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The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.
Perhaps, project program could be considered as the central module of virtually any project management software package. Being an integrated module of project management software, project program allows managing project deadlines and determining resource needs. The Excel Gantt Chart Template Deluxe Edition makes it easy to create professional-looking Gantt charts in Excel. This Gantt Chart Template for Excel is a simple spreadsheet that makes creating project schedules very easy.
The Excel Gantt Chart Project Plan is a strong tool used by a Project Manager to plan and manage a project, and illustrate it in an easy-to-understand graphic project timeline.
The Gantt Chart for Workgroup is a modern and extremely easy-in-use project plan system with the additional capability to share data over the network. The Excel Invoice Template Deluxe Edition is an excellent way to quickly and easily create invoices in Excel.
This Project Management Plan template is a good starting point for planning your project; however, be sure to check out our Subsidiary Management Plans for areas which need more focused management. Sign up to receive our newsletters and ensure you're kept up to date with all of our free project management templates. The Introduction provides a high level overview of the project and what is included in this Project Management Plan. Total Software Incorporated (TSI) has recently approved the SmartVoice project to move forward for project initiation within the research and development (R&D) group. TSI has been successful in gaining market share because of its aggressive pursuit of product quality, ease of use, flexibility, and customer service. This section of the Project Plan is where you outline the overall management approach for the project. The Project Manager, Joe Green, has the overall authority and responsibility for managing and executing this project according to this Project Plan and its Subsidiary Management Plans. The project team will be a matrix in that team members from each organization continue to report to their organizational management throughout the duration of the project. The scope of TSI’s SmartVoice project includes the planning, design, development, testing, and transition of the SmartVoice voice recognition software package. All SmartVoice project work will be performed internally and no portion of this project will be outsourced. This section of the Project Management Plan should discuss the WBS, WBS Dictionary, and Schedule baseline and how they will be used in managing the project’s scope. The WBS for the SmartVoice Project is comprised of work packages which do not exceed 40 hours of work but are at least 4 hours of work. The SmartVoice Project schedule was derived from the WBS and Project Charter with input from all project team members. If the change is approved by the Project Sponsor then it will be implemented by the Project Manager who will update the schedule and all documentation and communicate the change to all stakeholders in accordance with the Change Control Process.
The Project Schedule Baseline and Work Breakdown Structure are provided in Appendix A, Project Schedule and Appendix B, Work Breakdown Structure.
For complex or large projects the Change Management Plan may be included as an appendix to the Project Management Plan or as a separate, stand-alone document.
The purpose of the Communications Management Plan is to define the communication requirements for the project and how information will be distributed to ensure project success.
For larger and more complex projects, the Communications Management Plan may be included as an appendix or separate document apart from the Project Management Plan. The Project Manager will take the lead role in ensuring effective communications on this project. The Project Manager will distribute a meeting agenda at least 2 days prior to any scheduled meeting and all participants are expected to review the agenda prior to the meeting. All email pertaining to the SmartVoice Project should be professional, free of errors, and provide brief communication. While informal communication is a part of every project and is necessary for successful project completion, any issues, concerns, or updates that arise from informal discussion between team members must be communicated to the Project Manager so the appropriate action may be taken. The Cost Management Plan clearly defines how the costs on a project will be managed throughout the project’s lifecycle.
For complex or large projects the Cost Management Plan may be included as an appendix to the Project Plan or as a separate, stand-alone document.
The Project Manager will be responsible for managing and reporting on the project’s cost throughout the duration of the project. For the SmartVoice Project, control accounts will be created at the fourth level of the WBS which is where all costs and performance will be managed and tracked.
Cost and Schedule Performance Index (CPI and SPI respectively) will be reported on a monthly basis by the Project Manager to the Project Sponsor.
