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Sign up for my latest updates and get my Cleaning Routine FREE printable!Take the guesswork out of cleaning! Get a huge 50% discount on all SmartWorks products by entering coupon code as 2009discount. I often get asked how long it will take to implement a CRM system, so I though I would use this blog post to try and address that question, and I’ve included an outline project plan for guidance.
While there is a measure of contingency build into the plan it depicts a time-line it is still fairly aggressive, and doesn’t factor in some of the day to day business realities that can disrupt projects, such as key staff being unavailable, or other business priorities putting a project onto the back burner. In the above plan the development time involved is light relative to other activities, which reflects the flexibility and ease of development of the current generation of mid market CRM packages.
Poor execution in the development phase can significantly extend the user acceptance testing stage . In this plan we have a detailed requirements gathering phase before vendor selection, because we believe that makes for a more cost effective and value enhancing project. Data preparation and cleansing can be an extremely time consuming phase hence the 100 man days set out in this CRM project plan.
I suspect the time-lines I’ve described above will run counter to some of the prevailing market wisdom.
Popcorn projects – as I mentioned above, some CRM deployments are simply about keeping users happy. Vendors are not good with CRM project plans – my experience is that vendors are not good at defining or communicating how long a CRM project should take.
It depends what phases you take into account – when I hear someone say they rolled out a CRM project in say 12 weeks I wonder what they mean? I guess the final point to make is that being realistic about CRM project plans is pretty important.

Richard Boardman is founder of Mareeba CRM Consulting, a UK based independent CRM consultancy. Prepare a project schedule using your previously developed work breakdown structure (WBS).  You’ll need to consider how many labor hours each task will take (by specialty and level of experience), number of hours per week available from these same people, and task relationships (what if any tasks can occur simultaneously). Various project software packages can create Gantt charts for you, and when things change, you update your input data, at which point the chart updates itself.  If you don’t use project planning and tracking software, you can use a spreadsheet to manually “draw” your Gantt chart. The Gantt chart below is a possible scheduling solution for a project to purchase and install an entirely new computer system (presented in my previous article).
Below is another possible scheduling solution, in this case for the first three major tasks of a construction project.  I assumed the excavation would be large enough that excavation equipment could be operated while foundation work follows at a safe distance. Randy Klein is a project management expert, certified quality manager, and licensed professional engineer with 30 years of consulting and management experience.  Mr. About VistageVistage International is the world’s leading peer advisory membership organization, serving more than 18,000 CEOs and senior executives in 15 countries. Simplified.Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party.If you like these FREE printables you’ll LOVE my shop, Clean Mama Printables! It provides the flexibility to split a project into well-defined tasks in a spreadsheet like interface. I think this is a fairly typical CRM project plan for say a 50-100 user implementation using a standard mid-market CRM application, and would be the same regardless of whether this was an ‘in the cloud’ or ‘on premise’ deployment.  This would not be for what I saw a Gartner analyst refer to today as a ‘popcorn’ application – something that gets quickly deployed, designed to keep users happy, but which doesn’t add strategic value to the operation of the business. I cover this point in more detail in a blog post called truncating the fuzzy front end, but in essence the time elapsed in considering whether to undertake a CRM project can actually dwarf the time it takes to execute once the decision is made. However, if the requirements gathering and design phases are not comprehensively and competently completed ,they are likely to significantly extend the development phase.
Some vendors will skimp on, or not perform, basic internal testing which again can significantly extend the duration and cost of the stage.

The reality is that there is normally an intensive piece of ‘on-boarding’ with new users until the desired usage patterns are established and this can last several months and be demanding on internal resources. I think there are a couple of reasons: firstly they do a lot of popcorn projects and struggle with the rigours of a value-enhancing implementation, and secondly I suspect that undue candour about project time-lines could result in lost sales.
There have been many otherwise successful CRM implementations that have been labelled a failure because they couldn’t deliver against an unachievable project plan. He works with mid-sized organisations to help them increase efficiencies and growth through the more effective use of CRM technology. Vistage members participate in Chair-led advisory board peer groups, receive one-to-one coaching, learn from expert speakers, and interact among a global network of CEOs.
This software allows a project manager to define calendar, create dependencies between tasks, mark milestones, assign resources, set priorities, maintain risk database, manage cost, view Gantt charts and more.Allows you to import Plans created in MS-Project as well. This software allows a project manager to define calendar, create task dependencies , mark milestones, assign resources, set priorities, maintain risk database, manage cost, view Gantt charts and more. The plan also assumes all users will go live together, which in practice may not be the case, and on-boarding will need to occur for each group going live. I discuss this in more depth in this blog post, but popcorn projects operate on much shorter time-lines. Defining sensible time-lines is therefore a key survival tool for would be project managers, teams, and owners. If you look at the above project plan, then it’s pretty apparent that the phases you take into account when talking about a CRM roll will have a huge impact on the quoted duration.

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