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To me it just means another 20,000 deaf voices but instead of working I've been looking at satellite images and thinking about other developments. There could infact be more missing(not been down and checked) but you can clearly see the new entrance to the new upper tiers forming. 10,000 seats lost for one season, would be returned the season after with 10,000 extra seats. I'm not a united fan, but I hope they get on with this, I drive past everyday and the south stand is complete shit compared to the other stands from the outside.
MANCHESTER United plans to grow its property portfolio - if it finds the right sites at the right price.
The club, which already owns several warehouses and the 26-acre Manchester International Freight Terminal, says it is looking to build up its commercial property portfolio. Last year, Manchester United bought a lease on the Freight Terminal, paying a sum thought to be close to ?11m.

The club is not looking to buy properties beyond the Trafford Park and Old Trafford area, close to the stadium.
Didnt i read somewhere that Wembley's capacity could rise to 120,000 by simply reducing the size of the seating and space between the rows, down to the normal sizes seen at club grounds..? ALL-STATE LEGAL makes customizing your expanding files easy and affordable so you can be as efficient as possible. Material: Select from a wide range of materials to suit your firm's needs including reddish brown red fiber (to match stock Fibre-Guard), orangey-red red fiber (to match stock Redweld), standard manila or pressboard as well as specialty stocks. The singer recently told Shape magazine that she hopes to have another child after her 42-city tour. This hasn't been noticed till now and one of the main problems everyone talks about is do United own the houses on the otherside of the tracks. The new stand would probably have better corporate boxes and hopitality that would bring in a similar amount of cash again.

It was reported at the time that the purchase was to enable the club to control security along its perimeter, rather than for redevelopment. Properties have been acquired at different times for strategic reasons looking into the future. I do want to be clear: we are not looking to linear channels an the content that's on them now.

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