Earned value calculations will be compiled by the Project Manager and reported at the monthly project status meeting. The Procurement Management Plan should be defined enough to clearly identify the necessary steps and responsibilities for procurement from the beginning to the end of a project. For larger projects or projects with more complicated procurement management requirements, you can include the Procurement Management Plan as a separate document apart from the Project Management Plan. The Project Manager will provide oversight and management for all procurement activities under this project. While this project requires minimal or no procurement, in the event procurement is required, the Project Manager will work with the project team to identify all items or services to be procured for the successful completion of the project. In the event a procurement becomes necessary, the Project Manager will be responsible for management any selected vendor or external resource.
It is important that the approach to managing the projects’ scope be clearly defined and documented in detail. We have a detailed Scope Management Plan Template available on our website which can be included as an appendix to the Project Management Plan for larger or more complex projects. Scope management for the SmartVoice Project will be the sole responsibility of the Project Manager.
Proposed scope changes may be initiated by the Project Manager, Stakeholders or any member of the project team.
This section of the Project Plan provides a general framework for the approach which will be taken to create the project schedule.
Be sure to check out the detailed Schedule Management Plan Template available on our website. Project schedules for the SmartVoice Project will be created using MS Project 2007 starting with the deliverables identified in the project’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Once a preliminary schedule has been developed, it will be reviewed by the project team and any resources tentatively assigned to project tasks. The project manager will be responsible for facilitating work package definition, sequencing, and estimating duration and resources with the project team. The project team is responsible for participating in work package definition, sequencing, duration, and resource estimating.
The project sponsor will participate in reviews of the proposed schedule and approve the final schedule before it is base lined.
The project stakeholders will participate in reviews of the proposed schedule and assist in its validation.
This portion of the Project Management Plan Template discusses how quality management will be used to ensure that the deliverables for the project meet a formally established standard of acceptance.
For larger or more complex projects, the Quality Management Plan may be included as an appendix or separate document from the Project Management Plan. The Project Sponsor is responsible for approving all quality standards for the SmartVoice Project. The Project Manager is responsible for quality management throughout the duration of the project. The Quality Specialists are responsible for working with the Project Manager to develop and implement the Quality Management Plan.
The remaining member of the project team, as well as the stakeholders will be responsible for assisting the Project Manager and Quality Specialists in the establishment of acceptable quality standards.
Quality control for the SmartVoice Project will utilize tools and methodologies for ensuring that all project deliverables comply with approved quality standards. Quality assurance for the SmartVoice Project will ensure that all processes used in the completion of the project meet acceptable quality standards. This part of the Project Plan provides a general description for the approach taken to identify and manage the risks associated with the project. Since risk management is a science in itself, we have many risk management templates available on our website. The approach for managing risks for the SmartVoice Project includes a methodical process by which the project team identifies, scores, and ranks the various risks. Upon the completion of the project, during the closing process, the project manager will analyze each risk as well as the risk management process. The SmartVoice Project will consist of a matrix structure with support from various internal organizations.
Senior Programmer (1 position) – responsible for oversight of all coding and programming tasks for the SmartVoice Project as well as ensuring functionality is compliant with quality standards. Programmer (1 position) – responsible for coding and programming for the SmartVoice Project. Senior Quality Specialist (1 position) – responsible for assisting the Project Manager in creating quality control and assurance standards.
Quality Specialist (1 position) – responsible for assisting the Project Manager and Senior Quality Specialist in creating and tracking quality control and assurance standards. Technical Writer (1 position) – responsible for compiling all project documentation and reporting into organizational formats. Testing Specialist (1 position) – responsible for helping establish testing specifications for the SmartVoice Project with the assistance of the Project Manager and Programmers.
The Project Manager will negotiate with all necessary TSI functional managers in order to identify and assign resources for the SmartVoice Project.
The SmartVoice Project will require all project team members for the entire duration of the project although levels of effort will vary as the project progresses.
This section of the Project Plan Template contains the cost baseline for the project upon which cost management will be based. The cost baseline for the SmartVoice project includes all budgeted costs for the successful completion of the project.
