. The reality is that there was ghastly brutality on both sides, and I am subtle about it, but the observant will notice that some of the shots below were of Allied actions. I suppose a common reaction to this collection might be, "No way, those are fakes making it look worse than it was." Then, you might indeed find a re-creation photo here or there - they do sneak through now and then, re-enactors in Hollywood and elsewhere are awfully good - and feel satisfied that you were right all along. No, that last picture from the Bataan Death March was not just an isolated incident - here's another (though one source says this was at Singapore). Oh, and this is directed at you, the one that thinks that war is glorious and winning battles is beautiful and conquering territory is lovely. I have to start off with the holocaust, just as a reminder that the evil went way beyond an occasional hanging.
Caption: "Four Soviet men suspected of engaging in partisan activities are hanged by German members of the Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsfuhrers-SS, the intelligence agency of the of the SS. The above picture usually has the caption "Hostage execution in Pancevo, 1941." That may well be precisely what it is. However it is claimed elsewhere that this in fact was an execution of 18 Yugoslav army fighters who, disguised as civilians, had been involved in shootings of German soldiers. General Tani Masuo, the man who oversaw the Nanking Massacre, was executed in March 1947 after being found guilty of war crimes by the war tribunal set up by Chiang Kai-shek. Russian prisoners left to die of hunger and exposure near Stalingrad as the Germans steadily retreated inside the ruined city, December 1942. General Friedrich Kussin (1895-1944), the German commander of Arnhem in the Netherlands, was ambushed and killed by British paratroopers at a crossroads on September 17, 1944 during Operation Market Garden.
The execution of the underground fighter Vladimir Vinogradov, who killed a German soldier in Vitebsk. Japanese Bomb hits the flight deck of USS Enterprise, costing the photographer of this picture his life. Australian Sergeant Leonard Siffleet was part of a special forces reconnaissance unit in New Guinea, then occupied by Japanese Imperial forces. I know, you take a glance and figure it's another Holocaust survivor, and you've seen it all before. Chinese Boy Beheaded - his only crime was being a member of a household suspected by the Japanese of aiding Chinese guerillas (the Japanese call them "Bandits") ca. The Department of Defense wants future generations of fighter aircraft to come with copilots already installed. The F-X is a fighter concept in development to replace the Air Force’s current top dog, the stealthy F-22 Raptor, which is designed to outfight any other plane in the sky. Bringing the artificial intelligence inside the cockpit is one major way robots will fly alongside humans in fighters of the future -- but it’s not the only one.
Couple of rather 'exotic' ones as far as most flight sims go, like the japanese F-2A, RAF Jaguar and Chengdu J-20, isn't? Higher gross weight version range with design payload and PW-4050s 7835km (4230nm), with CF6-80C2B2s 7890km (4260nm). Typical three class layout for 210, two class 269 (24 premium & 245 economy seven abreast) max seating for 350 at eight abreast. The flightdeck and frameworks were conveyed specifically over from the 767-200, the main different progressions were minor, and identified with the expanded weights of the new form. The higher weight Extended Range ER form flew on December 19 1986, while Rollsroyce RB-211-524g motors got to be accessible from 1989. Progressions incorporate reinforced undercarriage and wing structure, a load taking care of framework, no lodge windows and a principle deck cargo entryway.
They agreed to go.'A little after midnight, my girlfriends and I were invited out by Justin and his crew, so we got into his pimped-out Mercedes bus,' she shared. If truly violent and disgusting images from combat and the reality of war disturb you, this is your chance to move along to another page.

Often-times, they would simply slaughter the innocent hostages to serve as a "lesson," and that included women and children because it was only the number of victims that mattered (to their bosses), not anything else about them.
We could do this entire page solely with Holocaust pictures - but then it would be called "Holocaust," and that page is elsewhere. The best sources are used, but there have been many post-war films, "re-creations" and outright propaganda that are manufactured to look authentic and thus are extremely hard to spot.
Anything related to World War II draws visceral reactions from a broad spectrum of society.
