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AMS have constructed koi ponds up to 10,000 gallons as can be seen from the gallery showing the building of our own show pond. The pond is fibreglassed for a perfect finish and features two viewing windows to allow the fish to be seen from a unique angle. This is the ultimate koi pond for the serious enthusiast but this is not everyone’s choice. Please take a look at examples of the ponds we have built and if a particular design interests you contact us for a free estimate. At Ponds4Fish we offer a wide range of garden ponds and tanks to suit almost any garden and budget. All the garden ponds and commercial tanks that we manufacture and supply are suitable for residential, industrial, commercial and farming use. Our ponds are ideal for above ground commercial farming and can help you naturally avoid costly excavation and block work, when empty they can easily be transported or stored. Select your rectangular preformed pond liner from our professionally moulded and highly durable range.
Our range of round rigid pond liners shown as circular tanks are the most popular choice at Ponds4Fish. Garden pond kits are the perfect option if you are creating your very first pond or even for expanding an existing pond. Our Pro-Plumbing pond pipework and fittings, durable thick wall PVC tubing and fittings impact resistant make it easier to assemble your pipework for your pond, creating smooth flowing system. Pond valves, Bottom drains are designed to be placed at the deepest part of the pond for the removal of waste and settlements from the Koi.
The benefit of using our flexible hose system makes it quick and easy for you to assemble your pond, pump and filters.

Pond Pumps Fountain Pumps, Waterfall and Circulation pumps compatible with UV Sterilisers selected to work with our filters all designed to keep your pond clear and most of all healthy for your fish.
We stock a large range of pond filters from basic ones including traditional box filters all designed to keep your water clean and your fish healthy.
Pond air pump are important for the health of your fish as they keep your pond oxygenated also in winter they help to keep your pond ice free.
Pond electric we have a wide range of lighting for your pond, from underwater lights to a complete feature set. Ponds 4 Fish has a huge selection of cheap pond liner providing the perfect base for your pond,  we also have repair kits for pond liners and sealants for concrete ponds. Our pond test kit & treatments give you the power to analyse and control pond water as poor water quality is the most common cause of fish disease therefore testing the water is very important.
View our garden pond and aquatic supplies, pond filters, pond pumps, koi supplies and more.
At Ponds 4 Fish we supply a selection of fish foods suitable for different types and sizes of fish including Koi and goldfish also for the different seasons. Garden Pond Kits are the perfect option if you are creating your very first pond or even for expanding an existing pond. If you would like us to quote you for another size pond to your specific requirements then please do not hesitate and send me your enquiry. This pond has two aerated bottom drains and a depth of over 2 meters to create the perfect environment for our prized koi carp. It is a semi-raised pond over 1.2 meters above ground to prevent children and pets from coming to any harm. Suitable for keeping small amount goldfish to maximum combined length of 250cms or 90cms of koi carp.

We have a large selection of sizes and shapes to accommodate your fish or wildlife pond needs. With an average thickness between 2-4mm our mouldings are far stronger than regular flimsy pond liners. Like our rectangular tanks, this range has been professionally moulded for strength and a long durability. We have a wide range of tank connectors suitable for use with pond liners or concrete ponds. Please contact us if there is something you require and don’t see it in our pond accessories store. Our free guide will give you complete professional tips on how to plan and build your new garden pond.
If our range does not meet your requirements the just give us a call or email us with what you would like and we will give you a price. It's that simple !! We are able to work to a particular budget or specification, so whatever your needs we can make your pond or water garden they way you want it.
All of our round tanks are free-standing when full of liquid, above or below the ground, and can be part or fully buried. We are also happy to help with any garden pond questions about our range of garden pond products, so please just get in touch. Weight when empty 10 kgs we supply with our pond liners a  Fountain Pump 1000 litres per hour flow, maximum head height 1.95 metres, 20 watts consumption, fitted with pre strainer and fountain jet kit.

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