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PVC has a variety of uses, besides being able to move water there are a lot of cool projects you can do with it.
PVC is one of those inexpensive construction materials that is easy to cut, paint, drill, glue and create with. From Beth at ‘Home Stories A to Z’, this DIY PVC shoe organizer is so cool because she painted it to look like logs! HGTV created this PVC wine glass holder by cutting a channel in the pipe, then hanging it upside down.
I guess a lot of it depends on the size of your hair dryer or curling iron… anyone have a fix for Debra?
Drill a holes through one side that your screw driver Wil fit through then a small pilot hole on the wall side and attach it to the wall next to the plug. I am not sure on the size, I think you would want it to fit your particular blow dryer, and not be too tall… Any paint that would adhere to plastic will work!
Hi Carol, I don’t think any of these projects would be subjected to high heat, but everyone has the right to put what they feel is safe for their family in their home! I am sorry, but I would be willing to bet, at least 9 out of 10 places your kids drink water from, has PVC pipes.
PVC (the white plastic pipes) on the other hand is very common as fresh water supply piping, for potable water, swimming pools, aquariums etc, as well as for drainage. It seems the main health concern would be from off-gassing of the phthalate plasticizers added to the PVC to make it softer & more flexible. The amount of off-gassing from any of these projects, especially the hair dryer holder, would be negligible, especially compared to a vinyl floor, or particle-board cabinets. I found an inexpensive pvc stain on eBay that actually is absorbed into the surface of the pvc, making it much more durable. Dude this blog is relaly great, it help me to design a lot of things around my house with cheap costs than it will be to buy hem from any shop. Cricket (not to be confused with Brockian Ultra-Cricket) is Australia's national sport played with a bat, a ball, and two wickets. Continuing with the sports theme, this is a basketball hoop I made so that my son could practise Basketball.
Although the ring isn't strong enough to hang off, the side supports make it robust enough for normal play. There is an "Easter egg" in the full-size image - one of our marshmallow shooters can be seen on the top shelf.

I don't own a Nintendo Wii but I did manage to get my hands on a Wiimote so that I could try out some of Johnny Chung Lee's cool projects. People often come up to me in the street and say "Dr Tom, I thought computer scientists had long beards and bony girl arms but look at you - you're so incredibly buff! A friend had given me some old UV-damaged pool noodles and I used these to pad out the ankles and calves.
The Hilbert cube is a 3D extension of the 2D Hilbert curve which is a variant of the fractal, space filling Peano curve. Here is another 4 x 4 x 4 Hilbert cube that uses connectors more like those in the proposed radiator design and plans for a 3D-printable cube. When I was an honours student back in the late 90's our research lab used Silicon Graphics hardware and the first image above of my cube reminds me of their old "bug" logo.
This project is a little late to the party - if you will excuse the pun (oh wait, wrong game!) - but I recently thought it might be fun to make a Wii-mote holder for playing Mario Kart that gives you a fixed axis of rotation so it feels more like driving. There are a large number of Wii-mote driving accessories you can buy like the Wii Wheel or DIY versions like this one. The pedestal actually consists of two parts - a thicker top section that looks like a sledge-hammer which has a mounting point for the wheel assembly, and a thinner lower section that is shaped like the letter 'T' (in the middle of the picture below left) which slides into the top section. The centers of the two smaller 20mm T-pieces are cut out and glued inside the two opposite ends of the 25mm T-piece to reduce the internal diameter so that the wheel will fit smoothly and turn without too much play (for more details see the description of Coffee Grinder Puzzle Bobble which uses the same technique for its pedestal).
Drill three or four holes in the lower T-shaped part of the pedestal perpendicular to the sides of the 'T' (see the left picture above).
I also glued a small section of 25mm pipe to the end of the pipe on the outside of the lower part of the pedestal and another section on the inside of the top part of the pedestal (see the picture above right). Having built this Mario Kart Wii-mote holder my son then informed me that the 'B' trigger button underneath the Wii-mote is actually used for power sliding (although it can be set to happen automatically).
The base with splayed legs is very stable and the side view below will give you an idea of the angle I used on the center support.
PVC is one of the cheapest construction materials used today, easy to be found in any construction store and with great potential in DY projects. Thus PVC is a great raw material for the DIY beginners who don’t dare to start with a most difficult project. From Martha, this PVC modern wine rack is an easy afternoon project, and can fit into an existing cabinet.
Brought to us by Apartment Therapy, the original instructions are in ReadyMade Magazine, which no longer exists… Would love to see a DIY’er try their hand at this project!

We shared the hair dryer and straightener holder on our Facebook page recently and over 2,000 people shared it! But, in rigid fresh water supply PVC the concentrations of these are low, and many companies are making them without phthalates. The major spray paint manufacturers such as Rustoleum make a line of paints specifically for plastics which don’t need a primer and bond extremely well to the plastic, although the colour selection is not fantastic.
When it felt iffy to hold weight, I fillied on side of the pipe with cement, until it felt stable. While perhaps not as cool as a cereal box, Lego, MP5, or AK47 Wii Zapper, it gets the job done. The radiator design is an 8 x 8 x 8 (3rd order) cube which uses 512 connectors like this sculpture or this 3D printed model. The end-cap shouldn't be glued and it can simply be pushed onto the back of the wheel assembly after it is inserted into the top of the pedestal but the rest of the 18mm parts should be glued together.
With that being said herea€™s an excellent article with 8 examples of how people are utilizing this great material to organize the storing their outdoor gear. I personally avoid PVC in my home, I don’t go in the Spirit Halloween store (PVC smells terrible so it is very obvious if you walk into a room or store with a lot of PVC in it), and I do not purchase products with PVC in them. It can be found in straight shapes with the corresponding connectors and it comes in all sorts of sizes. So check out the article below and maybe it will give you some excellent ideas of your own.
I don’t want to expose myself or my family to something that could potentially cause them harm.
It can also serve as greta plant holders for a vertical garden and if painted you cna use them in all sorts of decoration projects. Then, since we got so jazzed about the idea of using PVC, we found some more DIY PVC projects for all around the home! Since we made this we’ve seen something like it mounted on the inside of the vanity cabinet door… Genius!

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