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The resume example is for a project manager with job history as Senior Project Manager and Program Manager.
The resume uses a job title headline with headline statement emphasizing a project management certification. Additional complementary skills include resource staffing, team building, budget management, project scope design and customer relationship management.
The experience paragraph includes duties related to the job position where the job seeker consolidated business practices, managed aerospace design projects and oversaw budgets, hiring and training.
An accomplished, results-oriented Senior Project Manager with 20 years of experience directing large scale projects. Recognized for ability to identify, design and deploy innovative technologies that result in improved systems, increased production and decreased expenses.
Exemplary track record of success in the recruitment and mentoring of team members that consistently produce and high stress environments.
Adept in the management of $100+ million projects that come in within tight deadlines and budget constraints.
Strong understanding of database technologies, software development, web-based application design, object-oriented programming and advanced mobile development. Designed and deployed new policies and processed that improved efficiency while reducing volume of mistakes.
Managed challenging complex project to create advanced technology for engineering team that enabled data to transfer remotely from testing facilities, saving 50% of time to retrieve test results. Project Manager Job DescriptionProject Manager Job Description for management professional targeting resume for Project Management.
One of the key factors to successfully outsourcing projects is the creation of a good project plan. Every project manager and team member knows there are a slew of forms used throughout the life cycle of a project -- that is, if the project is managed right. At BrightHub, our project management writers have been working diligently to provide you, our readers, with standard form templates that you can download and customize to your own individual projects.

Writer Natasha Baker continues the theme of getting a project charter with her Project Charter Example for Every Project Manager article. Project 2007: How to Create a Gantt Chart detailing using Microsoft Project 2007 to create a Gantt Chart. This involves creating a scope plan that describes how the scope of the project will be defined and managed throughout the life of the project. The resulting scope plan describes how the scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled, and verified.
The main input to this process is the project charter, and the two main outputs are the scope plan itself and the requirements management plan. The project charter provides a preliminary definition of roles and responsibilities and the project objectives. When the project charter is first circulated it can attract additional sponsorship from other areas of the business that feel as though they would benefit from getting on board and increasing the scope of the project or it can sometimes be decided that the business case is not strong enough for the project to proceed. The main objective here is to clarify the business need and define the scope of the project and show clearly that other options have been considered and that this project is the right choice along with the reasons why this is so.
You can find a project charter template on this website which can help you to produce this document or you may find that your organization has a template of its own that you will be expected to use. In summary, the purpose of this step is to create a scope plan that will serve as a guide for the project team members to give them direction on how the scope will be managed throughout the project. A scope plan describes how the scope of the project will be managed throughout the life of the project.
The main input is the project charter, which provides a preliminary definition of roles and responsibilities, and the project objectives. Bids can be adjusted easily and quickly, allowing last-minute addendum changes to be recalculated.
The document can be a resource for most upper level management positions in technology, engineering or scientific fields.
The executive style summary outlines several key qualifications such as IT project management, aerospace project management, database training, computer programming and business application design.
A project plan should define the objectives and scope of your project and detail the technical specifications and tasks for the project. From the beginning scope statement to the final closing documents, forms are a big part of effective project management.

Like Eric, Natasha offers up a link to a related, free project management template that you can download for your own personal use. The answer for many project managers often points to tracking your WBS using a Gantt Chart.
Be sure to read part 2 in this series for more great links to free project management forms and templates. This task involves the project manager, the project sponsor, selected project team members, selected stakeholders, anyone with responsibility for any of the scope management processes, and others as needed. The project plan is the document that describes how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled.
Project Authority - including an organization chart and definition of roles and responsibilities. With QB, new estimates can be quickly generated, allowing an increase in bid wins and higher profits. Beyond giving the reader a link to a downloadable free scope statement project management form, Eric talks in detail about the importance of an effective scope statement, the sections of a scope statement and gives you some great hints for minimizing scope creep. It integrates and consolidates all of the subsidiary plans and baselines from the planning processes. And, while that often seems like a simple task on the surface, building a successful work breakdown structure is an art form. In Michele McDonough's article, How to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel, the author details the steps involved in creating a Gantt Chart using Microsoft Excel. Approved subsidiary plans of the project plan are used to create the scope plan and influence the approach taken for planning scope and managing project scope.
It also contains project approval requirements and will be completed by the sponsor or individual initiating the project. Ann Gordon has penned a great three-part series aptly titled, What is a Work Breakdown Structure?.
Throughout this article, Ann offers of a plethora of examples and how-to tips for building your own WBS.

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