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Orla Kiely rocked the Chelsea Flower Show earlier this year with the Intimate Garden Shed, a vintage tiny home full of plants and flowers. Every year the Chelsea Flower Show invites designers to put together one of a series of artisan garden sheds that are dispersed throughout the UK grounds.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. A long time ago, I had integrated the dns module for the purposes of doing a reverse DNS lookup on connections. With it, I am logging system issues, connections, and suspect actions into three different log files. Famous for her prints, the London-based Irish designer wasted no time adorning the small space with a series of recycled furniture pieces, patterned flower pots and wall-to-ceiling wallpaper.
Kiely was able to step away from her usual schedule to participate in the event and definitely didn’t disappoint.

Outside a vintage wagon carries sweet pots plants printed with Kiely’s natural, heart-warming designs, while the interior boasts wood floors and some repurposed vintage furniture pieces, including an old TV box. The socket handler has undergone a major refactoring, and I was able to get logging in, both of which were relatively major accomplishments.
Logging was something I wanted to have, as I was tired of having so much stuff barf out to STDOUT, so with logs for system messages, connections, and suspect activity, things are nicely compartmentalized. When tracking it down, I had a FID (F*** I’m Dumb) moment when I realized the callback error I had generated.
The only downside right now is that I’m not doing any log rotation or backups yet, but I will get to that in time. And in further inspection, the callback error was because I still had the original structure from NoobHub, where I had gotten inspired for the socket code to begin with. For now, it’s a step in the right direction to have those three categories being logged out.

Plus, TJ’s code is always rock solid, so I am very comfortable including it in my project.
I know I sound like a broken record, but I am so pleased with the way this project is going. I’m much happier with it now than I was, it was spaghetti to maintain before, with all of the changes and alterations I had made.

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