This section of the Project Management Plan should include the quality baseline for the project. The SmartVoice Project must meet the quality standards established in the quality baseline. Why stakeholder communication plan including, How do you find your audience in your stakeholder communication plan? Delivering a team project can become a difficult task if the whole team is not on the same page. Second, start inputting the details of events, responsibility, frequency, and audience line by line. First, remember to review the Project Team Communication Plan spreadsheet in Excel from time to time.

Second, remember again to review your communication plan if the team changes as well as over timeline of the project. Without having tools for planning working hours in projects and managing time schedules, there would be minimal expectations for efficiency of teams in both small and complex projects. You can use this module in combination with other modules of project management software to develop work calendars and share tasks with members of your project team. It will allow you to set project format and associate it with your cost spreadsheets and budget drafts. It also features Notifications panel that allows you to receive both pop-up and e-mail messages showing the latest project status changes. Enter categories of tasks to form broad divisions of labor, enter tasks to subdivide categories, and enter project begin and end dates as special events.
Many people find that this free trial version is all that they need to create a basic gantt chart for their projects.
This system allows you to specify complex tasks sequences - a task or multiple tasks can be required to be completed before other tasks can be started. Virto Gantt Chart Web Part is a practical and highly customizable project planning solution designed for displaying and managing SharePoint tasks in a timeline view that makes it easy and convenient to track the work progress. Why use cumbersome paper invoice forms or learn complicated software when you already know how to use Excel? If you want to know what is a project plan, be sure to go to our blog and read the blog entry titled, "What is a Project Plan?". This should include a high level description of the project and describe the projects deliverables and benefits. This project will result in the development of new voice recognition software and supports TSI’s corporate strategy of providing progressive solutions to clients which improve productivity in both the workplace and home environment. Additionally, customers understand that our products may be applied to a wide range of uses for business and personal functions. This section should describe, in general terms, the roles and authority of project team members. The project manager is responsible for communicating with organizational managers on the progress and performance of each project resource. The scope statement from the project charter should be used as a starting point; however, the project plan needs to include a much more detailed scope than the charter. This software will meet or exceed organizational software standards and additional requirements established in the project charter.
The scope of this project does not include any changes in requirements to standard operating systems to run the software, software updates or revisions.
Include an introductory paragraph in this section which provides some insight to the major milestones.
This chart is comprised only of major project milestones such as completion of a project phase or gate review.
Work packages were developed through close collaboration among project team members and stakeholders with input from functional managers and research from past projects.
Ideally, this process will be some type of organizational standard which is repeatable and done on most or all projects when a change is necessary.
The SmartVoice Project Sponsor will chair the CCB and any changes to project scope, cost, or schedule must meet his approval.
You should give considerable thought to how you want to manage communications on every project. It will serve as a guide for communications throughout the life of the project and will be updated as communication requirements change.
During all project meetings the timekeeper will ensure that the group adheres to the times stated in the agenda and the recorder will take all notes for distribution to the team upon completion of the meeting. Email should be distributed to the correct project participants in accordance with the communication matrix above based on its content.
It sets the format and standards by which the project costs are measured, reported, and controlled.
In addition to this project plan template we have a detailed Cost Management Plan Template available on our website.
The Project Manager will present and review the project’s cost performance during the monthly project status meeting. Financial performance of the SmartVoice Project will be measured through earned value calculations pertaining to the project’s cost accounts.
If there are indications that these values will approach or reach the critical stage before a subsequent meeting, the Project Manager will communicate this to the Project Sponsor immediately.
The project manager must ensure that the plan facilitates the successful completion of the project and does not become an overwhelming task in itself to manage. In addition to this Project Plan Template we have a detailed Procurement Management Plan Template available on our website. The Project Manager will then ensure these procurements are reviewed by the Program Management Office (PMO) and presented to the contracts and purchasing groups. Failure to clearly establish and communicate project scope can result in delays, unnecessary work, failure to achieve deliverables, cost overruns, or other unintended consequences.
The scope for this project is defined by the Scope Statement, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and WBS Dictionary. All change requests will be submitted to the Project Manager who will then evaluate the requested scope change. Effective schedule management is necessary for ensuring tasks are completed on time, resources are allocated appropriately, and to help measure project performance.
