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DnA identifies our readers as Architects, Builders, Building Owners, Chambers of Commerce, Chain Stores Companies, Club Managers, Consultants, Contractors, Design institutes, Developers, Engineers, Fitness Centres, Government Department, Hotels, Interior Designers, Manufacturers, Material Suppliers, Project Managers, Property Management Companies, Surveyors, Trade Associations, School and Universities. It has one end that is enlarged and sections can be fitted together and glued.I chose a pipe framework rather than a lumber frame for the boat cover because one of the members in my club had the experience of being in a strong wind storm. After the storm the rigid lumber frame had transferred stress to the boat and had damaged the guardrails where the frame was attached. The floppier plastic pipes had absorbed the stress better and the boat had not been damaged. Last year I placed a tarp over the mast and this worked quite well but I had to come and shake the snow off the cover several times. The tarp also rubbed and frayed against the mast and against the guard rails.PVC pipe is easy to cut with a hacksaw. I had a pair of scissors, some snips to cut the zip ties and a measuring tape.I also have a polytarp left over from replacing the house roof.

I used zip ties to position the hoops against the guard rails.I first attached the pipe using the zip ties. I hate having to scrape sticky tape glue off the boat.In the spring I'm hoping to cut the tape and the zip ties and store the frame after marking the different sections. This is where the photos will come in handy.Next winter, if this boat cover works out, I will only have to re-assemble it. The pipes are attached only with zip ties to fit everything together.The arches are positioned on the outside of the guard rail to make a smooth dome.
This should not happen this year as there is nothing to chafe against.The arches are in place and I've put in the first long horizontal piece. Its cold and windy and getting very dark and menacing.The 3 rows of horizontal pieces are in place. I'm not sure it would really be necessary to tape as much as I'm doing but I'm hoping everything stays in position better this way. I added the 2 extra horizontal pieces because snow can really accumulate and I'm hoping this will help prevent this.I added a couple of supports to the deck, I had the extra pieces of pipe.

I taped the pipe at the top and attached the base to the horn cleat at the bow and at the mast plate.I had this huge tarp left over from house roof repairs.
I had to work quickly because there was some wind and such a large tarp is hard to control.
Not so leisurely really because it was getting dark and quite cold.Better view of the supports, facing bow. I have some work to do on the boat this winter.It's totally dark and I can't see enough to work.

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