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When you think of PVC pipe, you probably don’t immediately think of fun, creative projects.
Organ Chair – Inspired by the texture and dynamism of varying lengths of organ pipes, this modern chair is composed entirely of half-inch PVC conduit. Organ Low Table – Inspired by the texture and dynamism of varying lengths of organ pipes, this modern low table is composed entirely of half-inch PVC conduit. This unique lamp is created from 1″PVC pipe fittings and is sure to start a conversation.
I love projects, like this ugly duckling lamp series from Hong Kong-based designer kamric, that give the lie to so-called “modern” design: Here’s something that looks just as good, and works just as well, as your snooty “designer” products, but is made from a couple bucks’ worth of hardware store materials.

Established in 2009, Designrulz functions as a database that puts you in connection with architects and designers from all over the world. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. The cushions, composed of thousands of white foam balls, are contained in a clear flexible plastic skin. It features a medium base socket, nickle plated toggle switch and an antique style, 8′ red cotton twist cord. Instead of buying some expensive shoe rack, made one your self and from no other than PVC pipes!

We are interested in what is fresh, contemporary, original, beautiful and appealing, trying to pick the most interesting ideas for your home.
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PVC pipe is a great medium to employ while making holiday decorations or spending the afternoon with your kids.

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