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They used hard styrene foam with fiberglass over it, much like their 'tri-magnum' enclosed trike (motorcycle powertrain mated to a bug front end). I have not personally seen the vehicle, but I understand the owner has all the parts needed, including the engine, all the fiberglass panels built, and the chassis modified. If you write to me, please put VW Phoenix camper van in the Subject, so I will know who you are. This company builds high speed amphibious craft, from sports cars to a take-off on the Hummer.
One of Ypsilanti’s popular Depot Town dining establishments is positioning itself to export its brand to the rest of the country.
The Northville location, which is on "franchise row" at Eight Mile and Haggerty roads, proved successful immediately by turning a profit within a year.
Bill French, who is spending his winter taking flight classes in Florida, said he feels that he owes those longtime managers for helping him be successful. To that end, Bill French created a development program for managers hoping to advance their career with Aubree’s, and he said he personally mentors six employees. Bill French said the company’s expansion is also an opportunity to improve the restaurant's menu and broaden its appeal. That new menu was introduced earlier this month and includes a more modern take on comfort food such as macaroni and cheese, meatloaf and several pasta dishes. The group is now helping the Frenches assemble a plan to be submitted for approval by the Securities Exchange Commission and generally guiding them through the early stages of franchising.
Bill French said there are many issues required to grow a successful franchise beyond a sound business plan.

One of the common pitfalls is not having a strong relationship with franchisees, which French said could lead to lawsuits. The new one is like a fold out company brochure and totally divested of the things that made the old one special : a reference to time and place, history and culture of the area. Congratulations to the Aubreys, they are very hard working people who have invested tons of time and money in the area. My admitted hazy recollection is they bought the Alibi Bar and eventually changed the name. Our forum at Yahoo Autos Groups for Chalet owners & enthusiasts is free to join, click here.
They'll look at a regional expansion first, in Ohio and Indiana, and then at points beyond. Most recently, the Frenches set up a Northville Aubree’s Pizzeria and Tavern location, which will serve as a model for franchised restaurants. That provided the Frenches with confidence that their formula could work, Andy French said.
At the advice of ifranchise, a Chicago-based franchise consulting firm, Aubree's conducted a 1,200-person survey of its menu, making changes based on the feedback.
It also includes flatbread sandwiches, which Andy French said were a popular request in the survey and have been a hit so far. Bill French said the company has a proven track record of helping other successful franchises, and it takes on only select clients. I personal favor The Sidetrack, owned by Linda French who co-operated Aubree's with fellow family members before creating her hugely popular and beautiful Sidetrack.

It has none of the variety and uniqueness of the old multipage menu and is indistinguishable from the menus of every other cookie-cutter chain sport's bar out there. I really enjoy the atmosphere and think Aubrees has good pizza but at the end of the day, it's a bar with pizza.
This table is made not only to transform awesomely, it’s made to save space and be the centerpiece of the room. Things have always improved and today they are still serving up great food that will put a smile on your face. I think they have a great product and hope they can get the right folks in place to take it national.
This table’s made by Sigrid Stromgren and Sanna Lindstrom whose first collaborative project with each other is, in fact, this table. The Gripstar pushes the concept of versatility to an entirely new level with its minimalistic yet remarkably multifunctional design! Easily mounted on any surface,… Shares 53 Shares 44 Channeling Hong-Kong Kanban is a side table that pushes the boundaries of form and aesthetic, past and present. The project’s aim was to capture Hong Kong… Shares 44 Shares 91 Sittin Around on Shrooms!

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