The separate Schedule Management Plan is suitable for larger projects or projects where the schedule management is more formalized. Activity definition will identify the specific work packages which must be performed to complete each deliverable. The project team and resources must agree to the proposed work package assignments, durations, and schedule.
The project manager will also create the project schedule using MS Project 2007 and validate the schedule with the project team, stakeholders, and the project sponsor. The project team will also review and validate the proposed schedule and perform assigned activities once the schedule is approved. All project deliverables should be defined in order to provide a foundation and understanding of the tasks at hand and what work must be planned.
It is imperative that the team ensures that work is completed at an adequate level of quality from individual work packages to the final project deliverable.
The Project Sponsor will review all project tasks and deliverables to ensure compliance with established and approved quality standards. The Project Manager is responsible for implementing the Quality Management Plan and ensuring all tasks, processes, and documentation are compliant with the plan. Quality Specialists will recommend tools and methodologies for tracking quality and standards to establish acceptable quality levels. They will also work to ensure that all quality standards are met and communicate any concerns regarding quality to the Project Manager. To meet deliverable requirements and expectations, we must implement a formal process in which quality standards are measured and accepted.
It should be a short paragraph or two summarizing the approach to risk management on this project. Look for the detailed Risk Management Plan Template, Risk Register Template along with our article on how to perform a risk assessment meeting. Every effort will be made to proactively identify risks ahead of time in order to implement a mitigation strategy from the project’s onset. Based on this analysis, the project manager will identify any improvements that can be made to the risk management process for future projects. This section should include discussion on matrixed or projectized organizational structure depending on which is being used for this project.
Responsible for working with the Project Manager to create work packages, manage risk, manage schedule, identify requirements, and create reports. All coding and programming tasks will be reviewed by the Senior Programmer prior to implementation.
The Senior Quality Specialist is also responsible for maintaining quality control and assurance logs throughout the project. The Quality Specialist will have primary responsibility for compiling quality reporting and metrics for the Project Manager to communicate.
Responsible for assisting the Project Manager in Configuration Management and revision control for all project documentation. Responsible for ensuring all testing is complete and documented in accordance with TSI standards. All resources must be approved by the appropriate functional manager before the resource may begin any project work.
The project will use earned value metrics to track and manage costs and the cost baseline provides the basis for the tracking, reporting, and management of costs. The purpose of this baseline is to provide a basis for ensuring that quality can be measured to determine if acceptable quality levels have been achieved.
The quality baseline is the baseline which provides the acceptable quality levels of the SmartVoice Project. The frame allows calendar loading from the front, unlike traditional frames that need to be removed from the wall every month. Developing a plan to keep the whole team on the same page can alleviate confusion and disunity in the team.
Make sure that is delivered to all of the appropriate members so that everyone knows it and abides by it. Make sure that new members receive a copy of the communication plan as soon as they join the team. However, this gathering of communication plans works well for long term school projects as well as volunteer work. Project program gives project supervisors and team leaders a way to make group assignments and develop project schedules. Team members can use an easy and free project package module to access project documents and review planned tasks.
All activities listed in your project documents will be linked to required human and monetary resources of your project.
A custom Gantt chart is automatically generated and ready for tracking with Excel or with a printed copy. This template, along with all templates on our site, is based on our experience managing projects in accordance with the standards set by the Project Management Institute. Excessive detail is not necessary in this section as the other sections of the project plan will include this information. While voice recognition software is currently available, TSI believes that new technological developments will enable our team to develop a solution far superior to what is currently available.
By leveraging our reputation for superior quality and user-friendly products, and capitalizing on new technology, TSI can position itself as the premier provider of effective and easy to use voice recognitions software in today’s marketplace. It should also include which organizations will provide resources for the project and any resource constraints or limitations.
The scope of this project also includes completion of all documentation, manuals, and training aids to be used in conjunction with the software.
This section of the project plan template should also mention or discuss actions taken if any changes to the milestones or delivery dates are required.

