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Thanks guys, while i built the initial design, (after much frustration of having to lift and lower the blind everytime i wanted to trim the motor) my dad was the brains behind the outfit on a lot of the final product. I walked past you in the Reservation line on Sunday morning and thought Man, I wish I had one of those. While not as simple as originally built, (the back used to be like the front but it got in the way of the tiller handle so we had to do some adjustments) the take down, put up, and storage of this blind is very easy. We just purchased this boat this summer and camouflaged it up with the styx river stencil kit.

Bolted the clamps to my seats stuck in the pvc with 45's and ran 3 levels of conduit across to make it sturdy. Had a break from the rain today so i figured i would post some pictures for anyone looking for a blind idea. Burlap was pretty easy to see thru, so I purchased a brown cloth and spray glued burlap to it. We have some grass mats for certain situations that really make the boat blend in, but didn't take them a long today.

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