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Short video of my process making a hockey themed towel rack for the boys to hang their towels after showering. Rustic bathroom shelf with towel rack, made of pallets and scrap woods I had laying around the shop. Finished in March 2009 this beautiful Kingsize room has been designed to the highest of standards. Chamois Cloth Drying Towel by Chamois King is the Best Car Wash Shammy Towel for Auto Detailing - 26x17 Cleaning Cloths are also perfect household cleaning cleaning towels for spills, floors, showers and kitchens.
One of my favorite pass times is playing Pool (Billiards) so I thought a cool project to share with you all is how to make a custom billiard rack.

Start your next project for how to make a towel rack for the pool with one of our many woodworking plans. Whether you make it for yourself or someone you know who owns a pool table, this is a very nice addition to anyone's game room. Our infinity pool float is a recliner-style float that is perfect for lounging about in the pool, reading or sunbathing. It took us a while to figure out how to build this with the right measurements, and now that it's done, we are super excited to show you guys how to create this clothing rack. I'm using Punch Studio napkins, decoupage glue, some gesso and of course my bathroom towel rack that I took off the wall to decorate.

I really like the plywood lamination, but it is a bit more work during the sanding section.

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