We're also tired of people shouting about how offended they are at real things as shown on here. It isn't just post-war "revisionists" or "enhancers" or "re-creators" who are to blame for fakes. What's of interest here is that, if it is a fake (and if so, it is very good), it was manufactured or procured by Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffman in the early 1930s. The inscription on the poster hanging around her neck reads in Russian and German - "We are partisans, shooting at German soldiers." Hanging was a favored tactic for small-scale killings because it has a more dramatic effect.
Sure, I can hear the angry voices justifying this country's or that country's brutal reign of terror. The pictures don't capture the stink of burning corpses - or the stench of still living ones melting away from starvation.
If you didn't keep up with the others because you were wounded, injured or tired, they beat you. There are several accounts of Japanese troops using civilians and prisoners of war for bayonet practice, sometimes as an initiation rite for new recruits - kind of like joining the mob and having to off someone. This one was at Stutthof - a reminder that the horror was not just at the more famous camps such as Auschwitz and Buchenwald. If you were in a tank, and it got penetrated by a shell, even a small one, you wound up looking like this. Yes, that is French Resistance member Georges Blind smiling in front of a German execution squad.
Poetically, at least in the eyes of the tribunal, Masuo’s executioner was a Chinese veteran who survived the Battle of Nanking. This is a photograph of Josef Willeke, his dead driver, also killed in the attack by multiple machine gun fire, along with his interpreter, Max Koster.
This image has led to speculation that the general was also scalped, but in fact he was hit by bullets and glass in such a way that part of his skin and hair separated from the skull. The middle of nowhere, probably buried right there without any markings, and there they stay. Nobody seems to really care all that much that there's a dead girl hanging from the tree, but are happy to smile for the photographer.
Patrick, still sitting in the driver's seat, is dead after suffering the effects of a direct hit from a German Panther during the Battle of Cologne Cathedral. This photo by George Stock, taken on Buna Beach, New Guinea was the first photo published in the U.S.
He and two Ambonese companions were captured by partisan tribesmen and handed over to the Japanese.
However, the Raptor is expensive to produce, and it also suffered in some test dogfighting scenarios.
Higher gross weight version max takeoff with PW-4050s or CF6-80C2B2s 159,210kg (351,000lb). The scope of the 767-300er has ended up being extremely famous with various carriers utilizing them for long run low thickness flights.
I've been picking up girls here for the past four nights.'Justin has been spotted recently with Selena Gomez, his on-again, off-again girlfriend since 2011.
If you don't think it could ever happen again, and even worse, you are living in a dream world.
The authorities are still hunting down some of the Germans who did this, though they are naturally dying off rapidly now.
These fakes sometimes find their way into the most reputable sources, including the German National Archives that serves as an official repository. It should if you understand war, if you understood what the men in that jeep were going through. Nobody can prove it to be a fake, it is that good - but the odds of a random (extremely talented) photographer just happening to capture Hitler at the front of a crowd celebrating the announcement of World War I, and then Hoffman just stumbling upon it two decades later just when it would come in handy are, well, let's just say it's about as likely as being struck by lightning. And there are a couple of Holocaust pictures on here just as a reminder of that horror - because war is horror. Bombing cities with 2000-bomber raids, cities that were defenseless and full of women and children, and causing firestorms - that's pretty ghoulish.
The British beached and left a destroyer behind during one raid on a French port, and the curious Germans naturally boarded to inspect it, perhaps to see if there were any survivors.
There may be dead people and guys with guns standing over them - but that does not mean that they murdered anyone.
B-29 bombers dropped 1,700 tons of incendiary bombs on the largest city in Japan, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 100,000 people -- the single deadliest conventional air raid of World War II.
They don't include the wailing of motherless children crawling over their dead mother's bodies.
They are, after all, old and grainy - that means they're just, you know, old pictures, like ancient Roman ruins with nothing to do with your life.
I know I said I would go easy on the holocaust, but this was just too far out there to pass up. The men were hanged shortly after the German invasion of the Soviet Union; Operation Barbarossa. It is contended that, as grim as it was, this execution was entirely in accord with internationally-sanctioned military law practiced by all sides, such as the Americans who shot Operation Greif spies out of hand, within days of capture, during the Battle of the Bulge.
Now, ordinarily they could just tie the rope off and walk away as usual, but they didn't like this guy.
These fellows apparently were ambushed, as Soviet eyewitnesses said that the Germans killed them after the GIs surrendered.

