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Inset 2 - 6 panel door with raised and fielded panels in frame with pilasters on linth with a portico roof. Allstate Flooring today has the largest collection of decorative floor products on the market. Duro Design offers bamboo flooring in 54 rich and distinctive colors, but my personal favorite is the Ebony flooring. There is upscale, there is opulent, there is luxurious, and then there is Brigade Meadows and Brigade Northridge, which are modern representations of all three qualities. Brigade Meadows and Brigade Northridge offer lavished living spaces and amenities that even some higher end apartment projects don’t come close to offering.
At Meadows, renters will be able to choose from over ten different floor plans, ranging from one to three bedroom arrangements.
The properties at Northridge and Meadows are what you will want to look for when you need something that is both affordable and reliable.
When it comes to ensuring you get the most bang for your buck, the properties at Brigade Meadows and Brigade Northridge deliver exactly that.
Both the Northridge and Meadows properties in Bangalore are top rated accommodations, delivering on both quality and affordability. Hundreds ofhardwood flooring medallions in a variety of sizes, styles and options, made with exotic ordomestic hardwood, natural stone, marble and granite. Featuring hardwood floor inlay medallions including a selection of 8-point, round and oval patterns.
This deep, dark tone will be at home in modern and traditionally-decorated homes alike, and it is one of those neutrals that looks good with any color you put around it.
The two clusters of luxurious apartment homes are the latest upcoming projects in Bangalore. On-site security keeps the grounds safe and secure from vagrants and other societal detriments while an abundance of entertaining additions keep fun activities centralized around the community.
A cricket court lets players brush up on their game while a basketball court makes it easy to join in on some friendly competition.

No corners were cut and no expenses spared to create such extravagant properties worthy of renters of all types. All our doors are of mortice and tenoned construction and other traditional methods of construction. Come to our showroom and choose from a countless selection of pre-finished and un-finished flooring.
We already know that bamboo is a truly sustainable material that regenerates at least 8 times faster than hardwood, but Duro Design takes the extra step of waiting until the bamboo is 5-7 years old before harvesting to ensure superior strength and hardness.
Green Your Decor was borne of my frustration with finding beautiful things that were also eco-friendly, and inspiration to reduce my own carbon footprint and help others do the same. Despite the sheer excellence of these rental units, apartments at Brigade Meadows and the rentals at Brigade Northridge are affordable and provide durable, long lasting fixtures and features.
A swimming pool, gymnasium, and jogging track appeals to fitness buffs while a community hall will draw in a communal crowd. Exercise courts and yoga decks let renters retain their fit health, turning it into the potential for a communal activity that helps pass the time while remaining active.
Each unit in both affordable properties are outfitted with high end fixtures, including ceramic tiles on the balcony, granite countertops in the kitchen, high end copper wiring, and hardwood door frames with flush door shutters. Vast selection of parquet and herringbone patterns. Allstate Flooring has become a one-stop shop for professionals and homeowners looking for distinctive wood floors. Parquet patterns are entirely geometrical and angular usually being squares, triangles and lozenges.
The flooring is also protected by 6 coats of a low-VOC urethane finishing system and can help you achieve LEED® certification. Brigade’s affordability plays in direct correlation with the potential for return, providing a sound investment for all with the extra cash to spare.
In Brigade Meadows, an onsite coffee shop allows families and friends to meet up for a nice bit of conversation outside of the home or on-the-go tenants can stop in for a quick cup of coffee before getting lost in their day. Some of those that we have used in the past are softwood, British Columbian Pine, Yellow Pine, Tulip Wood, European Oak, American Red or white Oak, Cherry, Maple, Ash, Walnut, Iroko, Sapele, South American Mahogany and Far Eastern Mahogany.

Our exclusive semi-custom artwork offers many options to personalize any piece to your unique taste.
With all of the different options of wood species and from colours to styles it maintains a modern feel. Isn’t it too acidic for hardwood?If you poured a bottle of vinegar directly on the floor and allowed it to sit, it would most likely damage the surface. However, in the mixtures above it is well diluted and only used as a damp mop (meaning excess liquid is squeezed out). It looks as though there is dirt build up and like a clear coat of something over it, almost as if it sealed.
Then we used a small brown lunch sack and went upstairs & downstairs using the sack, not our hands. The finish is now dull and many scuff marks how should I clean the floor and how to remove the scuff marks- or should I have it refinished?
In 1 of the roomsthe previous owners painted the room and got white paint on the gorgeous floor and proceeded to lay carpet over it. I can not afford to have tham sanded and refinished so, I have learned to keep them in good condition with the following items. I also use ammonia and water in a spray bottle for quick clean ups but I have to use an oil after it dries.
2 After cleaning, I use orange oil spray to protect the surface of the wood and make it slicker. I don’t use olive oils or walnut oils because they become sticky on the top surface and dust does not slide as easy. ThanksAngie says: November 9, 2013 at 9:27 pmAny ideas on how to clean the groove between wood floor planks?

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