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As for the decking itself, when you read over the drawbacks of PVC decking below, you will see why, like composites and ACQ decking, we cannot recommend this option. Made with ASA capstock resin, WOLF PVC Decking is designed for superior weatherability under prolonged exposure to sun and weather.
Since 1997, we have been working to find the most efficient and quality assuring way to build fences. Many people go to the hardware store and buy anything in a bag that claims to melt snow and ice.    The problem with that is that many of those chemicals can damage a PVC or composite deck. Following these tips will help keep you safe, and your deck looking good.   Have a safe and enjoyable winter!
Manufacturers claim this helps you see how much chemical you’ve spread.  the problem is that these dyes can stain your composite decking. Traction on slippery surfaces is a plus and a huge safety factor but the sand grit will grind into the decking and damage its surface.

Metal shovels and ice chipping tools will damage even the most resilient composite decking regardless of the manufacturers claims that it wont.  Using such tools will void the warranty of the composite decking. Abrasive compounds of acidic or basic pH, strong solvents, oil based paints or stains, and anything that will cause metallic rust . Because PVC decks don't have the decades of use hardwood decking has, the jury is still out on their long term performance. The common denominator of any successful project is the quality and performance levels of the personnel assigned to it. From the estimator, to the office staff, to the installers, all of our employees are dedicated to your project and exceeding your expectations. However, despite a short track record, there have already been people and even some deck builders who've built PVC decks that claim it's not that it's cracked up to be. We work with our employees to perfect installation techniques, and are constantly improving. Our employees are paid by the hour (we don’t pay piece work), therefore the crews are not rushed to get the job done.

Our foreman have the authority to make decisions on the job, enabling your project to run smoother. On his website, Rob uses his knowledge and experience to help and educate on best practices in the remodeling industry. Cedar decks are downright beautiful, with a rich grain, texture and color that complements any architectural style, from traditional to post-modern.
Mike not only gave me a quality product but was the only one to tell me that I could extend my deck an extra 2 feet at no additional charge. He and his associate were here at the time they said they would be and finished the job in a timely manner.

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