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Post your suggestions, or just make a comment, and feel free to link to something you've tried or you like. By now, many of you must have heard about the yearly garden blogger get-togethers that have been running since 2008. Short of confining the birds to a pen with a top, I have not been successful in keeping chickens out of my garden.
I live in rural PA and the farmer I buy my chickens from uses the braided electronic fence to create pens for his girls.
A neighbor fences sections of her vegetable garden and lets the girls in when it won’t hurt the plants.
The only time I let my hens loose around my raised beds is after I’m done for the growing season. Make the common PVC hoophouse, but cover it in wire mesh or chicken wire rather than plastic. Something I have on my wish list for season extenders is Quick Hoops Bender tool from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.
Although the proposal is still conceptual, it has already aroused considerable negative community sentiment.
I’ve had some luck fencing off the garden in the early part of the year (when the veggies really are defenseless) but letting my girls in once the plants are bigger and stronger. Good luck on keeping the girls out–mine have their own pen and never come into the yard. Bird netting over the beds- you can use stakes to blanket it up higher once the plants grow higher.
As for the veggie garden, a barrier of some kind, or a herding dog, are probably the only sure-fire solutions.
The chicken wire doesn’t look so hot for the first few weeks, but once your seedlings come up your eye goes right past the fencing and all you see is the green. 1) Perhaps raise all your wooden frames up using straw bales (with the raised bed being a frame on the top of the straw bale stack.
6) Is there anything they don’t like walking on that you could use aas a warning track around all of your beds?
Movable housing (tractor) and let them out when you are there to enjoy their foraging activities.
Of course, what I really need is a fence that will keep my two labradors out of the tomatoes. I vote for a net-covered hoop house or mini covers made of curved chicken wire stapled to frames for individual beds.
With chickens you may need something to enclose the top, but this system has been easy to use and very effective at keeping critters out of my veg bed.
I admit I have my garden fenced off from the girls, but I do love to have them in there, my little garden buddies. Yummy Gardens specialise in raised vegetable gardens in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

For several years this past decade, we lived in rented houses where it was not practical to build a garden – given the expense and issue of altering somebody else’s property. Auxilliary side garden for strawberries and squashes.In background, a big tripod to grow hops vines up. I decided to plant sunflowers along the rear border this year.At bottom, a little borage plant. Climate change and torrential downpours have not been kind to us here in North Carolina in the past few years.
Although your garden is the opposite of our unordered one, I do like it and have a few comments. Having created raised beds with pine, I can assure you that you will be replacing boards fairly often.
I assume there is some fine mesh screen on the inside of the 4′ fence to keep out critters. I also built timber terraces to give raised beds but I used treated pine sleepers [200x75mm] Drilling down through the middle of these boards one can drive in a length of reo to hold them in place.
Then they can scratch and eat overwintering bugs and weed seeds to their hearts’ content. We’re coupling that with potentially clipping one wing, just so the girls are not as inclined to fly up and over. Or you can arrange your beds so that they have an aisle wide enough to run a chicken tractor up and down them.
I would consider dividing the yard into chicken and veggie garden areas, with a nice barrier in between. If you did the same on the other side, containing the chickens, you could have a grassy path in the center. This will not only get them out of the reach of the girls but will make them easier for you to tend. For direct-sow plants you could do your planting, then lay the fencing on top (raised slightly above the soil line to encourage curious hens to move along). I know it would have to be taller for chickens, but it was fairly unobtrusive aesthetically. Chicken wire and hardware cloth have been too unwieldy and painful, but since I have to use shade cloth in the summer anyway (we’re deep in the heart of the desert), I just leave my hoops up year-round (poly to bird netting to shade cloth and repeat). I had chickens for years and one of the biggest pleasures was watching them freely roam the garden. In the fall of 2011, we bought a place on three acres literally on the edge of Greenwich, Washington County, New York, a main street (former) factory village of about 2,500 people. The idea was a central formal potager of raised beds, fenced, with some non-raised beds outside the formal square.
I filled the raised beds with topsoil and top-dressed them with compost, both purchased and trucked in. The soil underneath the lawn is rocky and clayey. They are locust wood and will resist rot for 50 years or more.Posts will be topped off to 4 feet eventuallyMustard greens in near bed ready to eat.

His novels include World Made By Hand, The Witch of Hebron, Maggie Darling — A Modern Romance, The Halloween Ball, an Embarrassment of Riches, and many others. It may be time to find a nice quiet job in upstate NY, where the soil is still good, the weather is still somewhat stable–and there are like minded people. Check out hugelkultur sometime if you are planning to expand your growing area in the future.
I would have left it in the woods to provide cover for the wildlife and naturally decompose. The holes in the fencing are large enough for a larger plant to grow through, but small enough that your girls won’t be able to scratch around in it. Normally I would wait a year to plant into that, but I went for it this year and most things did great. With raised beds, you could attach brackets to the sides of the beds for easy installation or removal of your netting supports. Where he goes, the girls tend to follow…in rooster-less flocks, it may help to lure away the alpha hen. Either suggestion is worth a try on a few plants before spending all that time putting up fencing.
I laid it out at 48 feet square with the entrance on a direct axis with the front door of the house. It needs help. At center is a platform of granite paving stones set in sand and pea gravel. He has published three novellas with Water Street Press: Manhattan Gothic, A Christmas Orphan, and The Flight of Mehetabel.
Not too soon either as last Summer’s drought dessicated the soils to a depth of 30 inches .
They have a fenced acre of their own, but I also let them out to roam freely for a while on nice days.
I stay out with them, to make sure they’re safe and also to shoo them out of sensitive areas like my primula beds. You could also feed your girls in the coop and then let them out for the second half of the day. They love any areas covered in fallen leaves or mulch or compost even more than plants, so maybe you could make your girls a play area with leaves or mulch. They spend much of their summer in under the raspberry canes, for the shade, berries, the Japanese beetles, and of course the shelter from hawks.
On the other side of the fence, we have all the raspberries we can eat, and almost no beetle damage.

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