There may be smaller milestones which are not included on this chart but are included in the project schedule and WBS.
Every work package in the WBS is defined in the WBS Dictionary and will aid in resource planning, task completion, and ensuring deliverables meet project requirements.
The schedule will be maintained as a MS Project Gantt Chart by the SmartVoice Project Manager.
Changes to any project must be carefully considered and the impact of the change must be clear in order to make any type of approval decisions.
All change requests will be logged in the change control register by the Project Manager and tracked through to completion whether approved or not.
By having a solid communications management approach you’ll find that many project management problems can be avoided. This plan identifies and defines the roles of SmartVoice project team members as they pertain to communications. The Communications Matrix will be used as the guide for what information to communicate, who is to do the communicating, when to communicate it, and to whom to communicate. It is imperative that all participants arrive to each meeting on time and all cell phones and blackberries should be turned off or set to vibrate mode to minimize distractions. All attachments should be in one of the organization’s standard software suite programs and adhere to established company formats. Working within the cost management guidelines is imperative for all project team members to ensure successful completion of the project.
Using earned value calculations, the Project Manager is responsible for accounting for cost deviations and presenting the Project Sponsor with options for getting the project back on budget. Work started on work packages will grant that work package with 50% credit; whereas, the remaining 50% is credited upon completion of all work defined in that work package.
These will be reported and if it’s determined that there is no or minimal impact on the project’s cost or schedule baseline then there may be no action required. The contracts and purchasing groups will review the procurement actions, determine whether it is advantageous to make or buy the items or resource required services internally, and begin the vendor selection, purchasing and the contracting process.
The Project Manager, Sponsor, and Stakeholders will establish and approve documentation for measuring project scope which includes deliverable quality checklists and work performance measurements. Upon acceptance of the scope change request the Project Manager will submit the scope change request to the Change Control Board and Project Sponsor for acceptance. Activity sequencing will be used to determine the order of work packages and assign relationships between project activities. Once this is achieved the project sponsor will review and approve the schedule and it will then be base lined. The project manager will obtain schedule approval from the project sponsor and baseline the schedule. Quality management is the process by which the organization not only completes the work, but completes the work to an acceptable standard. Additionally, the Project Sponsor will sign off on the final acceptance of the project deliverable. The Project Manager will work with the project’s quality specialists to establish acceptable quality standards. The Quality Specialists will create and maintain Quality Control and Assurance Logs throughout the project. The Project Manager will ensure all quality standards and quality control activities are met throughout the project.
For each process used throughout the project, the Project Manager will track and measure quality against the approved standards with the assistance of the Quality Specialists and ensure all quality standards are met.
The most likely and highest impact risks were added to the project schedule to ensure that the assigned risk managers take the necessary steps to implement the mitigation response at the appropriate time during the schedule. This section of the project plan should also include how resources will be procured and managed as well as the key resources needed for the project.
The Senior Programmer will be managed by the Project Manager who will provide performance feedback to the functional manager.
Responsibilities also include assisting with risk identification, determining impacts of change requests, and status reporting. The Senior Quality Specialist will be managed by the Project Manager who will also provide feedback to the functional manager for performance evaluations. The Quality Specialist will be managed by the Project Manager who will provide feedback, along with the Senior Quality Specialist to the functional manager for performance evaluations. Responsible for scribing duties during all project meetings and maintaining all project communication distribution lists.
The project team will not be co-located for this project and all resources will remain in their current workspace. Some resources may be needed for the entire length of the project while others may only be required for a portion of the project.
If a project team member is not required for a full 40 hour work week at any point during the project, their efforts outside of the SmartVoice Project will be at the discretion of their Functional Manager.
It is important for all projects to clearly define and communicate quality standards and the quality baseline serves this purpose.
