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If you don’t have a trailer, getting your boat down to the water can be challenging – especially if you’re going solo. There are tons of different boat dolly designs online, and there are even some that you can purchase –unfortunately most of them cost about as much as a good used boat trailer. Once your main axle section is assembled, you can slide your threaded rod through the end caps.
Place a washer on each side of the wheels and tighten the nuts on to the threaded axle rod.
Do you have any problems with the wheels bending out, would like to make one for my sneak boat for duck hunting, carrying my 120 lb. Archery Hotter than Ever: Academic Archer enrollment climbs to 1000+ in first two weeks after launch! I had purchased some camping lights to emulate the look and feel of some high end Photography ICE light wands.

At first I though about just buying a toy gun with the flag and modifying it but that would take too long. See, my brother wants to take us out on his boat again and even though the last time I took my Nikon D7000, it was kinda scary at times. To make launching my new Tracker Jon boat a little easier, I built this easy DIY boat dolly.
After looking at all the options, I decided to build my own out of some PVC, a couple of Harbor Freight wheels, and a threaded metal rod. The width of your PVC sections will be determined by the size of your boats and the threaded rod and wheels that you go with. Like this dolly that you came up with but trying to figure out how much weight it may hold. I use it for my 12 foot Jon boat, and can successfully launch the boat in areas where I would never be able to use a trailer.

Found these on Amazon (love, love, love amazon) but needed some way to clamp them to a light pole or tripod. I built it using plans I found on the web and then used it to film my daughter’s recreation of a science project on Saturday. My buddy made one out of steel but it’s quite heavy when assembled so trying to lighten the load a bit. There was a lip on the end of the megaphone so once you slipped it in – it stayed put until you twisted the end by the mouthpiece.

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