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Question: If I increase the span of the patio cover to 24' instead of 20', would I need another column? In my design, if I were to extend the width of my patio to 24', I would definitely add an extra post. Question: The fascia on my house is a 2x6", would I still need a nailer or would that work?
Answer: The most important thing is to determine if your rafter tails are capable of supporting half of the total weight of your patio cover.
Adding the 2x ledger to the outside of the fascia is very important - it is the part of your patio cover framing that is screwed to your home's structure.
You can't just nail into the fascia, because you can't trust how it is attached to the framing. Before starting the actual construction project, we recommend you to plan everything, as to save money and to keep the costs under control.
If you don’t have a rich expertise in woodworking field, you should ask a friend to give you a hand with the project. The first step of the woodworking project is to lay out the pergola in a professional manner.
Drill 3′ deep holes and set the posts in concrete, if you want to create a rigid structure. Irrespective of your choice, make sure you plumb the posts with a spirit level and you use temporarily braces to hold them into place until the concrete has dried out.
In order to add character to your project, we recommend you to cut the ends in a decorative manner. Clamp the support beams to the posts and make sure they are perfectly horizontal, by using a nice spirit level. If you want to enhance the look of the backyard pergola, we recommend you to fit 2×4 trims to the top of the posts, just under the support beams. Mark the cut lines on the beams and get the job done with a circular saw and with a jigsaw. One of the last steps of the project is to attach the 1×1 slats to the top of the pergola.
If you want to enhance the look of the pergola, you could build brick and stone walls around the perimeter of the pergola. Smart Tip: Apply several coats of stain or paint to the wooden components, if you want to protect them from decay and to enhance the look of the backyard pergola. Thank you for reading our project about diy pergola plans and we recommend you to check out the rest of the projects. Get ready for your deck project with these helpful tips on how to plan the building process. Your first task when planning to build a deck is to decide whether you're going to take on the project yourself, or hire professionals to help plan and build your deck. Whether you or someone else will be doing the actual building, you can generate a detailed deck building plan by utilizing many widely available digital deck planning tools. Planning for your deck project can seem overwhelming, but by answering a few key questions up front and making use of helpful digital tools, you can ensure that your deck will be ready in no time and built to your exact specifications. Get great ideas for your new outdoor space with these helpful tips on how to plan for building a patio.
Get tips on hiring a deck builder, from researching local contractors to pre-planning for your deck project. Get all the info you need about one of the most cost effective and low maintenance decking materials: composite decking. Make your backyard a hot spot with these helpful hints on how to plan for building a fire pit.
Get tips for cleaning composite decks to ensure that you'll be able to clean yours effectively and safely. Get all the info you'll need on how to plan a pergola, then begin designing an attractive focal point for your outdoor living space.

