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Smashwords has released a new tool for authors and publishers that supports custom library pricing and simplified pricing management across titles. I expect the new tool will enable library-friendly pricing that will dramatically increase worldwide library sales for our authors and publishers over the next few years.
I'm wondering what percentage a library usually pays for a print copy of a book, so I can judge how to price my book for them.
Amazon today announced a new service offering for authors and publishers who upload to their KDP platform: KDP Select . Does your Smashwords ebook contain navigation?  Are you taking full advantage of navigation?
Average Senior Pricing Manager salaries for job postings in Atlanta, GA are 25% higher than average Senior Pricing Manager salaries for job postings nationwide. You can include this smaller version of your results on a webpage by cutting-and-pasting the code below. The HFx Strategic Pricing Manager is designed to assist you in managing your pricing for maximum profitability. There is latent growth and profit potential in your business a€“ up to 4% of your existing controllable revenue. It has been shown that nearly 40% of every company is unprofitable by any measure and that 20% - 30% is so profitable that it is contributing to reported earnings and subsidizing losses.
Without a clearly defined strategy and tools for monitoring performance, discounting practices quickly lead to significant profit leakage.
Canned reports from your enterprise software are designed to provide a snapshot of high level metrics relating to general performance.

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Each CPM® Program level is delivered during an intensive week of in-class modules, business cases and inspiring talks from guest speakers.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Is your dealership getting fined because your Attorney General’s office is cracking down on pricing? Vehicle pricing and rebates can originate from multiple data sources such as a dealer’s DMS, NADAguides, AIS, and MarketScan, giving car dealers hundreds of ways to display prices that may include calculations. Dealer e-Process’ new Vehicle Pricing Manager gives your dealership precise control over rebates and incentives on the Search Results Pages (SRP) and Vehicle Details Pages (VDP). So stop worrying about fines and start selling more cars by providing the pricing transparency auto shoppers want and your state’s Attorney General demands. Similarly, how will lowering our prices, via Pricing Manager, drive titles to libraries?I strongly believe authors should donate to libraries for the common good. Successful and branded authors will enjoy the benefits of participating in LibraryDirect and the library-pricing tool within Smashwords, but what about the majority of Smashwords' 45,000 authors, who remain virtually unknown?The beauty of Smashwords is that it provides a level playing field for both successful and unknown authors. The sophisticated analytic engine analyzes your transactional data to provide up-to-date, profit maximizing pricing recommendations. HFx Strategic Pricing Manager offers analytical flexibility and utilizes an integrated, systematized approach to making profit enhancement a sustainable part of your day-to-day operations.
HFx Strategic Pricing Manager quickly and easily shows you where you are making profits and where you need to manage differently.

HFx Strategic Pricing Manager provides the strategy and tools for effective profitability management.
HFx Strategic Pricing Manager organizes the complexity in a manageable framework that standardizes pricing practices. HFx Strategic Pricing Managera€™s performance dashboards use state-of-the-art visualization software to show you where to focus management efforts for maximum profitability.
Submission of a complete project plan + the successful execution of the this business project is a prerequisite to certification.
But your state or OEM compliance can enforce laws on pricing displays, making it even more difficult to manage your pricing. The vehicle pricing tool also provides options to display any necessary restrictions related to rebates and other incentives. So, my questions target Smashwords' processes and its relationships with aggregators and libraries: How will Smashwords retain its neutrality with an offering like LibraryDirect? The performance management dashboards give you the tools to visually understand profit opportunities, and the HFx Mobile Price Advisor tablet application provides your sales force the data it needs to actualize the profit opportunity.
The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) approach is minimally invasive on your IT infrastructure, leaving you to focus on making a profit impact.

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