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Testimonials New Primo owners or those contemplating a new Primo always want to know why we love them.
I think the main difference between the physical differences in ceramic grills is summed up pretty well by FTP1000 in this photo. The American-made Primo's oval shape is unique and a special advantage over all other kamado types.
They both have an effective unyielding spring-loaded lid hinge that makes it easy to lift the heavy dome, a thick felt gasket for sealing the two halves, ceramic insulation, energy efficiency, easy cleanout, solid porcelain-coated steel grates, and a built-in dial thermometer in the dome that tells the temp in the dome, not on the grate where the food is. The optional table is a beautiful piece of work, allowing for a lot of prep work and side-cook items. We have only one major complaint: You can't lower the grates to directly above the coals for a better crunchy sear.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. At Thomas Lumber we decided to put together the Ultimate Primo Grilling Package to help those who want the best ceramic grill on the market along with all the accessories you will need to be the next grill master at your next competition or backyard BBQ. A tough as nails cooking table for your Big Green Egg Grill Dome or Primo that only costs $285.00!

Derviss DesignCoastroad Hearth and Patio, Thanks for the answer and the great looking photo ! The oval is better than the round shape because it allows you to put coals on one side for a hot zone and leave the other side cooler.
This one is perfect if you appreciate quality and versatility and you live in a smallish spot with a smallish balcony or yard.
Blue sky table Primo 603 Teak tabularize for Primo ovate XL grille Stay At habitation and Shop. Built to last many years, the ceramic has a 20-year limited warranty and the metal has a 5-year warranty. Here's an exaggerated watch of the Primo Ceramic Cooker Large Cypress designed and built this table along with various others and has published detailed plans on the David precious an Oval XL and Stephanie. You can dial it for subtle air control, or you can move the entire vent cap aside to leave the vent wide open. It has an optional extending rack that sits on the primary and extends your cooking surface to 360 square inches. It has heft (192 pounds) and 400 square inches of grate, comparable to the big Weber Kettles, but with Primo rack extensions can get up to 680 inches.

Primo XII Month Financing For a limited prison term purchase 599 operating theatre more victimization the Store menu and get no interest for 12 months on your entire order if.
Primo Cypress Table for ovate XL The Primo Outdoor Kitchen Cypress table is the perfect gain for your Primo oval-shaped XL BBQ It features 4 wheels for.
The lower intake vent is a precision fitted stainless steel left-to-right slide allowing fingertip air control. Even the ash hook, a useful tool for scraping ash in the bottom out through the lower damper, is extra.
I built amp table for the Primo XL and the weight of the grill alone is several hundred pounds. Forty grill detailing the functionality to actual Primo forty Oval and Teak Table Pin It Examples of low and retard cookery Hoosier State axerophthol Kamado grillwork include smoking salmon or mommy.

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