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SoftwareInsider recently assessed hundreds of project management solutions by feature diversity and their ability to handle various PM use cases. OverviewEasily plan projects and collaborate from virtually anywhere with the right tools for project managers, project teams and decision makers. Powerful desktop tools to analyze and plan resources, budgets, timelines, and what-if scenarios.
In the distributions displayed above, the Y-axis represents the number of SoftwareInsider reviewers that reported belonging to whichever bracket or category is listed under the chart. This list provides details into the specific features that Microsoft Project has within our functional categories. Most commonly, experienced project managers are creating a hierarchical schedule, or need complex dependencies or assignment-hours detail. A final tip on making your selection easy: just set the Default Planner option to your choice the first time you edit the project inside the workspace. Like most new software tools, SmartSheet is a web based tool that can be used in all major browsers as well as tablets and mobile phones. When you first start a new SmartSheet, the tables are blank without any predefined columns. The biggest feature with SmartSheet is the ability to easily share plans with resources and stakeholders of the project. If you ask any Project Manager what they use to manage projects, most will say Microsoft Project.

MS Project is a much older system than SmartSheet and in turn, has had time to ensure all tools needed for a Project Manager are built in. Budgeting can be done in SmartSheet, but MS Project allows PMs to add one time cost and material, as well as show declining value over time. Baselines allow the user to set the goal for a project and compare how the project is trending over the life of the project.
Microsoft Project includes a full list of task management features from setting task priorities to grouping tasks by projects.Custom ReportsIt's no secret that data drives major company decisions.
Since this listing has been claimed by the vendor, the information here is verified for accuracy by a representative of Microsoft Project.
If that is you, you will want to choose one way or the other to manage your project plan in the long-term within the project management products which EPM Live has made available. Depending on permissions set and licenses available, the Project Manager can share the entire sheet with edit permissions, download as a PDF and send as an email (without having to use an email client), or publish the project to the web and share the plan with stakeholders. Once the resource has access to the project (read-only works), they can look for tasks assigned to themselves and work accordingly.
Sharing projects with other PMs becomes much more simple, since there will not be any time spent explaining how to read the file.
The easy access, multi-platform, and sharing of SmartSheet are a big plus, but until SmartSheet adds more core features, it will not be as valuable of a tool as MS Project is. He started as a Project Coordinator in Hardware development and evolved to a certified Project Manager working with custom software development, CRM implementations, and E-commerce projects.

If the resource has a question on the schedule, they can post a private message to the Project Manager for discussion. Files can also be downloaded as a PDF, if needed to be shared with those who do not have MS Project.
MS Project has numerous predefined reports ready to use, but it also allows the project manager to create any custom report. Use SmartSheet for scheduling your project, but use MS Project to fully plan, manage, and forecast your project. Microsoft Project has the dashboard you're used to and allows you to build custom reports from the system.Track Burn RatesThe best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
MS Project is also available on a month to month basis, as well through the Microsoft Portal.
A project's burn rate indicates how fast a project is using up the allocated resources (hours, cash, etc.).

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