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Print out the shopping list  and go to your favorite home improvement store and buy the parts. Marking and cutting the pipe takes a while so get out a pencil and tape measure and start marking the pipes. The bed is made almost entirely from schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings available from any home improvement store. You will need a few pine boards or a piece of plywood to fit on top of the mattress platform. For queen size I think you'd need to put a row of vertical posts down the center of the mattress. I was electrical engineer for 22+ years, then went back to school for 6 years and became a dentist.

How To Turn A Bed Into A Canopy Bed Using Pvc Pipes - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
These Large Dog Bed plans provide a comfortable place for your pet to bed down, raised above the floor. Download the SketchUp 3D file of this project to your PC or Mac to modify or adjust the design.
The rubber mallet is used to dry-fit parts before gluing them together (and to get them apart again so you can apply the glue). Awesome 'ible, Though I think you could add some diagonals to boost strength and decrease wobbliness. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It includes a ladder and railing on the top to prevent your kid from tumbling out at night or when preparing to board a pirate ship.

You can always return the extra parts to the store after you've finished making the bed.
Acetone will take most of the inked markings off the pipe before you glue the pieces together. I usually buy at least two extra fittings of each type and size and a couple extra 10' lengths of pipe.

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