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Aimed at developers and IT managers alike, Software Project Management in Practice offers an invaluable guide to using lightweight software processes in real projects. In an era of ever tighter schedules, implementing a serious software process becomes even more difficult. The author first looks at how to assess a company's software process using the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and other schemes. Complete your details to receive a free course guide and to be contacted by an Ivy College Course Advisor.
Strategic project management bridges the gap between the lofty ambitions of strategists and staff that do the work.
Most project require a team effort so it’s time gather the best people you can for the job at hand.
To keep a project on track, you need a timeline that identifies when each critical step in the project needs to be completed. While delivering on time is important, delivering on budget is equally and if not, even more important. Filled with sample documents, this book can benefit any organization seeking to improve the ways it manages software. Surprisingly, the tools at InfoSys (which earn high CMM marks) are not fancy case tools, but databases, spreadsheets, and Microsoft Project files.
Sample documents (using spreadsheets and even the layout of disk directories) to store project information show that a simple approach can yield productive results.

You’re often faced with obstacles to overcome in order to complete your goal of finishing on time.
Projects without strategic importance quickly lose their appeal and can leave team members frustrated.
Once you’ve identified the best people for the project you need to assign duties in accordance to each team member’s strengths and area of expertise. Time and money are in limited supply and just like you schedule your tim, you need to schedule your budget.
Ensure that you gather the team together on a regular basis to report on progress, identify problems and brainstorm solutions. Packed with sample documents drawn from real projects, this book is also notable for its clear presentation and the absence of the theoretical and jargon-laden prose that can be found in many software engineering texts.
Its software process database, for example, allows new projects to reuse existing documents and expertise. He details strategies for running design and code reviews (if even by a single person) to catch defects and improper designs, as well as tips for overcoming resistance to such practices.
The author then shows how to analyze the patterns of defects in software, including how to use statistical techniques to spot out-of-control projects.
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In order to excel at project management, success relies upon your ability to identify critical and non-critical paths, excel at managing all facets of the project budget constraints and to manage timelines and tasks.

While it’s great to focus on team strengths it’s also important to identify weaknesses in your team and be prepared to compensate them. In the end, if your stakeholders are satisfied with your result and you deliver on time and on budget, you have been successful in managing your project. Holding a degree in Social Science and a Diploma of Marketing, she is always looking to learn something new.
After an overview of the modified waterfall model software process used at InfoSys, the author looks at techniques for estimating the size and scope of projects.
State the project’s objectives, identify the key stakeholder and the elements deemed essential for success. When costs exceed the budget (and often they do), look for ways to reassign resources so that the project as a whole remains within budget.
Nicole has a passion for writing and producing great content while also obsessing over TV shows, celebrities and really cute photos of puppies on Instagram. A consistent theme here is that metrics and statistical process control (SPC) should be used to track defects. A standout section on configuration management outlines the role for preserving builds and project documents at each stage of the game.

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