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VisioTask is the next step in evolution of task and project management tools providing unique propositions and innovative approach to manage tasks and projects to get work done more effectively, easier and efficiently.
Orange Project Management is a Free Tool that can help you manage all projects from a single point.
QPack by Orcanos - the leading solution for Application Lifecycle Management - ALM 2.0 - Requirements Software Solution - for software developement and for medical devices development, and medical device software validation.
We understand that our project management tool needs to be secure offering high availability to its users. Critical Path project management planning tool, an inexpensive alternative to Microsoft Project.
TimeLive - Web based collaboration tool for project management, bug tracking, employee timesheet, employee attendance, issues and expenses. Individual and group task assignment, allowing team members to assign tasks based on priority and due date.
We’re so proud and happy to still be around, it’s going to be an amazing year coming up! Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to subscribe (you can subscribe individually to different RSS categories). Adding structure to your business allows you to free up wasted time and not be bogged down with administrative processes. Stay on top of your projects and tasks and know exactly what is occurring in your business. Streamline the project management process by viewing and reporting progress across your entire portfolio. Visually track project and task progress, view deadlines and task dependencies using our interactive Gantt charts.
Use templates to ensure that your organization's standards are maintained from one project to the next.
Easily setup recurring tasks on a defined time-frame to take away the burden of creating and editing tasks that repeat on regular schedules.
Generate advanced time reports based on numerous criteria and filters to quantify time usage across your organization.
Sometimes paper flies away, but with AceProject you can upload documents and share them with your team.
AceProject is proud to offer a fully featured solution to quickly familiarize your team to an online tool at no-cost or obligation.
The ideal choice for small organizations and teams that want to harness the power of collaboration and become more productive. Perfect for mid-sized businesses or teams that need to support a higher number of users and projects.
Independant of your size, this package is the best choice to organize, track and collaborate without the hassle of limitations. Only active users, tasks and projects are taken into account against the package limitations.
For businesses aspiring to get and stay organized, AceProject looks like the best card in the deck.
For over 14 years, AceProject has been delivering a high quality product with strong features, allowing all organizations to improve their productivity and efficiency through online collaboration. AceProject offers a free fully-enabled basic package, with fewer privileges than paid packages with regards to the number of users, projects, tasks and amount of storage space. With thousands of users everyday, AceProject is dedicated to continually improve and enhance functionality and user experience.
Smartphone applications, streamlined timesheet management, and countless improvements have been made possible through user feedback.

USD 12,000 of total prize is up for grab by joining in AJAXWorkspace latest “Review Us” campaign. Free services for NGOs and introduction of new packages enable more users to better manage and lead their projects to success.
For the past 3 years since its official launch, young and fast growing online project management service provider, AJAXWorkspace has been enjoying the brand loyalty and popularity among internet users around the globe. Adam Young added “Unlimited projects or unlimited users, pick one of these packages and it will fit nicely into your needs. Let’s discuss a little bit on how an online project management and collaboration tool can help in managing a project. Take for example; AJAXWorkspace an online project management software and collaboration tool which is equipped with the fundamental features a project manager is craving for. When ask about this, Adam Young replied “We might be relatively young in this industry but all of our features are developed with simplicity in mind which means many users would love it. Apart from task management, AJAXWorkspace is also equipped with extra features in order to close the loop of the entire project management cycle. In summary, the key to a successful project is to manage it in the simplest way possible and also picking up the right tool to work on it. Founded in 2006, AJAXWorkspace is a fast growing online project management and task management service provider. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. At first, this excellent task and project management tool helps you to visualize your priorities in a whole new way to simplify your decisions and choose the most important matters to concentrate on. You can install it on a web server, on your business network or even have Orange Project Management on your desktop. A Complete and structured solution for software projects, from requirements definition, through design and specs to customer delivery - the complete Application Lifecycle Management solution.
Express Project is a free project management software program to help you monitor and track all project activities and help you stay on track to achieve established goals.
Highlights and explains all the jargons a project manager need to know in order to manage projects successfully.
Manage your clients, create projects and corresponding tasks, control your expenses and your products, export working reports directly to CSV (OpenOffice, Excel) and more. Calculates Early Start, Late Start, Early Finish, Late Finish, Float (Slack) and identifies Critical Path activities. Well we are a team of dedicated, excited, and happy young(ish) individuals who are here to make a real difference. We’ve already been in business for almost 2 years (less a month) and our system is still free. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The ability to see who is doing what in real-time or through reports allows greater efficiency, through better resource allocation and accountability. Countless projects have been completed by our growing user community dispersed throughout more than 50 countries. This is done through constant communication with our users and feedback via email, online chat, and social media channels. Updates are frequent allowing new features and enhancements to seamlessly become available for use. In addition, AJAXWorkspace is offering free online project management software and collaboration tool for NGOs and personal usage.
As their continuous commitment towards a better way of communicating and collaborating, AJAXWorkspace today announced to extend its services to all NGOs and individual for personal usage at no cost at all.

Adam Young, the Public Relation Manager of AJAXWorkspace stated “Today is a big day for us as it marks another major milestone for us; we are giving away free online project management software and collaboration services and a total prize worth USD 12,000 to our loyal users and bloggers who have supported us from day one.
These packages are introduced to accommodate the many different needs base on the feedbacks gathered from their users. It’s agile yet simple to use methods of managing task, help to reduce the work of a project manager when it comes to managing all aspects of a task which includes the status, priority, time, human and financial resources planning. Features such as document management, file sharing, collaboration, planning, organizing and sharing of information are built-in and integrated with each other to provide a complete end-to-end project management tool. Do not try to introduce too many rules and regulations that will complicate the whole project management cycle. Our aim was to develop a simple yet powerful tool that will be easy to use, easy to learn and will provide anything you need to have control, information and planning. Gantt charts are used for current status of project's scope, time, quality and budget constraints.
But if you’re an Agile project manager (with more PM duties than you’d like), then this tool may just help out with your misguided position in your company (I kid)!
But we are no fools, we will be launching a Version 2 which will include dozens of improvements and features but also a Marketplace where you can purchase advanced Applications for your business! We have helped hundreds of universities and non-profits organizations who haven’t spent a penny for anything. They have experienced continual improvements with uninterrupted service within a secure environment, explaining our high satisfaction rate. It is always a pleasure to interact with our users and hear what you have to say, explain a new feature, and better understand your usage of AceProject.
All feedback is collected and consolidated and has a major impact on our product orientation. Thank you for being a big part of making AceProject one of the leading online project tracking software. What’s more if the choice of tool makes one focuses more on figuring out how to use the tool rather than completing his tasks on hand. Just a few clicks away and everything a project manager wants to know will appear on the screen. Always remember, the ultimate goal is still to make sure the project goes live (on time, on budget). Apart from doing SAAS business, AJAXWorkspace is also constantly gathering feedbacks and doing research on project management to find the best combination and formula to build a project management software that may suit all kind of businesses. But all the features we currently offer will remain free, will also receive a lot of attention in form of improvements, and hopefully Freedcamp will become the final resting place of a united project collaboration for all! However you are correct since the beginning we have charged for additional storage to be able to cover a fraction of our costs for maintaining all of our servers and developers. That said, the choice of tool will be vital as it will pretty much determine whether a project is heading to success or otherwise. Therefore, a good project management tool should help to achieve just that and not adding unnecessary workload to the project team. Also, yes as of the last year we have also added more functionality beyond project management like professional invoicing and CRM at fraction of the cost of our competitors (literally 70% less). However as always our project management applications have remained free and more free ones have come around.

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