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EMT coinduit is much tougher, doesn't cost much more and doesn't weigh much more than the PVC, but it will hold together a lot better. I'll just have to do some burlap bags over the sides then and I think it will work out good. Here you go the inside photo of looking through the door into the dry room , and again the door is on top of that . I built a pvc blind 3 years ago and it worked ok, but last year i purchased a mudbuddy fastgrass blind for my prodrive 17x48 and it is ten times better!!!
I thought I wanted one nand built it out of pvc pipe looks good covers great but the more I see the scissors blinds I'm thinking about ''rethinking '' my original plan!! This morning when Dakota and I took off from the house was to build a PVC blind out of some old PVC at his far. Once you had have things secured while you are letting the cement dry now is a good time to touch up some of the white pipe with different colors of paint.
Next you add the chicken wire all the way around the blind to give you something to attach the grass or cedar tree to. This is an amazingly easy blind to build, sturdy, easy to transport (weighs less than 50 pounds) and big enough for four hunters, two dogs and plenty of space to cook breakfast. Trying to find a blind online that will fit my 11 9" kalamath aluminum boat, but can find anything that says it will fit a boat under 14 feet, I would just build one but im away at college, so i wont even be able to get to the boat until the friday evening before opening day, If there is directions to build a blind that would only take me three or four hours then i would be willing to give it a try. If you don't have the time to go shopping for fancy scissor blind parts, your best bet is to make a self standing PVC rectangle the dimensions of your floor corners.
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When I used to hunt out of a 12' boat I just filled it with grass & brush and sat REAL still.

Another option if it is just gonna be you and the dog in the boat is to build a plywood deck that lays across the bench seats.
You could just boat to your spot hide the boat and hunt standing next to a tree or other natural blind too. Ok so I never really got step by step phots of the build for my Jon boat but here is what I got.
Thanks for the advice, im looking into the north flight blind, but for the opener im just gonna stick to a tried and true spot where i can just boat in then hide the boat and hunt of the bank! I found that the glue worked great to the point that I could make some of the joints for the blind . Sag was control with adding more joints and the wire makes it take the shock waves of running around . Both blinds were built to work the same way,but the metal conduit is MUCH stronger and when it gets windy and cold you WILL know the DIFFERENCE!!! The aluminum frame stays up all the time, but the material is pulled up into place and secured once the decoys have been put out. I was going to stop buy Dennis farm since it was on the way and then run into Fort Scott and to buy the need supplies.
The corners of the rectangle should have 3-way connectors for a down-leg the height you want.
Once you get it all grassed & raffia'd up and a few willows stuck in the mud, you'll be hidden pretty good.
Mine is a fixed blind with wire over the frame and vinyl over the wire to make it waterproof .
Then all you have to do after placing it in the boat is zip-tie camo netting all the way around, long enough to drape into the water.

So this morning found me down in SE Kansas helping a friend of mine build a new duck blind on his marsh.
Well, I guess people in Fort Scott don’t buy PVC joints in bulk very often because no one had any. For a roof, on the short tubes of the rectangle, place a T connection midway with an up-leg of 18" to an elbow facing the opposite T for a crossbar. I can try to get some photos from my buddy who still uses it if you would like to see what it looks like on that kind of boat. Then attached 4legs built out of conduit, smash down one side and attach to the main frame with bolts and nylon washers. Once the dry fitting and re-cutting  is completed you start using PVC cement from the bottom up. Netting can be rolled over the bars for travel if you cut the corners or just be scrunched up with bungie. To keep the frame in place when up I got some iron pipe that the conduit slides into, then attached it to the boat with those 4 bolt wall fittings. PVC is pretty cheap and if you don't glue the whole thing together, it's a simple takedown for storage as long as you mark the ends with matching sharpie #'s. Now you can fold the two halfs together and be completely hidden after you add the camo netting.

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