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The Fletcher Capstan table, like the Jupe table before it, has undoubtedly been copied in garages and workshops around the world. This holiday season, buy the forgotten dreams of the young man in 22-DThis holiday season, buy the forgotten dreams of the young man in 22-DMore people than ever are flying these days. She served in a number of operations in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of operation during World War II including raids on German ports, escort duty, and the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. She was decommissioned and placed in reserve in January 1947, and was transferred to Spain in May 1957. The Fletcher class of destroyers was designed in 1939 to improve on earlier destroyer types. Capable of top speeds near 40 knots and long-range operations, Fletcher-class destroyers participated in combat actions ranging from anti-submarine and anti-aircraft warfare to surface action. Fletcher-class destroyers were armed with five five-inch guns in single mounts and 10 21-inch torpedo tubes in twin quintuple centerline mounts. Nineteen Fletcher-class destroyers were lost during World War II; six more were damaged and not repaired.

And while it's unlikely that anyone can duplicate David Fletcher's fastidious and multimaterial construction, some enjoy the challenge of DIY'ing something similar that's more within reach.Contractor Scott Rumschlag falls into this category, and has put more than 400 hours over a couple of years attempting to produce a self-built version of the Fletcher Capstan, complete with star-shaped center and multi-level leaves.
That's well-covered territory and the subject of books, lectures and articles by people that are smarter and much more qualified to speak on the subject than me. When potential buyers file in, you want them to see your spacious rooms—but you don't want them lingering too long picking out the flaws.
The United States Navy commissioned 175 Fletcher-class destroyers during World War II, more than any other destroyer class.
Their high speed and long range were particularly suited to the Pacific Theater of Operations, where they are credited with sinking 29 Imperial Japanese Navy submarines.
The armament they carried, especially anti-aircraft weapons, was increased during the war with the addition of two 40 mm Bofors quadruple AA guns and six 20 mm Oerlikon dual AA gun positions. At the end of hostilities, the remainder were decommissioned and put in reserve status, until many were reactivated for service in the Korean War. Capps (DD-550), built by Gulf Shipbuilding Corp.,in Chickasaw, Alabama, was launched in May 1942 and commissioned in June 1943.

Anti-submarine armament was initially two depth charge racks at the stern, as the war went on, up to six K-gun depth charge launchers were added.
Rumschlag has put a lot of time into his plans and obviously wants to recoup some of that, and it appears that he's legally in the clear; so my question is, how would you feel about this if you were Fletcher looking at Rumschlag? Bear in mind that Fletcher has been working on and tweaking the current design from 1997 right up until today—that's nearly twenty years of labor.And going back further, how would you feel if you were Jupe, looking at Fletcher's work? In the name of undertaking DIY design and engineering challenges, I myself am not above attempting to duplicate someone else's work, in the privacy of my own shop, for the sake of edification.On the other hand, I think it's the idea of then selling plans to that work that has me raising an eyebrow.

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