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7 free wooden gear clock plans for you eccentric, 5 responses to 7 free wooden gear clock plans for you eccentric, masochist woodworkers.
How to make a wooden gear clock – squidoo, This is the best book i have been able to find on building wooden gear clocks. Woodline usa wooden gear clock, Page 4 woodline usa wooden gear clock this manual includes the following sections: 1.
I haven’t actually seen the drawings you can order, but the clocks sure look like great projects.

Has anyone come up with plans for a wooden clock that roughly follows the design of the early “town hall” clock tower clocks that had mostly wooden gears, with a massive cast iron pendulum? Sitka medical center, Sitka medical center is a subsidiary of southeast alaska regional health consortium (searhc).. Laser design technology glossary, 2d drawing – a 2d representation of a cad model typically complete with measurements and dimensions for use in many manufacturing processes. Friends are constantly asking me what I make with all the machines in my shop and when I answer that I mostly make more tools, they’re always disappointed or at least puzzled.

If anyone reading has experience with Clayton’s plans, drop us a note and let us know what you thought.

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