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Project management is the art of managing the project and its deliverables with a view to produce finished products or service. TheA Online Blood Donation management System is to create an e-Information about the donor and organization that are related to donating the blood.
Online Blood Donation management SystemA project is aimed to developing an online Blood Donation Information. Online Blood Donation management System project is designed such that it follows the view of distributed architecture having centralized storage of the database part. Please open the source code of project and you will see all the code for connecting to database. PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter of PMI has been building and managing project management communities comprising more than 9500 members consist of business professionals, project and program managers. PMI Pune chapter organizes annual conference ‘OnTarget’ which attracts more than thousands of project management professionals. This year PMI Pune chapter has organized its business mega event ‘OnTarget 2013’ with great success. PMI is an international non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the methods of project management. Zilicus offers All-In-One project management software ZilicusPM that provides complete project management control for project and portfolio managers; at the same time makes it really simple for project team members to stay on top of things. Online Attendance Management System is a project developed for managing daily student attendance in various institutes, schools and collages.
The aim of developing online attendance management system project is to replace the traditional way of taking attendance with computerized system. User Friendly: Online attendance management system is a very user friendly project because the attendance record keeping is very simple, fast and data is secured. Computer operator control: Online attendance management system is operated by the institute faculty members and one admin so there is no chance of clerical mistakes.

Unless there is a structured and scientific approach to the practice of management, organizations would find themselves adrift in the ocean and hence would be unable to meet the myriad challenges that the modern era throws at them. Through this application any person who is interested in donating the blood can register himself in the same way if any organization wants to register itself with this site that can also register. The entire Online Blood Donation management System project has been developed keeping in view of the distributed client server computing technology, in mind. 20, 2013 – Zilicus Solutions, the  leading provider of online project management software, announced that PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter, a local Chapter of The Project Management Institute (PMI), has selected ZilicusPM to manage its initiative, improve collaboration and project management activities. Its primary goal is to facilitate and empower its member to achieve excellence in project management by offering professional education, imparting trainings, help them earn professional credentials. It also offers multi-faceted programs covering to address challenges faced by diverse industries, government organizations in conjunction with academic institutes, NGOs; thus to offer benefits to society at large. It offers award winning online project management software ZilicusPM – delivers on the promise of collaborative planning to improve team performance.
The organization administers the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®), Project Management Professional (PMP®), Program Management Professional (PgMPSM) and other certification programs, conducts international and regional seminars, provides geographical membership services through the Chapters, and offers industry level services through the Specific Interest Groups (SIGs). Modules of this project are mainly divided in two parts : Faculty module and Administrator module. Another important reason for developing this project is to prepare attendance summary reports quickly and in correct format at any point of time when required. User can generate the report of any particular date and period.In this way they can get attendance status of student and get information about continuously missing students from the class and give them proper advice.
In this project all record is feted directly into the computer and reports can be generated through just a single click. Hence, organizations must realize the importance of project management & more organizations must take the practice of project management seriously. Moreover if any general consumer wants to make request blood online he can also take the help of this site.

The Blood Donation Agent is to create an e-Information about the donor and organization that are related to donating the blood. It also educate local businesses, make them aware of benefits and best practices of project management, help them network among project professionals.
Like most of the non-profit organizations, PMI Pune chapter is primarily made up of volunteers. To organize this event and coordinate activities, PMI Pune Chapter Implements ZilicusPM Project Management Software. By actively involving employees with ZilicusPM and realizing gains in productivity, companies can meet strategic & organizational objectives. Through this Online Blood Donation management System application any person who is interested in donating the blood can register himself in the same way if any organization wants to register itself with this site that can also register. The standards of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper usage. Online Attendance Management System will also prepare an attendance summary of each student. The application takes care of different modules and their associated reports, which are produced as per the applicable strategies and standards that are put forwarded by the administrative staff. In this summary there will be record of total present, absent and leave taken by the student. Online attendance management system uses SQL Server as backend so there is not any chance of data loss or data security.

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