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Activities can include: bottle ring toss, duck pond, face painting, balloon dart board, bean bag toss and shooting gallery. This trick will work for almost any party, but is especially fun for these Carnival Party invites. A few weeks before your party go to a park, or other place that fits your theme, and take a few photos of the birthday kid. The coffin was made some plywood that was painted black, a skeleton of PVC pipe, a Halloween mask, an old suit and a sprinkler valve.

Notice how the PVC has slip point that allow the system to pivot to raise a portion of the skeleton. There are also a few non-essentials that were added to enhance the scare effect, some speakers and a sound chip allow for some spooky zombie voices and the red flood light illuminates the zombie as he raises. And since they’ll be taken when you aren’t distracted by running the party, lighting candles, or cluttered backgrounds it will be stress free for everyone!

These carnival booths can also be stored and used again for other parties, family reunions, church activities or lemonade stands.

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