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Looking through my stash of photo’s and other memorabilia I came across this newsletter from my time as a Program Manager. But what really struck me, when I had a second look at this photo was the makeup of the people in the photo.
Just as an quick overview of the context of the photo to help explain, the Alliance was a three party agreement to manage and execute the modernization and upgrade of Australia’s fleet of 8 ANZAC Frigates, a true challenge in integrated project management. Stakeholder engagement is integral to any Project Management System, CLICK HERE for training that outlines how to identify, engage and satisfy your Stakeholders. Project Plan Online LLC develops integrated project management systems and project management framework for Bid, Proposal, Project, Program and Risk Management. Hi there, I'm James and I help PMs like you navigate through information overload so you can find resources that will truly help you. But when you have large project plans, gantt charts like above can get pretty intense and hard to read.
For this tutorial, we will choose a familiar project – Project Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich.
In order to get the correct grouping in the gantt chart, we need minimum of start and maximum of end in each group. Since both Start and End subtotals are pointing to minimum, we need to change the formulas for End so that they show Maximum. In the conditional formatting add another condition (like when activity is blank) so that we can show those rows in a different color. Get a copy of my project management template set – It has 7 gantt chart templates and 17 other project management templates.
Also, read the excel conditional formatting tips article and primer on excel subtotal formula.
I always use extra columns and rows left and above of my content cells (5 to 10 top and left usually) in the development phase. By the way, I didn't know that your image from the Gannt-Chart post of June 16th, 2009 is featured in Wikipedia.

Very new to the advanced charting features you guys are all working with, but I hope this isn't a completely basic question.
I was modifying the "Gannt chart template 1 advanced 1" (from your fantastic Project Mgt Pack) to include the groupings using subtotals per the post above (regrettably doing this at work on old excel version though).
I don't yet fully understand the drivers behind this graph so it there's a post that I should read, feel free to gently point me in that direction. Coming to your question, the template (#1) needs some extra work if you want to add more than 40 rows. I will be adding few more gantt templates to the pack during march (they will include a grouping template and some other ideas). Since I run a small shop and most importantly 2 needy kids and a wife, I would not like to commit on release dates. Like so many, I also bought the fantastic PM Pack late last year but without the grouping template .. One question though - I'm replicating your guide on gantt grouping, but in my case the activities don't happen all at once. Is it possible to combine the info in these four rows to one row (that would include four cells that are conditionally formatted)? Now, a lot of these photo’s are staged, but I can honestly say that this photo represents a true demonstration of stakeholder engagement at its best. Our Project Management 101 systems turbo charge project manager's learning and knowledge with the benefit of James Clements Global Project Management & Business Development experience. Just add a new column (preferably to the left of activities) and define groups of project activities there.
My idea is that I always can reduce or delete them later on, but they come in very handy when you want add some information or kinds of guides. I've been able to include the subtotals and groupings etc but it has thrown out the graphic that represents the percentage done. Since when you grouped items, new rows will be inserted, we need to change the % complete chart (it is actually a bar chart carefully placed and aligned along with the gantt).

And everyone who bought the templates since invention of slice bread is going to get a free upgrade (why? I notice the Gnatt chart does not have dates just days for duration of an activity, can this be changed?
Let's say I have a scheduled reporting deadline every three months: for this I create four different rows so that all deadlines are shown. This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450+ articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts. The Alliance was distributed all around Australia, however there was a great deal of emphasis on getting people together, newsletters like this one and open lines of communication. The photo shown in the newsletter was taken during a walk around by the Alliance whilst the first major ship upgrade was in progress and by the way, which yours truly was Project Director.
Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox. Where this used to line up with the relevant rows, it now appears the row height of each graphic has increased thus throwing out the row alignments to a greater and greater extent as I go down the page.
When I read it, I felt may be we can enhance it a bit, so I made my image public domain and uploaded and linked to it there.
You can change the input data source to add these extra rows (right click on chart, go to source data).
However these can't be grouped your way as in between the three months no real activity is happening. By grouping you can present overall picture while allowing drill-down to items that need attention. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks.

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