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In this article, I would like to show you step by step how to use this fantastic database in your C# application. First and foremost, it's free*, in BSD-style freedom (both libre and gratis), which means you will not have license problems in your commercial applications.
If you have ever worked with any DB-Management software like Aqua Data Studio, SQL Manager (I use the Lite version every day), or the MS Management Studio Express, you will find PgAdmin III really intuitive.
If you are looking for an MS-SQL Identity, just make your column type serial, or look for sequence in the documentation. This article is for those who have used a database for a couple of months (or even years) and would like to taste something different. Esri Geoportal Server is a suite of software modules that provides seamless communication with data services that use a wide range of communication protocols and supports searching, publishing, and managing standards-based resources.
The Esri Geoportal Server is an open source product that is free and does not require ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Server licensing. This tutorial steps through implementing a geoportal on an intranet and uses base software that is also open source.
At minimum, the Esri Geoportal Server requires the Java Development Kit and Runtime Environment, a relational database management system (RDBMS), and a servlet container.
Prior to installing the Esri Geoportal Server and its components, you need to create some folders and find out some basic information about your computer. Although the geoportal will not be available on the Internet, you need to know the IP address of your computer. Run create_schema_pg from the command line to generate tables for the geoportal in the PostgreSQL database. The PostgreSQL RDBMS will store the geoportal user, resource metadata, and harvesting scheduling information for the geoportal. You need to streamline your computer's access to the PostgreSQL database to simplify the geoportal's installation and operation. For the database commands that will configure the Postgres database for the geoportal to run correctly, you need to update your computer's Environmental Variables. Upon the completion of the script, it will generate a text file, grants_pg.txt, and invoke a text editor to display this file, showing the results of the script.

For geoportal10 user, enter the same password you designated for the geoportal user when you ran the grants_pg script—in most cases, this will be geoportal. Apache Tomcat should automatically create a new folder in the webapps folder called geoportal.
The PDF files downloaded from the ArcUser website at the beginning of this exercise contain Tables 2 and 3. To register an ArcGIS Server and its associated services with your geoportal, use the following procedure.
This tutorial walks through the process of setting up an Esri Geoportal Server using an open source web servlet and database. The reason why I'm doing this is the lack of PostgreSQL articles on CodeProject despite the fact that it is a very good RDBMS. If you are looking for a solid, stable, secure, and relatively fast database - PostgreSQL is for you.
The first is Npgsql.dll (provider) and the second is MultiCtrls (which is a DLL that was built in my other article). One of these components is a geoportal, which is a gateway that provides access to geospatial resources such as metadata records and catalogs, web services, Wikipedia articles, Flickr content, YouTube videos, SharePoint documents, RSS feeds, KML documents, and REST URLs.
The State of Montana, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center, Norwegian Mapping Agency, and other organizations use Esri's geoportal technology to manage and publish the metadata for their geospatial resources so users can discover and connect to those resources. This geoportal will be accessible only on your local machine or your organization's intranet.
Although the Esri Geoportal Server supports several different options for the RDBMS and web servlet, this tutorial uses the PostgreSQL RDBMS and the Apache Tomcat servlet.
Upon the completion of the script, it will generate a text file, geoportal_schema.txt, and invoke a text editor to display the results of the script. Above the records list, in For selected records, choose Set as Approved and click Execute Action. The returned documents are metadata records created for the services hosted on the registered ArcGIS Server and now discoverable through your geoportal.
It costs 0.00 $, it has some cool features (look into the documentation and you will find them), and it is free.

If something is wrong with the sources, please make references by hand (MultiCtrls is bundled with the ZIP file). Download the programs and files listed in Table 1 either by searching online for the specific versions listed or by using the links provided with the documents downloaded from the ArcUser website. If the folder is not created, open the Services window (My Computer > Manage) and restart the Apache Tomcat 6 service. The page should reload, and a green banner should display the message "1 record(s) were updated".
The full functionality of user-based roles in the Esri Geoportal Server requires an LDAP-enabled Directory Server. You have logged in successfully when a green banner saying "Welcome gptuser" and the Administration tab appear. A green banner that indicates one resource has been qualified for synchronization should appear. If an existing Directory Server is not available, several open source directory servers can be used. Remember to install the database and PgAdmin III, but NOT Npgsql, since it comes with version 1.x and we're going to use v. Wait a few moments while the geoportal synchronizes services from the registered ArcGIS Server.
To learn more about configuring a Directory Server and other aspects of installing and using the Esri Geoportal Server, see the Geoportal Server 1.1 Installation Guide part of the documentation that is included with the Esri Geoportal Server download.
Now, if you have a PostgreSQL server up and running (which is a really easy task), let's download some drivers.
When you download it, in the zip package (\bin directory), you will find Npgsql.dll, and that's the library we're looking for.

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