Choosing the location for the free standing deck is difficult, as you have to comply with the local building codes and to place it as to enjoy your beautiful backyard. Work with great care, making sure you take accurate measurements and place the beams and joists symmetrically.
Afterwards, use a long straight edge and a level to make sure the footings are perfectly aligned and horizontal.
Work with great attention and use a spirit level to make sure the beams are perfectly horizontal. Next, you have to install the rim joists into position, by inserting several nails trough the perpendicular joists, and by installing a corner bracket. If you have followed our tips and step by step guide, the structure of the free standing deck should look similar to the construction in the image.
Before starting the project, you have to make sure the location of the deck is level and the soil structure is able to support the construction.
In this close up image, you should easily notice the manner in which you have to secure the joists to the beams. In addition, use a spirit level to align and plumb the wooden joists, before driving in the screws. Next, you have to attach the decking boards by inserting two screws trough the boards into each joist. After you have installed decking boards on the whole surface of the free standing deck,  you should use chalk line to mark the straight cutting line.
In order to smooth the edges of the decking boards, you should either use a router or a sand block with medium sand-paper.
Thank you for reading our article about how to build a deck on the ground and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. If you want to learn more about building an exquisite pergola for your backyard, we recommend you to check out this step by step article.
There are many things that you could go wrong, so make sure you plan everything and invest in quality materials.
Alternatively, you could set post anchors to the concrete footings and fit the 6×6 posts into place using lag screws. Make sure you select the straightest beams you can find, otherwise the end result won’t have a neat aspect. Use the instructions in the diagram to mark the cut lines and use a jigsaw to make the cuts. Cut both ends of the trims at 45 degrees and secure them to the posts using glue and finishing nails. You can increase or decrease the distance between the components according to how much light you want to get through the roof.
Don’t forget to share our projects with your friends and LIKE us, by using the social media widgets. However, with the right expert advice on how to plan for building a deck, your project can run smoothly and ultimately provide you with a relaxing and beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. The general wisdom on decks is that they provide a "moderate-to-hard" challenge for even the handiest homeowners, so if you're slightly daunted by home improvement projects, you might want to hire a contractor to build your deck. For example, many home improvement companies provide free-to-use deck design software, which will allow you to design a virtual deck before the first hammer is raised.
These handy tools allow you to determine how much of any particular material you'll need for your deck based on its size, plus the approximate cost of the individual materials and the full project.
Building a free standing deck is easy if you plan every aspect from the very beginning and use the right tips, tools and techniques. As we speak of a light construction, you don’t have to build a concrete slab foundation, but dig several holes, install tube forms and pour concrete. Don’t forget that you have to secure the joints between the wooden components by using corner brackets, metal joist hangers and several long screws. In order to work like a qualified professional, we recommend you to build batter boards from 2×4 wooden boards and string.

Therefore, we recommend you to pour the footings on each corner and consider adding at least one more, on two sides of the deck. Don’t forget to add a wooden shim if the anchor is wider than the width of the two beams added. Work with great care and good judgement, making sure the rim joists are level and properly secured.
In case they don’t match, you have to adjust the position of the beams, until they are placed properly. As you can easily notice, building a deck on the ground is easy if you lay out the structure properly, level the beams with a spirit level and use quality materials. Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets. In most of the cases, building a pergola requires a permit so its is advisable to go to your town hall and ask for the legal requirements you have to comply to. In addition, we recommend you to invest in high-quality materials, such as pine, redwood or cedar, as they have a nice finish and are highly durable, especially in a humid environment. Select the lumber with attention, making sure the components are perfectly straight and in a very good condition. Leave no gaps between the components and use a spirit level to make sure the shade elements are perfectly horizontal. SUBSCRIBE if you want to be the first that gets our latest articles and to help us keep adding free plans. The terrace or the roof open space generally semi-outdoor with different functions based on their placement.
Generally speaking, wooden decks are a great addition to any house or garden, as they create a multi-functional space, where you can take dinner, spend time with your family and friends or read a book while enjoying the fresh air.
These footings have to be perfectly aligned and level, otherwise the deck won’t have a professional look.
If you use screws, you have to drill pilot holes with a drill machinery, as to avoid the wood from splitting. In order to secure the beams into place, you have to drill pilot holes and insert several lag bolts. In addition, apply the 3-4-5 rule to every corner in order to double check the accuracy of the layout. If the porch is located at the front of the house serves as a reception area while before getting into the inside.
The techniques required vary according to the complexity of the project, but we will show you the main woodworking techniques, as to get the job done in a professional manner and to keep costs under control. Are you looking for something more elaborate like a raised deck with stairs, or even a two-story behemoth with entrances on two different floors? Meanwhile, if the patio is located in this part of the side or rear of the house, the porch can be used as a place to relax by the family, dining area, reading room, a place off fatigue, or also as a play area for children. If you want to design a patio home then there are a few things that need to be considered because the presence of the fence can determine the overall look of the house. Adjustment process between the model and the design model aims to whole harmonious home, unified and beautiful to behold. In the porch of a house there are several elements that always exist in the residential area of ??this one. In this occasion, the patio roof attach will be our topic.As we know that shape and model of the patio roof attach section usually follows the design of the house. When it rains, to prevent the entry of rain water into the terrace house, you can apply the canopy.
That is the kinds of patio roof attach that maybe can be your inspiration in designing the patio or porch.

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