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I was wondering if i were to use a flat queen sheet will it be enough to cover the entire length?
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. We used a similar technique to make a backdrop and front for a puppet stage that would hold 10 kids. Instead of the 4 and 5 way connectors, we used offset 3-way T-s, which are commonly available at home stores. This is somewhat similar to the sets I built a few years ago for my daughter's middle school play. We built PVC pipe structures in the form of an equilateral triangle and something like 10-12 feet tall. The paper-covered structures were lined-up side-by-side with one face toward the front of the stage.
Between scenes of the play, the structures were simply rotated to reveal the backdrop for the next scene. I suppose a four-sided structure would have worked just as well, but it was not needed for this play.

If I were to do it over again, I would have used a third triangular structure in the center and not just on the top and botom. Para los cineastas y aquellos que desean crear efectos especiales para sus videos o simplemente agregar un fondo animado para los videos de la iglesia, la pantalla verde es un componente clave para poder cambiar el fondo. Usa las abrazaderas para ajustar la pantalla en la parte de arriba y en los lados del marco.
If you need the backdrop to fit the queen sheet, just adjust the height and wdith of the pipes. I have two daughters getting married in 2012 and am in need of this accessory in both weddings. Las instrucciones abajo te diran exactamente lo que necesitas para poder construir una pantalla verde portatil.
Quimico farmaceutico industrial de profesion, entusiasta del Judo, Jiujitsu, Grappling y una que otra disciplina de combate deportivo.
As well as i came across many reviews stating that their top pipe started to cave in; is this sturdy enough to hold up ?
Every curtain is different, so just make sure the opening is large enough for the pipes to go through.

I live in an efficiency apartment (one room), so even leaving a window or the door open for air can be inconvenient at times. Muy pronto en otro post te comentaremos como iluminarla y tambien que software usar para chroma key. My math could be off, but it seems like 5 yards would be enough to cover the backdrop size I give in this post. But this is a great, cheap way to break up the room a little--and let me get dressed without closing all the windows, doors and shades. I’ve attached fabric to the backdrop with packing tape before, velcro, and sewed the top like a curtain. What I’d do is put together the top and sides (minus the base) of the backdrop frame.

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