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Speaking of hitches, the clamps of a Nitto Lamp Holder can be used for the Xtracycle hitch project. Towing or Caryying a Longboard, paddleboard, or surfboards:Most biking surfers either carry their shortboards underarm, or use a sidemounted surfboard rack. There's no doubt that moving dolly carts are essential to moving stuff like fridges and furniture. This is my kind of single track in the woods but also has great footage of a BOB trailer in action. I tried to tip the load at high speed turns, pavement slalom or riding in figure eights as fast as I could but the Travoy was very stable.
This may very well be in the soundtrack of the day but since it shows a DIY single wheel trailer, I posted it here.

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And also worth noting is the clever brake lever and barcon shifter on the NItto Albatross barsThe Burley trailer is an old old old kiddie hauler that I picked up a flea market for $20 and spent maybe another $20 to convert into the cargo hauler seen in this photo.
All that extra drag of pulling something through the snow and having less traction with the bike.
I used to be able to deal with that cold, no more.Crazy coincidence, I just hired an artist who's father was in the Astronomy lab I TA'ed for at the University of New Hampshire in 1981 (his dad had talked fondly about the lab for years). I had a neighbor who used this trailer and was astonished at to how much he could carry in it.

The precious cargo is about 45 lbs total weight (and worth $15K) delivered to Fedex in Carlsbad.
So this is my solution: Brompton M6L folder, Burley Travoy trailer, taking the coaster train. The lower center of gravity was a better choice compared to putting it on the Xtracycle deck.
Mounting the trailer behind your rear axle will make your bike slightly resist turning, due to the side-to-side swinging.

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