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They look like they’d be charming additions to your home and fun for your bunny (or bunnies) as well! This entry was posted in Bunny Lover Gifts, Bunny News and tagged bunny supplies, rabbit house on May 22, 2008 by My House Rabbit. Oh those rabbits are so lucky to have that kind of rabbit hutch… It is a grand house for a grand pet. About UsMy House Rabbit is an educational website that promotes keeping pet rabbits inside the home.
Perhaps you've just adopted your first rabbit, or maybe you already have a rabbit and would like more information to help you understand her better. Our web site contains all the information you might need on bunny-proofing, house-training, handling, introducing two rabbits, spaying and neutering, and locating rabbit veterinarians. We’ve compiled documents containing the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about every major house rabbit topic.
Most Popular Topicsabscess activism acupuncture adoptions aggression alternative medicine amoxicillin Amy Espie Animals as prizes antibiotics Arthritis babies behavior Bonding breeding Bunny Brigade bunny care basics cancer cecotropes chapters chewing children culture diarrhea diet donate E. To educate the public and assist humane societies, through publications on rabbit care, phone consultation, and classes upon request.
We operate an adoption and education center out of our International Headquarters in Richmond, California.
The House Rabbit Society believes that ALL rabbits are valuable as individuals, regardless of breed purity, temperament, state of health, or relationship to humans. Except for unique situations, in which wild animals are being nursed or rehabilitated, it is in the best interest of wild rabbits that human intervention be held to a minimum. Domestic rabbits are not the product of natural selection, but rather of human interference by means of breeding programs, and the product is a human-dependent animal who needs protection. Domestic rabbits are companion animals and should be afforded at least the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as commonly afforded to dogs and cats who live as human companions.
Rabbits are intelligent, social animals who require mental stimulation, toys, exercise, environmental activity, and social interaction (from, as appropriate, people, other rabbits, or other animals).
As an educational service, members of the House Rabbit Society receive the House Rabbit Journal when it is published, typically 2 or 3 times a year. The website contains numerous articles pertaining to nearly every aspect of rabbit care, behavior and health, along with back issues of the House Rabbit Journal and links to House Rabbit Society chapters (on our home page). DIY Bunny Toys – Slotted Cardboard BallsBoxes are one of the best toys for bunnies because they are so versatile. In Madison, WI, a woman was alerted about an intruder in the house due to her pet rabbit’s thumping. This entry was posted in Bunny News and tagged heros, intruders, noises, thumping on October 20, 2008 by My House Rabbit. This pink, knitted bunny on the side of Colletto Fava mountain in northern Italy’s Piedmont region is so large, it can be seen from space via Google Earth. This entry was posted in Bunny Art, Bunny News and tagged Bunny Art, giant bunny, italy, outdoor art, sculpture on October 16, 2008 by My House Rabbit.
This past March marked National Vaccination Month where UK rabbit owners were offered a free dose of vaccine to protect their rabbits against the deadly disease myxomatosis.
This entry was posted in Bunny News and tagged health, myxomatosis, uk, vaccination on October 3, 2008 by My House Rabbit.
As a follow up to my post, Pet Rabbits Affected by National Housing Crisis, here is a link to another article about the Sacramento SPCA and their influx of stray rabbits. This entry was posted in Bunny News, Rabbit Rescues and tagged Rabbit Rescues, sacramento spca on September 25, 2008 by My House Rabbit. This entry was posted in Bunny News, Rabbit Rescues and tagged andy baker, bungee jump, bungy bunny, charity, colorado house rabbit society, fundraiser, rabbit welfare fund, uk on September 17, 2008 by My House Rabbit.
Property inspectors and real estate brokers frequently discover animals tied up or locked in cages when they enter abandoned houses. And while shelters and rescues generally take in a large number of rabbits, many are experiencing a bunny boom this year.
This entry was posted in Bunny News, Rabbit Rescues and tagged abandoned rabbits, economy, foreclosures, housing crisis, mortgage, sacramento spca on September 15, 2008 by My House Rabbit.

