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Red_Robin has been a bat-fan since watching the Adam West Batman series everyday before Nursery School. His favourite Robin is Tim Drake, his favourite Batgirl is Cassandra Cain and he strongly believes that both Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon were more dramatic characters dead and in the chair than they are in the New52. In the hopes of vacationing in the Bahamas on the cheap, Harley Quinn decides to have herself mailed there in a freight. Hours later, she washes up on the shore of a tropical island, with, at least, the company of a dog who had been in the cargo hold with her. After spotting a soccer ball among the debris, Harley draws a beaver face on it in sharpie, and declares that it will be named Bernie.
Continuing her investigations, Harley notes that there is an active volcano on the island - and that there appear to be natives watching her. Over dinner, Harley demands some sexy entertainment, and is obliged by two of the tribe's finest warriors, who wrestle while doused in coconut oil. As the sun rises, Bouba escorts Harley across the island, explaining that they know she is a goddess because her skin is identical in pallor to that of their god-king Tha'Jo-Kaa, who has told his people tales of one like her. Angrily, she pulls away and punches him in the face for letting her think he was dead all this time.
By sundown, Harley has been outfitted with a lovely dress, and the Joker breaks with tradition by popping in to see her in it before the wedding. As it turns out, Harley's real wedding dress is perhaps less glamorous; complete with coconut bra.
The wedding, presided over by a tribesman dressed as Batman, takes place at the flaming mouth of the volcano. The truce is shortlived, though, as the volcano erupts, and sends Harley rocketing through the sky, and plummeting down onto the safety of the beach.
Not only was this issue an epic story arc on its own but the best FUTURES END issue written yet.
The artists Alex Sinclair and Chad Hardwin had a field day with the issue as it felt more like reading an annual than a Futures end edition. The negative is it had to end!  As a side story it worked beautifully but all good things come to an end. See the cover enlarged, Freedom Fighters #1 (second series from 2010 from Palmiotti and Justin Gray). If the Supreme Court had started turning over and looking under all the rocks, the possibility of a change of ownership on Captain America, X-Men, Spider-Man, (even Groot) and hundreds more would be put into question. This means that he has fulfilled the obligations set forth by the law to attend the required classes and programs to prevent a future DWI.
He watched the Tim Burton movies and the Animated Series as a small child and has never really left Gotham since.
Unfortunately, over the Atlantic Ocean, her plane gets caught in an electrical storm and two hurricanes on a collision course for one another, and Harley can't help but have a bad feeling about it.
Having lost track of her beaver, Bernie, Harley commands the dog to go find him, tossing a stick to test his fetching skills.

After she calls them out of hiding, the one named Bouba, who appears to be their leader, declares Harley an awesome goddess, and orders the others to bow to her.
Suddenly, a masked man throws weapons into the ring and, with their own personal baggage weighing on them, the two warriors see fit to cut each other to pieces.
Harley is taken aback upon arriving at the god-king's temple - a vast pyramid, built in his honour, years ago. He insists that he doesn't believe in bad luck, but the volcano blows, as if in karmic response.
All the same, she is excited to be getting married to the Joker, with mounting excitement as her litter approaches the volcano. As the Joker says his "I do," Bouba attempts to get his attention about something important, but he gets the brush-off, until Harley realizes that the Joker intends her to be thrown into the volcano. After regaining consciousness, she hears Bernie's voice from within the charred belly of a dead alligator, and retrieves it. Having been washed up on an island she is reunited with her beloved Puddin for some fantasy wedding shenanigans! It made sense had a connecting story link to the series and nothing about the manic woman had changed at all. The tropical island gave them a colorful canvas to work with that was edged in fiery oranges and reds splashed against the cooling greens and blues of the trees and water.
Now going back into the past 5 years, I can’t wait to see what craziness the Joker happened to be watching while he kept tabs on her.
He also pleaded guilty to the companion charge of Failure to Exercise Reasonable Care, a charge that came with a $250 fine. Feeling pangs of hunger, she grabs the ball under one arm and begins searching the island for rogue hotels, rogue survivors, and rogue foods.
Sadly, Harley mourns their waste, and gets some sleep, with Bouba's promise to be taken to the God-King of the tribe in the morning.
Collapsing on the seemingly endless 148-step stairway leading to the top of the pyramid, Bouba has Harley raised on a litter and carried.
Over the meal, he explains that he had decided it was time to lie low, and took over the island with the added bonus that it's pre-existing inhabitants believed he was a god.
As the lava spews out, it burn her dress and vaporizes the Joker, and Harley loses everything - until she wakes up. Bouba interrupts the Joker's excuses by reminding that because it is a full moon, he too must be fed to the fires.
Wondering if the Joker made it out alive, she is surprised instead to see a handsome man appear at the water's edge, offering to take her home to New York. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have made magic again with their quirky language for both Harley Quinn and the Joker. Her hilarious shocking one-liners of babble are exactly what you want from a woman that’s half crazy and talking to her conscience in the form of a beaver skull. Trying to cram a lot of explanation into a panel that are 10 cm big can be a bit of a read but if you want more story just put up with it.

The issue is without a doubt the best FUTURES END and should be a mandatory freebie it’s just that good. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn has been disposed of his drunken driving case from July 2012. Grumbling, Harley decides to sift through the debris on the beach for things she can use to build a shelter. In the sand, though, she spots a small animal skull, and realizes that it's Bernie's actual skull. When she finally reaches the top, and Tha'Jo-Kaa sees who has finally come to him, he can only accept that it makes some kind of weird sense that she'd show up. At first, forcing them to build the palace was entertainment enough, but then he got bored and started making them do crazy things just to see how far they would go in their devotion to him. I love that he isn’t the star of her world but yet has made the famous cameo appearance audiences had been waiting for.
I also loved the little personal touches to the comic, her speech bubbles that had the diamonds around them were just beautiful, not to mention the character breaking the fourth wall with them.
Even that became a bit boring, until he decided he could drum up some excitement by having the tribesmen dress up as super-heroes and made them try to find him while he would outwit them with deadly traps.
Angrily, Joker responds that he never intended to really marry her, pointing out that he knows about her various affairs over the years.
You can’t really have one without the other but that said he walks out of her story just as bizarrely as he walked in.
Everything from the well-structured paneling to the extreme bold color palette fit the entire issue and really gave the story its life. Taking some fashion inspiration from Mister T, Harley threads a string through the skull, and keeps her buddy around her neck. Angrily, Harley tires of his negativity, and tosses the skull into an alligator infested swamp. Angrily, Harley punches him in the face, and gives him a kick in the family jewels, prompting the officiant to grab her, and warn that the law dictates that they both must offer themselves.
The hilarious dialogue is perfectly true to the arguing duo and I found everything still captured the true essence of Harley Quinn’s nature.
The Disney slip in really stole it for me though. The reference was extremely clever as most people reading the comic around my age have watched Cinderella growing up, so everyone related to not only the event but the way Harley had imagined it. You could hardly tell that 5 years had passed in her would and it seemed like she was taking just another random adventure. Now, their entertainment will be the marriage he arranged at the mouth of the volcano for this very evening.
As they argue over which of them will go in first, they realize that the locals will ensure that they both go in, regardless, and form a truce.

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