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For programmers or engineers, though, the Project Management Professional certification (an industry-recognized certification for project managers) might not necessarily be the first certification that comes to mind. A study from the Project Management Institute found that 15.7 million project management jobs will be created around the world through 2020. After the application is approved, applicants have up to a year to take the 200-question, multiple choice exam, and they can retake it three times within one year. The exam is meant to show that the applicant can successfully navigates the stages of project development and execution. No matter the industry, projects have to be completed under certain constraints and circumstances. With regard to those who are currently in roles as programmers and engineers, the idea here, perhaps, is not to switch over the role of a project manager. For programmers and engineers looking for a job, Brosseau said the PMP certification serves as an indicator to hiring managers that the candidate has a certain grasp of the function and importance of projects. FastTrack Schedule 10 is a project management software solution designed to plan, track and report projects.

FastTrack Schedule 10 is available in cross-platform compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
Software package licenses, as well as upgrades, can be purchased through the online store on their website. She covers the impact of social media in business and the ways technology is transforming the future of work. However, there are a few reasons why it might be an advantageous move for those thinking ahead. Merely obtaining the certification won’t automatically qualify a candidate for an upper level role of that nature.
Leadership, communication, negotiation — Carter-Bey said those are key skills too, for a project manager.
It helps you successfully manage your projects, improve group collaboration and achieve your business goals.

They also offer video tutorials, webcasts, training classes and trial versions, all at no cost. The report also said that those with the certification earned 16% more, on average than their peers without the credentials.
However, having the PMP certification can show that the person in question is looking long term at his or her career. Companies might be more willing to go with a certified candidate in order to try and mitigate that risk.
Its commanding tracking tools and dynamic status reports keep team members in sync, control costs and ensure projects are on schedule.

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