Incidentally, if you scroll down quickly as you view this, it appears to move as an optical illusion.
All three men were interrogated, tortured and confined for approximately two weeks before being taken down to Aitape Beach on the afternoon of 24 October 1943. I have seen this identified asVasily Mikhailovich Blokhin (7 January 1895 – 3 February 1955), who was a Soviet Russian Major-General serving as the chief executioner of the Stalinist NKVD (later KGB).
Naval Institute, both the Navy and the Air Force want their next generation air superiority fighter to have Artificial Intelligence. Adding AI could free the pilot's mind to focus more on fewer tasks, giving them a cognitive advantage in battle. The Navy’s own X-47B experimental drone has landed on an aircraft carrier successfully and autonomously, so adding a computer co-pilot to a naval craft could help there too. By the 2030s, humans with robot copilots could fly alongside robots remotely controlled by humans. Beheadings exactly of the type shown here are happening today in certain parts of the world.
Let me reiterate - this is all about sensationalism and your choice to look at these pictures. If you're like, "I guess they were just saying that to show this is a fighting zone," you don't understand the first thing about what it means. Anyone who thinks that war is an answer should be required to view this page and others like it and then tell us how necessary war is. As an example, below is a famous shot that was widely distributed in Nazi Germany during Hitler's rise to power.
The British, though, thoughtfully had loaded it with time bombs that exploded the next morning. Somebody else may have done the deed, and the guys in the picture who appear to be forcing others to dig the graves in fact may be blameless (or not). Just be aware that pictures don't always tell the story that we think or assume they do, so be careful about blanket assumptions.
They can't quite convey the reality of the rats and vultures approaching your fallen comrade's body as you, with a broken leg and shattered arm, have bigger problems to worry about - such as that they'll get you next. Or maybe the pictures just don't register, they mean nothing, just images without meaning or context.
Much in this field becomes a question of how much you trust the sources (apparently Soviet in this case). However, it was a mock execution intended to make him talk (probably to betray fellow spies). Well, it isn't really - but the guy's leg in the foreground that was blown off by a mine was probably important to him.
In the movies, they usually don't have the dead persons' limbs at those crazy angles, so this is real. In any event, the poor damsel was annoying them, so they stopped her from spinning, and she politely obliges. So, until they got bored, they varied the pressure on him so he would suffer as much as possible. Lepa was a partisan executed at the age of 17 in Bosanska Krupa in Bosnia for shooting at German soldiers. Taken in February 1943, Cal Whipple, LIFE Magazine's Pentagon correspondent, pushed for the photo to be made public after being censored. Sharp was captured while attempting to escape when being used as slave laborer on the Burma-Siam railway. This supposedly was during the Katyn massacre of Polish officers in the Ostashkov prisoner of war camp . It's a bit unclear, but the nearest victim appears to have his arms crossed in apparent indifference.
The entire point of this page is to be sensationalist, because horrible sensationalism makes a point - about death, murder, and reality. Bomber raids were impersonal, push-a-button killing, and this page is intended to get real personal.
Pictures have intrinsic rules and create their own reality that may not reflect actual events.
This may strike you as quibbling over nothing, but it is important to some folks because the standard line is that ordinary Wehrmacht troops did not engage in genocide.
As her captors tied the noose around her neck, they offered her a way out of the gallows by revealing her comrades' and leaders' identities. His punishment for being caught was being tortured for three years and two weeks in a Singapore gaol. If you don't want to see the truth of war and it offends you, I urge you to go somewhere else. It supposedly shows young Austrian Adolf Hitler delirious with joy upon the outbreak of World War II. He was forwarded to a concentration camp, where he was selected for termination on arrival, dying some time in late November 1944. She responded that she was not a traitor to her people and that they would reveal themselves when they avenged her death. There is so much other damning evidence that one photo doesn't make much difference, but it provides a window into hidden battles that continue to this day. She was the youngest winner of the Order of the People's Hero of Yugoslavia, awarded in 1951.
There are people who want the truth out, and others who like to, shall we say, tailor it in a certain direction. The authenticity of this photo has been called into question by a commenter below, so I hunted down another version that isn't zoomed, directly below.

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