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Attach a 36-inch section of pipe into the side holes of the 4-way connectors to attach the legs. For those who want to save energy and money by air drying their laundry, PVC clothes-drying racks can help. A garage or yard sale is a good way to raise money by selling the things you no longer use. I seen some clothes air dryers on UK sites that you mount to the ceiling and then lower to put your clothes on, and then raise up out of the way when done.
Love the great ideas for indoor clothes drying options - would be great if you posted pictures of what you create too!!

This free PVC plan shows you how to construct a simple rack capable of holding two levels of hanging clothes.
Download the SketchUp 3D file of this project to your PC or Mac to modify or adjust the design. An easy way to accomplish this is to make a clothes rack to hang the clothes on as you take them out of the dryer.
The one in the photo is about three feet wide and the vertical lengths of pipe are one foot each. In fact it just gave me another idea of how to make one that could be suspended from the ceiling and pulled down for use.

This rack is good for use during garage sales, in laundry rooms, basements or spare bedrooms where hanging clothes organization is needed.
In other words, assemble the pieces together to make sure the rack has been assembled properly because once the rack pieces are glued together, it is permanent.
Use this applicator and make one swipe around the pipe with the glue and reattach the sections.

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