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There are two things, well more than two, but two for the sake of this post, that I love creating. You can get PVC cut at Home Depot or Lowes, but the PVC pipe cutter in the picturebelow was the best $12 I ever spent because I use it all the time!
Next, use 2 of your 10 inch pieces to connect these two together and become the top and bottom of the easel. The frame is finished and all I did for the easel was use some hot glue to attach it to the front of the PVC pipe.

1 is fun art experiences for my daughter, and another is anything I can fabricate out of PVC pipe. You can totally use E6000 or Gorilla Glue or whatever you like, but I usually hot glue everything possible, why not? The possibilities for both are endless and I think this one is going to be Avery’s new favorite! Today I put together a couple of PVC pipe easels for Avery to use on a fun playdate we have this week, and I can’t wait for them to get to use them!

Please be respectful of bloggers and our projects and don't abuse or steal our material- thanks! They are super simple to put together and very affordable, they can be made for about $5 each, even less if you use scrap PVC like I did!

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