A new rabbit rescue in Roseville, CA will host their Grand Opening event on September 27, from 4-8pm at the Roseville PETCO on 1917 Douglas Boulevard.
If you live in the area, you can join in on the festivities, which include a ribbon cutting ceremony, petting stations, a silent auction, games, prizes, and of course, the opportunity to adopt a rabbit. Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue began when Kim DeWoody and Nola Williams decided to dedicate their volunteer efforts solely to the special needs and requirements of rabbits. If you would like to support Leaps & Bounds, you can volunteer with them or foster a bunny.
This entry was posted in Bunny News, Rabbit Rescues and tagged california, leaps & bounds, Rabbit Rescues on September 11, 2008 by My House Rabbit. This entry was posted in Bunny Art, Bunny News, General and tagged inc., maq, plastic bags, rabbit-kun on September 7, 2008 by My House Rabbit. BoonLau, a 6-year old macaque who lost three limbs after an attack by wild dogs, now lives in a custom enclosure with Toby the rabbit in Thailand. This entry was posted in Bunny News, Rabbit Photos and tagged boonlau, monkey, rabbit, toby on September 7, 2008 by My House Rabbit. After eating two sets of owners out of house and home, Roo, a European giant rabbit, was sent back to a pet shop in Scotland. According to Tracy Simpson, a staff member, “Her new owners thought they were buying an animal similar to a cat who would come and sit on their lap and quietly move around the house. Fortunately, Roo has found a suitable home with one of the staff from the pet shop who is happy to accommodate Roo’s personality and habits. This entry was posted in Bunny News and tagged giant rabbit, pet shop, roo, scotland, uk on August 15, 2008 by My House Rabbit. If you don’t want your baseboards gnawed, you can cover them with plastic guards, 2x4s or furring strips.
Using a large hay feeder is helpful because it keeps large amounts of hay dry, clean, and accessible. You can also learn about growing many of your rabbit’s favorite vegetables at Bunny Gardening for Beginners. Put a thin layer of rabbit-safe, recycled newspaper pellet litter at the bottom of the litter box. Regular nail clipping is also important because long nails can get snagged on things or they can curl into your rabbit’s paw. Rabbits are prey animals, and so their natural instinct is to hide any symptoms of illness. In addition to responding to illness, it is also essential to bring your rabbit in for regular veterinary checkups.  The vet can check the ears, eyes, teeth, and gut to make sure the rabbit is in good health. Storage cube panels can be attached to the bottoms of baby gates with zip ties if the slats are too far apart. Purchase hay by the bale from a local farmer (check local Craigslist ads) or order bulk hay online at Small Pet Select (use coupon code MYHOUSERABBIT for free shipping). Now that you have a good overview of how to care for a pet rabbit, you can visit our Rabbit Care, Rabbit Behavior, and Rabbit Health sections for more information. I see that you have wooden floors and when we were about to adopt a bunny we were told that we would need to get strips of carpet everywhere – I wondered how much carpeting you have and what you think of that? The House Rabbit Society, a national nonprofit organization, recommends that you keep your rabbit in the house rather than outdoors. It is natural for rabbits to chew on furniture, rugs, drapes, and, most deadly of all, electrical cords. Dogs should be trained to respond to commands before being trusted with a free-running rabbit, and supervision is needed to control a dog's playful impulses (this is especially true for puppies). Unlike cats, however, rabbits cannot vomit, and excessive swallowed hair may cause a fatal blockage. If the "good" bacteria balance is upset by stale food or a sudden change in diet, harmful bacteria can take over the digestive track and kill the rabbit. If your rabbit shows symptoms of a "cold," take him to a veterinarian familiar with antibiotics that can be safely used in rabbits.
If your rabbit has been harassed by a predator, take him to a veterinarian even if no injuries are apparent.

These FAQs are just a starting point; for more thorough coverage of all aspects of house rabbit care, we suggest you read House Rabbit Handbook.
It is therefore a human responsibility that these animals be cared for in a manner appropriate to their needs. Recent reports have shown that this devastation has largely affected the pet population as well.
The rescue cares for its rabbits in foster homes, providing them with medical attention, socialization, and retraining as needed. In order to create a safe space for your bunny and to protect your belongings, you will need to thoroughly bunny proof the area. You’ll also have to block off certain areas since rabbits like to chew the undersides of beds, items on bookshelves, house plants, and more. Baby rabbits should be given alfalfa, and adult rabbits should be fed timothy hay, grass hay, or oat hay. Learn more about the importance of hay and where to buy it at Hay for Rabbits: The Basis for a Healthy Diet. Learn more at Enrichment for Your Pet Bunny, Logic Toys for Rabbits, and Playing with Your Pet Bunny. You must keep a watchful eye to ensure your rabbit is eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing regularly. It’s essential to understand how rabbits think so you and your rabbit can live a happy life together. This works for rabbits who are contained by a puppy pen or roam free in a bunny proofed room. The rest of my house has laminate flooring so I really need to know if she can or else I can’t remove the carpet from my bedroom, Help !
Smith of New London, CT, who currently share their home with two mischievous agouti rabbits named Coco and Cosette. Adding a second rabbit is easiest if the rabbits are neutered adults of opposite sexes, and they are introduced for short periods in an area unfamiliar to both rabbits. Rabbits can also develop a serious condition known as GI stasis which has many of the same symptoms.
Oral drugs of the Penicillin family, such as Amoxicillin, should NOT be given to a rabbit, since there is risk of destroying good intestinal bacteria. As well as writing a blog and book about rabbits, I run a site that promotes UK rabbit rescues (which incidentally is how I ended up with Scamp).
She’s full of life and because her teeth never stop growing, she likes to munch on things. This includes covering all wires with plastic sleeves or flex tubing, or lifting them 3-4 feet out of reach of your rabbit. If you notice any change in behavior, it is important to call a rabbit-savvy vet immediately.
Learn about their unique language at Binkies, Nose Bonks and Flops: Rabbit Behavior Explained and demystify unfavorable rabbit behavior by reading Help! Place crushed corn cob (from Wal-mart) in the bottom of the container and place a food dish in one end. Rabbits like to eat hay and poop at the same time, so this will encourage good litter box habits.
Cardboard castles also provide a quiet refuge for the rabbit when necessary.  Learn more at Building a Cardboard Castle for Your Bunny. However, the rest of the video was very informative- it makes it very hard for people resist adopting one (or more) of these bunnies.
Learn more about keeping your rabbit looking and feeling sharp in our article, Grooming Your House Rabbit.

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