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Raised beds are ideal growing environments for renters who cannot alter their land, homeowners with poor soil quality, injured or disabled gardeners, or beginner gardeners who want to start small.
For an overview of material options and construction methods, check out this handy guide by The Food Project. And without further delay, here’s our one-stop resource for instructions and ideas for creating your own DIY raised beds. Perhaps the most basic method: wooden planks are an easy-to-handle material in which to construct a square or rectangular frame. Once your frame is assembled, consider aesthetic adjustments. You can nail old shutters to the frame for a crafty look or add caster wheels to create a mobile garden—perfect for re-positioning the bed in order to capture fleeting sunlight. Wood pallets are valuable and versatile gardening commodities; using one to create a raised bed is a possibility.
If you have a few small trees on your property that need to be cut, these downed trees can be trimmed and settled into a trench. This DIYer added PVC tubes in the corners of his log bed to support and level the framework. One of the fastest ways to create a no-tool raised bed is using cinderblocks, which can be acquired for little to no money. On top of the fabric, cardboard was arranged with a gravel cover to function as an added weed barrier and to encourage drainage.
Zac Benson offers an alternative, and artsy, method for using cinderblocks to create a raised bed.
A compostable raised bed can be formed by arranging $5 straw bales in a square (note: avoid hay bales, as these are animal feed and still have seeds attached). Empty wine bottles can be used to create raised beds by stacking in rows, or this simpler, but not as attractive method on YouTube. For a clean, rustic look that is virtually maintenance-free, consider using galvanized steel tubs, as these do not rust. For decorative touches, surround with a fence or trellis, paint the tub, or glue mosaic glass shards to the outside. Hi, Call you local greenhouse and they can tell you which insecticide to use to get rid of them. Raised beds can constructed in any size and framed from a multitude of temporary, biodegradable, or permanent materials.
Their guide describes optimal bed sizes, preferred wood types, and recommended crop types based on the frame material.

The Better Homes and Gardens website provides step-by-step instructions for building a professional-looking wood-framed raised bed.
A cinderblock raised bed can serve as a temporary gardening plot in an urban or rented yard by simply arranging blocks in a square and filling with soil, but can also become a sturdy permanent structure such as we see in this video.
To kill underlying grass and prevent weeds, consider using plastic to smother the area prior to building your bed.
The pattern can be created randomly or pre-planned; once finalized, use adhesive to secure the blocks together.
Bales should be watered thoroughly and left alone for ten days to regulate internal temperature. Be sure the bottles are securely lodged and have solid end caps to prevent them from slipping.
This is a perfect “tester” gardening method that can be recycled in the event of a failed experiment or at the end of the growing season.
Also consider an old or cracked porcelain pedestal sink, wheelbarrow, shopping cart, or old grill. A raised bed should work good if you put a liner down and then put in dirt that you have bought to fill it. Once the frame is assembled, the next steps are basically the same: encourage adequate draining, fill with soil, and plant seeds. Simple steps include prepping the ground, assembling the frame from 4x4s, 2x6s, and 2x2s, and ensuring the structure is sturdy and level. One side and end of a pallet is covered with the empty plastic soil bags to prevent the soil from escaping once the pallet is lifted.
Consider using multiple pallets—one seed type per pallet—or planting multiple seed types in alternating slat openings. Be sure to use railroad ties made of untreated wood if creating a raised vegetable garden to prevent toxic exposure. If you are interested in covering this type of bed with a hoophouse for a greenhouse effect, view the fourth video in this series.
The open center portion is filled with soil for large-rooted plants such as carrots and garlic, while other plants like lettuce and tomatoes can be planted right into the straw bale itself, topped with some soil. This method can even offer a temporary reprieve: if you have used tires that simply have not yet found their way to the tire recycling facility, consider a short-term beautification effort. Use a utility knife or heated metal stake to create holes in the bottom of the pool for drainage.

Holes should be drilled on the bottom of the tub for drainage and this featured DIYer added a layer of pebbles to the bottom of the tub to promote drainage.
If you can find a few friends to help you move it outside, you have an instant raised bed that will minimize back and leg fatigue or provide ideal access to gardeners in wheelchairs. Alternatively, if you can pop the top off of an outdated nightstand or kitchen cabinet, you can fill the inside with soil for small flowers, adding legs as desired. I wouldn’t use any of the dirt from your yard to fill it, until you have the wireworm problem handled There is also a treatment insecticide you can use while you planting seeds or plants that is supposed to help protect them from the wireworm. Landscape fabric was applied to the bed’s bottom and carefully tucked in between two layers of brick to prevent weed growth. Note that this is a temporary raised bed option, as the straw bales will eventually turn into compost. Properly stacked and secured tires can be a perfect height for those with back conditions or those in wheelchairs.
Layer compost or mulch on the bottom to encourage drainage (mulch has the added bonus of a barrier for those stubborn weeds that may grow through drainage holes). Final placement consisted of three tubs of varying sizes stacked on one another to create a vertical pyramid design. In order to reduce the amount of soil used, create a partition midway through the tub to section off the upper and lower halves.
YouTube also has a more elegant solution with wood pallets that involves a little bit more work taking them apart. The interior of the bed can be lined with landscape fabric to help keep soil inside and weeds out. The resulting design will form an attractive raised vertical bed that sits nicely against fences or other flat structures.
Painted tires also make festive raised beds for community gardens and aspiring child gardeners.
Metal tubs can be painted or otherwise decorated to fit in with the home’s existing outdoor decor. Be sure to allow for adequate drainage: the tub itself should have holes throughout the bottom, and any interior barrier must be permeable.

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