As a more unified whole, the team then is more efficient in getting the work done right and on time. Be sure to add a section for details that can help them get up to speed on the project as quickly as possible. Using a Project Team Communication Plan template can help you fulfill both of those requirements easily. It has a centralized project dashboard that illustrates precisely how each project activity will be accomplished and what time will be required for that. Managers and supervisors of your project can utilize a single project dashboard to track tasks, focus on unmet deadlines, measure team performance, review project changes, and estimate project efficiency in terms of time spent versus time planned. This section of the project plan template should provide a summarized framework of the project and its purpose. If there are any decisions which must be made by specific individuals—for example authorizing additional funding by the project sponsor—this should also be stated here. All project and subsidiary management plans will be reviewed and approved by the project sponsor. Project completion will occur when the software and documentation package has been successfully executed and transitioned to TSI’s manufacturing group for production.
If there are any scheduling delays which may impact a milestone or delivery date, the project manager must be notified immediately so proactive measures may be taken to mitigate slips in dates. The schedule baseline provides a reference point for managing project progress as it pertains to schedule and timeline. Many organizations have change control boards (CCBs) which review proposed changes and either approve or deny them. It also includes a communications matrix which maps the communication requirements of this project, and communication conduct for meetings and other forms of communication. Meeting minutes will be distributed no later than 24 hours after each meeting is completed.
If the email is to bring an issue forward then it should discuss what the issue is, provide a brief background on the issue, and provide a recommendation to correct the issue.
These guidelines may include which level of the WBS cost accounts will be created in and the establishment of acceptable variances.
All budget authority and decisions, to include budget changes, reside with the SmartVoice Project Sponsor. Costs may be rounded to the nearest dollar and work hours rounded to the nearest whole hour. Upon approval of scope changes by the Change Control Board and Project Sponsor the Project Manager will update all project documents and communicate the scope change to all stakeholders. Activity duration estimating will be used to calculate the number of work periods required to complete work packages. Without a thorough Quality Management Plan, work may be completed in a substandard or unacceptable manner. The Project Manager is also responsible for communicating and tracking all quality standards to the project team and stakeholders. The Quality Specialists will assist the Project Manager in verifying that all quality standards are met for each deliverable.
If any changes are proposed and approved by the Project Sponsor and CCB, the Project Manager is responsible for communicating the changes to the project team and updating all project plans and documentation. Risk managers will provide status updates on their assigned risks in the bi-weekly project team meetings, but only when the meetings include their risk’s planned timeframe. The Programmer will be managed by the Project Manager and feedback will be provided to the functional manager for performance evaluations by the Project Manager and Senior Programmer. The Technical Writer will be managed by the Project Manager who will also provide feedback to the functional manager for performance evaluations.
The Testing Specialist will be managed by the Project Manager who will also provide feedback to the functional manager for performance evaluations. This information must be agreed to by the Project Sponsor and Functional Managers prior to beginning the project. The use of a project team communication plan template can help guide you and your team towards a workable plan not only for this single project but for subsequent projects. This will help to clarify what is included in the project and help to avoid any confusion from project team members and stakeholders. Any approved changes to these milestones or dates will be communicated to the project team by the project manager.
The schedule baseline and work breakdown structure (WBS) should be created in Microsoft Project. If established boundary controls may be exceeded, a change request will be submitted to the Project Manager.
This is an effective way to provide oversight and ensure adequate feedback and review of the change is obtained. A project team directory is also included to provide contact information for all stakeholders directly involved in the project. Based on feedback and input from the Project Manager and Stakeholders, the Project Sponsor is responsible for the acceptance of the final project deliverables and project scope. Resource estimating will be used to assign resources to work packages in order to complete schedule development. This section should include quality roles and responsibilities, quality control, quality assurance, and quality monitoring. Any delegation of approval authority to the project manager should be done in writing and be signed by both the project sponsor and project manager. The Project Manager and team will determine the impact of the change on the schedule, cost, resources, scope, and risks. This section of the project plan template gives you an place where you should also identify who has approval authority for changes to the project, who submits the changes, how they are tracked and monitored.
Any corrective actions will require a project change request and be must approved by the CCB before it can be implemented. If it is determined that the impacts will exceed the boundary conditions then the change will be forwarded to the Project Sponsor for review and approval.

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