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I never really saw the benefit of it because I don’t need to haul four wheelers or any other toys. I spotted it from a half-mile away and it looked so good silhouetted against the red earth of Southern Utah. I used to wonder why anyone would want a tent trailer because I couldn’t see the benefit of it over just a plain old tent that I could stuff into my car, but the benefit at Sand Hollow is clear. I found two others for less than $4000, so toy haulers are pretty rare, but there are other options than the Jumping Jack.
At the top of the awning, it is held on with a pin, but the pin just kept popping out of place, so I need a different connection there as well.
Famous author, John Green, tired from yet another flight, gave us this amazing monologue about the perks and liabilities of frequent flying. John has flown more than 200,000 miles, so he has the frequent flier status that so many of us revere. By far, the most important perk is that when the plague comes that is going to devastate humanity, I will be among its first victims. So listen up, infrequent fliers, as you’re walking past the First Class people to your middle seat in the second to the last row of the airplane, I want you to remember something.
I used to work at an engineering firm and when the engineers would travel to various cities to light up those wondrous substations of electricity, I would include touristy information for them. So, the next time you envy those people in First Class as you walk to the back of the airplane, remember John Green and his tirade about zombie apocalypses and who has their lives figured out. I was the original owner of the Quantum fifth wheel that you show at the top of this article.
I was so excited that one of the original owners was willing to talk about his beloved old trailer, so I asked him to send photos and he DID! The other day was so beautiful outside that I spent an extra few minutes filming a snatch of it for you. The next time you are feeling trapped at work, take one minute and enjoy the clucking of the ducks, the squawks of the seagulls and the trills of the red-winged black birds.

An inexpensive, lightweight camper is releasably mountable about trunk portions of an automobile without requiring the formation of holes in the automobile body. I found this Owl Mason Jar Light Outdoor Solar Light Canning Jar by LucentJane on Etsy a couple of weeks ago and just fell in love with it! I really love the owl design, the pretty color and how well the solar light looks like it’s attached to the jar. At $30, I think I can make one for myself that holds up better than what I have right now, but I haven’t found anything that I like.
Use your outdoor area all year round with a custom made motorised retractable pergola system. Awning canopy ,awning window ,sunshade material ,house goods ,home decorationWe are sell high quality and low price awning ,window awning ,canopy ! With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Thanks so much for posting this, I LOVE using conduit as a duck-tape-stick item for fabbing things, and I think I see a few nice, new awnings on the south side of my house in the near future! For the support brace where you didn't glue it you can drill a hole and put a clip through it. Since 2007,we had been in cooperation for more than 6years and be appreciated for KOPa€™s supporting and perfect after-sale service. 3, World wild customers we have been in cooperation, so we are familiar with the customer’s market and give expert suggestion and recommendation to the customer. When I saw it at Sand Hollow State Park a couple of weeks ago, however, I was surprised at how good it looked. Tents aren’t welcome at that particular campsite and there are no tent pads where you can pitch a tent. Even the smallest of wind gusts can pop the pole off this connector, so I need to drill a hole in both the pole and the PVC pipe, and add a pin to keep the poles in place. That stuff never starts with people watching CSI at home, it starts in airports, and I’ve always said that if there is going to be some human-ending apocalyptic event, I wanna be right out in front of it.

I think a lot of us look at people who travel for work and envy them because we imagine them visiting museums and touring the city, when in reality, they are holed up in a hotel somewhere. EVERY time they came back, I would ask what they did and they NEVER visited any of the fun places I researched for them.
I know it was my rig because of the awning and sewer hose on the rear and the metal band where the seam is on the side of the rig. From the El Camino to the stunning orange sands of the American Southwest, I am speechless! The camper has a flat floor and front, rear, top and side walls which are foldable to compactly overlie the trunk of the automobile. There are two points of weakness in my design: the connections at the top and the connections at the trailer.
These were not original and I added them over the twenty two and a half years we owned the rig. I had to insert my own grommets and wasn't careful enough -- the material eventually ripped and it started at the grommets. On the trailer, the poles (stolen from my Springbar tent) just slide onto this PVC connector. We purchased it in 1980 in Fullerton, CA and originally used a 1978 Toyota SR5 pick up to tow it. We can produce laminated and coated PVC tarpaulin, for its good flexibility, excellent tensile strength and tear strength.
It was a neat small aerodynamic camper that my wife and I used with great joy for many years.

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