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At first the task of moving my blog from Blogger over to a self-hosted WordPress format seemed overwhelming.
This is where project planning can help to bring order from the chaos and leave you feeling more in control. Once you have a list of all the activities and tasks in your Work Breakdown Structure, you can make a Schedule.
Your Work Breakdown Structure and your Schedule make a major part of your Project Plan, but there are a few additional things you might want to consider. Hi, I'm Heather and welcome to my travel blog where you'll find my travel tales, videos, podcasts and photos from Europe and around the world.
Click the orange RSS logo to subscribe to all my blog posts in your RSS reader or by e-mail. It used to be great but for the last few days I can't able to connect to any servers (login failed error). Paid versions are a bit pricy but if you intend to use it for personal use this free version is unbeatable.
I've been looking for a good video editor and after a long time this software ends my suffering. Distribute, share and collect project task information using a user-friendly and intuitive Excel template. EasyProjectPlan simulates an enterprise task management system using a low cost Excel template that requires no installation program or add-ins.

Thanks for visiting!Dear readers, you may know me as a travel blogger but I also have one foot in the world of Project Management.
A project is a distinct piece of work that will deliver something at the end, in my case a new WordPress blog. A year’s worth of posts to move, not to mention with all that techie stuff with servers and HTML, and learning a new blogging platform. This is really a list of all the things you can think of that need doing, organised into different areas of work.
For example, I can’t link my hosting account to my domain name until I have registered my domain name.
Communicating to your Stakeholders. Stakeholders are anyone who may have an interest in your blog, such as readers, journalists, advertisers. Just be thankful you didn’t have to sit endless Project Management Qualifications like I did, to learn these easy techniques for your blog. Shareme is a dedicated internet portal bringing users the latest shareware & freeware from the world's best Software Authors.
This is different from the ongoing work you might do to improve your blog once it is set up, such as building up your readership. You can start with a blank piece of paper, writing down the different areas of activity and then breaking them down further into the smaller tasks. The most widely used tool for setting up your schedule is called Microsoft Project and most often a Project Manager will use a view which has the Timeline across the top, and project activities and tasks represented by bars across the page.

Other tasks can run at the same time, for example I can be choosing my WordPress theme at the same time as setting up my hosting account. An Issue is something that has affected your project and may be a problem, a Risk is something that might happen. Shareme allows Shareware & Freeware Authors to submit their latest wares, so you the user are able to download their latest software updates all the time, after they are released! You may find that some of these activity areas are ones you want to subcontract, such as designing or customising your theme or website. You can see a simplified version of my Project Plan below – click to enlarge and see more detail. You can take a look at my Work Breakdown Structure below – click to enlarge and view in more detail. An example of an Issue is that I may not have the time or skills to customise my site, but I can manage this by employing a developer to do it for me. An example of a Risk is that I could lose my readers because they don’t know where to find my new site, but I can manage this by the communictions I do and the way I direct readers from my old site to my new site.

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