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One of our favorite authors, Toshio Odate, is featured in an article in our October 2013 issue. In addition, we’ve created a gallery of Toshio at work on this project, with photos by Laure Olender. The screen PDFs are nicely drawn, and give an excellent perspective on how the screens are constructed. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. Our first west coast Woodworking in America Conference is off to a great start in Pasadena, Calif. This is your opportunity to get your hands on the finest tools around, talk with the people who design and make them, and get great advice on what tools are best for you. Across the plaza, in the Conference Center, the classrooms are held in the lower level Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, you need to take some care when making the test cuts on the male portion of the joint. In the end, this technique produces a wicked-tight mechanical joint with just a couple tool setups. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
A couple notes on this technique: There are entire books written about dovetailing, so we couldn’t possibly cover everything that’s involved. Remove the waste outside of the tails with a backsaw, which cuts straighter than the fretsaw.
The Tite-Mark gauge can be used like a chisel to remove waste from between the tails and on the ends of the joints, as shown. I like a spear-point knife as shown here because you can work on the left and right sides of a tail with just one tool.

Before you try to assemble the joint, relieve the inside edges of the tail board with a knife as shown. Tool collector and woodworker John Sindelar brought lots of crazy, beautiful and rare tools to Woodworking in America last weekend. The outside of the chest is inlaid with parquetry that has survived fairly well (especially the stuff in the back). John, although this is one of the nicest chests I’ve seen, I must say the Studley chest is unquestionably the best.
In the story, Toshio relates his experience as an apprentice in Japan and builds a latticed entry door to his studio.
We created some line drawings from Toshio’s drawings and they are available as a free download in PDF format.
If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can still join us for the event which runs through Sunday at the Pasadena Convention Center. We have assembled a collection of woodworking superstars, and you can meet them, see how they work up close and get your questions answered. This technique works extremely well for constructing drawers that will be mounted with mechanical drawer slides. By merely putting the socket in a different place you can create an overlay or lipped drawer, too.
If your drawer uses a different species of wood for the sides than for the front, check the fit of the male portion of the joint in a socket in both species.
The parts should slide together easily and require just a couple taps from a mallet to seat them firmly. The closer to the bottom of the tail you get, the less clean-up work you’ll have with a chisel. The most important thing to note here is you should stand so you can see when the chisel is perfectly perpendicular to the work, as shown here.

To mark the pins, clamp the tail board in place to the pin board using a set of inexpensive 90° clamps, available from any home-center store.
With other tools, such as a pocketknife, you run the risk that your knife line isn’t in exactly the right place. For larger assemblies, I recommend  backing up the joint with a piece of scrap to distribute the hammer blows evenly.
But none was more unusual than the adjustable-height tool chest that he had purchased a couple weeks before. The only downside is that it requires some lifting and fiddling to get the legs up or down. Difficult to adjust yeah, but set it once before you fill it up and leave it in one place and you are done. The event consists of two parts: the Marketplace, where you will find an unmatched group of tool vendors including Lee Valley, Lie-Nielsen, Bosch, Hock Tools and many more.
The Hand Tool Olympics also takes place in the Marketplace, and in addition to the tools there are also displays from the nearby Cerritos College woodworking program and a gallery of pieces made by the instructors teaching classes at the show.
But once you have a couple drawers built, you’ll find your saw and chisel skills improve exponentially.
At the four corners are four hidden posts that drop below the base of the chest to raise it off the floor.

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