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A coffee table is generally considered a “must-have piece of furniture in any living room of a house considered.
The table top is a wonderful glass of elliptical shape with a wide margin printing on demand in the following colors: transparent black finish, COMBINATION painted white, painted COMBINATION champagne.
The Dubai-base is an oval-shaped, a kind of perforated piece of marble agglomerate at a time, light and sound, ready glossy dark brown in color matching the top in glass and aluminum plus. The higher quality glass coffee tables are usually made of tempered glass  to the glass is normal.

As with other tables in the house, its purpose is for you to various items such as drinks, food, magazines and small decorative pieces place if you wish.
The difference is that the glass has ahigher strength, but please note that this does not mean it is unbreakable.
Fine, modern and in common with the best of Danish design it provokes a sense of lightness. For assurance that you are ordering in the appropriate wood, please discuss directly with our showrooms.

Save and strong export standard, any packing method requests according to customers if necessary.6.

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