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SDC offers a personalised and friendly service to set up your raised garden bed veggie food forests. In this example we have selected a corrugated metal and hardwood kit bed (there are many styles available in different materials and prices). Tagged Organic garden design, Permaculture Design, Raised garden beds, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Design Sydney, Sustainable Landscape Design. This boy’s expression says all there is to say about the joy of growing your own food.
One of the most beloved and enjoyed gardening pastimes is vegetable and herb gardening, and the raised bed garden may be the most easy and common way to partake in this fun and sustainable activity.
Standard raised bed gardens are made of wood, usually no more than 3-4 feet across, various lengths and heights, and placed so that there are ample walking spaces around each one. Living in South Florida is a gift when it comes to having a raised bed garden, because we can grow all year round here! To start with, people making raised beds, don't usually make them that big, because then you would have to walk around in it to get to your plants.
Rainbow Gardner,I have one more quick question for you since you seem like your very experienced and been doing this for a long time! Yes 4x8 and 6x8 would be good guesses for the bed sizes.I haven't used the Sea Magic personally, but it should be good stuff.
With Spring right around the corner, we can’t help but think of all of the delicious vegetables and herbs that are just waiting to spring up in our backyard gardens.
City dwellers who don’t have the luxury of vast expanses of green space in which to grow veggies typically resign themselves to buying organic produce in the grocery store or growing only the essentials in pots on balconies.
While the Urban Garden is an ideal solution for people living in crowded city areas, it’s useful even if you do have yard space to spare.
There are plenty of resources out there for DIY-ers who prefer the satisfaction of building something rather than the convenience of purchasing it pre-made.
I was hoping to have something similar to this, but I can completely understand where your coming from with the smaller size. And in sharing our collective experiences, we gain deeper understanding of what we learned. For the millions of people who don’t have access to the type of land it takes to grow a bountiful vegetable crop all summer, the Urban Garden gives you a chance to sprout organic produce in a small space.

A company called The Urban Garden wants to help everyone realize the dream of growing fresh, organic food at home, even if space is tight.
The layered designs help urban gardeners squeeze a large amount of usable ground out of a remarkably small footprint. Even if you think you have a black thumb, the people behind the Urban Garden want you to know that there are plenty of vegetables that require very little skill to grow. By raising the garden a bit, you eliminate a lot of problems that come with traditional gardening – problems like poor soil quality, overwhelming weeds, and pests (the cedar used in the Urban Garden naturally repels insects) become easily managed with container gardens. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty constructing your own raised vegetable garden, these instructions from Popular Mechanics will get you started. Then we plan a layout configuration which allows for water access, compost, seed raising and other helpful systems for your food garden. After filling our beds with organic soil and mulch, Bed 1 was filled with our salad greens; Rocket, English Spinach, Purslane, Mustard greens, a range of lettuces and herbs.
I'll share my ideas and goals with you and will be receptive of any advice or changes to my plan that any of you might have! We decided to do two about half of this size, but would like to know the dimensions of this in case we decided to go larger for a future bed?
Their products are designed to grow the maximum amount of plants in a minimal amount of space.
For a first-time gardener, choosing easy-to-grow veggies like broccoli, tomatoes and peppers can help you get off to a great start.
And for those of us who prefer organic produce, growing it at home can save an astonishing sum of money over the course of one growing season. This Squidoo lens about raised bed gardening is very detailed and has step-by-step photos and illustrations to help you through each part of the planning and building process. Then we install your garden beds and provide recommended planting guides, seed suppliers, crop rotation plans, companion plant guides, seed raising tips and lots more. Weeds aren’t a problem, and the boxes are happy being placed just about anywhere with a southern exposure to the sun. You do not have to waste anymore, a good and fertile soil, making different paths and walkways.Not only that. Whether is pretty warm here year around, but at rare times we will have our cool weather fronts come through.

The great advantage of planting in the raised beds is that you can choose the quality of your soil. I'm hoping to learn to plant a mixture starting with two tomato plants, two strawberry plants, and two pepper plants, for a total of 6 plants.
Even if it were two 8 x 4' beds that is room for well more than the six plants you mentioned.However, you didn't say where you are. I'm planning to plant them in a raised bed with the dimensions of 10' Feet, 8' Feet, 12" Deep. I forgot to mentioned we were planning to go ahead with some decent pre-grown plants from a local nursery that is very reputable for having healthy plants. And to clear up the soil question, before framing the bed, we want to dig up the soil in the ground correct? That will keep away other animals and birds.PortabilityAt a first glance, this advantage is ridiculous but in reality, it is not. If the soil is decent, should we only fill the remaining 12" depth of the bed (or a little less) with organic soil?
You can easily inspect, water or pick your produce.AdaptabilityRaised bed gardening is the ideal gardening way for older or disabled people, but who love gardening. And I'm glad I found this place, the forums are very subjective and make it easy to find exactly what your looking for. You need only to place your garden beds on a tabletop at the height that suits you.FrugalityYou can plant only the necessary amount of seeds. If this is the case, can someone point me in a direction for recommendations in getting this much soil?
I'm trying to put together the idea and am willing to listen to anyone with an knowledge in this area! You can save money storing the extra seeds.Longer Growing SeasonAny gardener knows that the plant-growing season depends on the soil temperature. As of right now, I'm trying to get a better understanding up the setting up process and also gain some ideas and knowledge!

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