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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This dream hutch features plenty of space upstairs and downstairs for your rabbit to play in and includes a ramp which is great for exercise. Please note: All hutches arrive flat packed and are supplied with instructions which make it easy and quick to assemble. As the owners of 4 Rabbits, we go through our fair share of hutches and when I needed a new hutch for two of them, I found this site.
1) We discovered we needed a new hutch on a Friday morning, and I needed to check whether paying for Next Day delivery would get it to me on Saturday or whether it was 'working days' so I used the 'Chat now' feature. 3) Having purchased my hutch, I waited in on Saturday and it was delivered mid-afternoon by Yodel. 4) The hutch was well packaged with paper separating the pieces so they aren't damaged and polystyrene to support oddly-shaped items - this is a level of consideration you don't usually see in flat pack Rabbit hutches tbh. The quality of the hutch for the price point (compared to some you buy in high street pet stores) is spectacular. We were also pleasantly surprised to find that the hutch included a built-in 'loft hatch' to easily separate the top and bottom storeys. Bought this hutch,to begin with it arrived in two boxes on two different days,which was extremely inconvenient,then I found out that the cover I had paid fr was not with th hutch and that I would have to a it for it, it's 19 th July today, a few weeks after it was purchased and I still don't have th cover. Th hutch is lovely,it is spacious and the pull out trays make it easy for cleaning, however, two of the doors on the upper story have already dropped and I have to fiddle to get them to line up so I can close and lock it,which is a bit of a nuisance and something I would not expect to happen as soon after purchasing it as this as it was an expensive hutch. The staff at the company are very helpful,especially a lady there that I had I speak to, and you are kept informed as to what is happening with items you have paid for but not receive.. However, I would still recommend the hutch,apart from what I have mentions it is well made. Very well made hutch put together in about an hour very straight forward no parts missing delivered fast by Parcelforce our 2 rabbits love it, can't fault it or the company. Great customer service and quality rabbit hutch.I will definitely purchase from you again in the future.
For additional information regarding advised care, safety and liability, please read the attached "Hutch and Runs Information" * This product is shipped in more than one parcel.

Here's a bunny hutch that will provide your rabbit with a nice house, while giving you the satisfaction of building it yourself. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Cut pieces of plywood to the length needed for each of the walls and floor of the hutch and cut wood boards for the frame supports. The top floor contains an enclosed area that will keep your rabbit warm and cosy when its nap time.
Having never shopped here before, purchasing was a leap of faith as I couldn't find this site on Trustpilot and didn't know anyone who had previous experience, although the on-site reviews were good. I wasn't able to connect to someone immediately but left a message and received a very prompt response assuring me that yes, Next Day delivery would deliver on Saturday as long as I ordered before 3pm. It did take a while to transfer me to the PayPal site so be patient if checkout seems like it's hanging. I'm not keen on Yodel because they aren't the most reliable couriers, but in this case, my order arrived (in two boxes), undamaged and on the day promised, so I'm happy. I've often had to do a bit of DIY on many hutches to get the bits to fit together properly (mis-aligned holes etc) but this was not the case here - all the holes were properly aligned and each piece fitted beautifully so assembly was stress-free and swift.
The hutch is solid, well made, well put together and we were especially impressed with the plastic feet cups - not only did they screw onto the legs but they also had screw-in feet that allowed us to adjust the height of the legs to take into account uneven ground - I've seen more expensive hutches lack this feature. I hadn't noticed this in the description and wasn't particularly looking for a segregated hutch, but it's a nice touch and we can see it will be handy. I will certainly be purchasing more hutches from this company and will recommend them to other Rabbit owners. It's extremely sturdy and im so glad I did not buy one of the cheaper hutches you see elsewhere, you will definitely notice a difference in quality with this one! The sleeping area is well insulated so you can leave your pet outside, no matter what the weather. There are two doors for easy access on the front of the hutch and the pull-out base tray makes it easy to clean. With some intermediate woodworking skills, you can build this hutch using materials you can buy at your local home improvement store.

I'll take you through each step, with full color photos and easy to understand instructions. Every quarter of the hutch has access doors to make cleaning easy, and all doors lock to ensures your rabbit stays safe and secure inside. Although the vendor should be aware that Yodel are not known for their sensible delivery practices and it may have simply been luck that both packages were on the same van.
There's so many cheap, tacky and small hutches out there, I was so pleased to come across this one! As well as the quality of the hutch, its also got some thought through features like the pull out cleaning trays, rubber feet and opening roof. This particular hutch also has four stable legs it stands on which lift the base off of ground level.
If it helps, I would probably be prepared to pay extra on the delivery if I could choose DPD as a courier, so if this vendor were to consider offering custom delivery options it's worth bearing this in mind. There is a partition which forms storage space where you can keep everything you need to look after your pet or you can fill it with straw for added insulation. Paint the outside of the hutch, place the rabbit hutch in a shaded location and surround the hutch with a puppy fence for an enclosed playground. And there are plastic sheets included which can be placed in front of the mesh to keep the elements out. This partition has a triple hatch so it can also be opened up for easy access to the hutch. Fill a plastic container with straw for a bedding area, place a ceramic food bowl and plastic water drip in the hutch and provide a wet carpet square or frozen plastic bottle to keep your rabbit cool during the summer. The ramp leading down to the integrated run can also be closed off, so you can prevent your pet from going outside when it is too cold.

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