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Fentech offer all kinds of PVC custom fence and other PVC products according to the profiles, you only need give us your ideas. Our CompanyFentech Fence is doing our best to provide our customers with the best fences for various applications such as farm, garden, apartment and house. Well for 2002 I decided that Raven Manor should have a fancy gate and fence for two reasons. I actually started thinking about this project the previous year and searched for examples of other peoples work.
My plan is to make the gate columns from wood only instead of foam as they need to support the gates across my cement driveway. I made this 10’ wide X 10’ X 5’ tall Chicken run for under 100 bucks and it has worked fantastic. Chicken wire of your choice, you will need at least 50 feet if you can find 5’ tall chicken wire. Once you have your sides built, lay them flat on the ground and roll your chicken wire over the top of the sides covering from the bottom pole to the top pole, from side to side.
Get a friend to help you hold a section up, then take another section and join them together at 90 degrees forming a large “L”. You do not have to make a door, you could simply leave one end of the fence open that you can untie and walk through eliminating the door all together. I put bird netting over the top to keep predators from coming in and pest from eating their food. I have had my Chicken run for two years now and nothing has gotten to my birds, and the construction has not failed.
2.) The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America! We’re upgrading the chicken coop and adding a run (it used to house our dogs) and your comment was my concern. PVC DOES break down due to UV, but not quickly, and not to the point of causing major damage.
I work in south Florida in and around pools, where all plumbing is done with PVC (one of the benefits of never getting frost – no bursting pipes from freezing), and where we get a massive amount of UV light. Just reading a tape measure maxes out my construction abilities but I’d bet I could build that!
If you live in an area with racoons or other predators I would recommend running 1″ chicken wire around the bottom. I also laid wire flat on the ground out about foot on either side of the base to prevent tunneling. You are correct, if I lived out in Gods country where the Birds were a hundred yards away or more it would not be safe I’m guessing. If you are with in ear shot of your chickens as long as you are home you will probably know a predator is trying to get in.

I used hog panels for the bottom section, buried about 6 inches deep to keep out the possums etc.
It was heavy enough to stay on the ground in a high wind but light enough for me to move by myself once-a-week for the chickens to have fresh grass and to keep the smell at bay.
Next up, was a chicken tractor type out of scrape wood, a wooden nest box and one layer of wire. After about 6 years and a stupid move in deep snow the pen needed to be rebuilt, And yes, every couple years I had to replace the zip ties but that was no big deal to me.
If I stand on one side of the chicken run and look down the hill that is covered in Kudzu I can spot 3 Red Fox dens. Over the years I’ve only found one Black snake in the run and had been pecked to death by the girls. Beyond the neighbors who would not keep their cow dogs penned up (Boy, could I do a whole rant over that!) nothing bothered my chickens. Back in the last century a school mate and sometimes a cousin would spend the night on the river bank running bush lines, I think they are illegal now.
I have to agree with you, Gloria, I saw that wire in the photo and pictured a dog or coyote walking right through it! Please help support this site by going through the above link every time that you shop at Amazon. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. I took 3’ tall chicken wire and overlapped it in the middle by 1’ and zip tied it in the middle to make it 5’ tall.
So what you would have is a box that is fenced in all the way around except one corner for you to get in and out of. I also took the excess chicken wire and slid it under all sides, I then attached it to the sides creating a floor about 2’ in. I painted it because I did not like the white color sticking out like a soar thumb, but I wish now I had left it alone. Not to mention 2 people can pick it up and move it anyplace in the yard with very little effort. I am not taking it easy on it for sure, its been hit by the mower, & moved multiple times. The white stuff (schedule 40) has more problems with the sun (becomes brittle) than the gray (schedule 80) The cost is more for the gray, but I believe the gray is sun stable. It’s good to know your chicken run has stood the test of time; do you get any snow where you live?
Set the record for IN for most days in row below Zero this year, and third or fourth most snow. I could hear the ladies freaking out in the middle of the night, I looked out back and saw a coon trying to go under the side.

I was just showing how you can make something to hold the food and water out of PVC as well. We were in the 9th & 10th grade and thought we had reached adulthood since our parents let us spend the night on the river. The fencing is indeed 2×4 welded wire fencing, and will usually keep smaller predators at bay.
I had planned on building a more secure outer yard for it and will be using many of the ideas posted here.
Our community is built on the sharing of information via the comments section below, but before you post your first comment please read our "comments policy" carefully. It costs you nothing extra when you order and we get a small commission that helps to support this site. The reason for that is so that anything that tried to dig its way in, would have to either dig through the chicken fence on the ground or, dig around it.
I believe that the composition has changed over that 20 year period, and today’s PVC lasts much longer.
In some areas you will find underground plastic conduit to electric meters in gray plastic. Even still, Hawks are everywhere, and a large hawk won’t even notice that bird netting. I did have a fox take 1 of my birds when I thought (rookie mistake) that they would be safe free ranging in the back yard. I have high predation but I’m moving the coop much closer to the house, the fence will have both types of wire and the top will be covered.
Also some comments are moderated depending on the content and while we try to get your comment published as quickly as possible, sometimes it may take several hours before your comment appears live. I put a couple elbows in and a vertical pole to attach the gate too I then placed hinges on the PVC door, and attached those hinges to the fence frame.
We’ve had endless dogs, cats, groundhogs, weasels, foxes, raccoons, neighbors toddlers, hawks, falcons, and now coyotes all try to break through for free buffets. You now have one side of your run (at 5’ I put a “T” in the top and bottom then ran a pole vertical to strengthen it). I have friends who believed regular poultry netting would keep out predators, until they discovered their whole flock slaughtered overnight.
All in all it has held up great, and the cheap bird netting has done the trick up till now.

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