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We talked about it and she agreed, but she honestly doesn't have the money to get an awning, most of her materials she got on clearance and what she didn't get there she got used or literally dug out of the trash. But any ideas other than hoping to luck into a perfectly sized awning that passes for a girls tastes? Offhand I would say a light wooden frame with canvas stretched over it so water runs off should work.
Or a light wooden awning with vertical wooden pieces to help block sun most of the day would also look nice.
After we tore out the old fiberglass awning and replaced it with the pergola an greens we noticed a huge difference in the comfort level under it.

It can be on a tight budget with reclaimed lumber and any imperfections in the materials can be covered up by the vines. It's not so much a problem right now, but I see that being a major pain in summer down there. The worse part is is that window is all you can see as you pull in the drive way, so I'd say shes going to be even more picky about it.
Kits can be pre cut at most lumber yards or you can get plans online to re-claim some lumber and DIY.
Of course, this is not always easy when your children are tearing round the garden or yard.

Now that you’ve constructed your PVC frame, purchased your fabric and made your main cuts, and added windows with mitered bindings and cute curtains and awnings, we can finish up and get ready to play!

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