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Our raised beds are also available in the Colorbond colour of your choice so they’ll fit right in with any plantings and landscapes. Just a quick note to thank you for the great job that you did in making those garden beds for us.  I’ve attached a photo to show you the final layout and as you can see they suited the site perfectly.  I really appreciate the care and effort that you put into their construction – hard to find that sort of workmanship these days! We also offer free help with working bees for community garden and school orders (great for getting your community involved and the beds filled up!). Meanwhile, check out some pics of the gorgeous community gardens we’re proud to help grow!
With spring now upon us, I’ve been asked by several of my clients about the viability of raised bed gardens for growing vegetables and, in one instance, flowers for cutting. Raised beds lend themselves to the development of complex agriculture systems that utilize many of the principles and methods of permaculture (agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient).
If using timber to raise the garden bed, ensure that it is an untreated hardwood to prevent the risk of chemicals leaching into the soil. Another approach is to use concrete blocks, although less aesthetically pleasing, they are inexpensive to source and easy to use. On the market are also prefab raised garden bed solutions which are made from long lasting polyethylene that is UV stabilized and food grade so it will not leach undesirable chemicals into the soil or deteriorate in the elements. Sometimes raised bed gardens are covered with clear plastic to protect the crops from wind and strong rains. These cool new Elevated Cedar Raised Garden Beds bring the garden right to your patio in a decorative way, while at the same time making it easier to plant, tend and harvest without any kneeling or bending. Last week, we took a couple hours and finally tackled a project we’ve been meaning to for years–  Raised garden beds!!
I would seriously consider pea gravel or some other surround only because mowing and edging around them could potentially be a major pain in the tookas! A I covered the entire area (for boxes and pathes) in lanscape fabris, just right on top of the exsisting grass.
I would like to know where your purchased your lumber, because 1 cedar board here is about $10.00. We’ve got raised beds in the corner of our yard, with pea gravel in between and a cute picket fence surrounding the whole thing.
Also, not sure what kind of grass we have here in Utah, but it’s pretty determined stuff too. A quick tilling should be all you need at the base of them, but cardboard is also really fine (depending on your grass – we have a healthy crop of bermuda and crabgrass). My in laws have a raised garden and it was wonderful last year so we have plans for one for our yard now… but we just got done building a huge playground area so it might take a bit.
How do you tell if the wood at the lumber yard or Home store has be treated?I know the wood with (what looks like)”staple marks” in it has been treated?
We have 4 raised beds in our front yard & we put big pavers down between them so we could walk amongst them easily and it looks heaps nice with the grass growing up between them.
Looks great–always love to see new gardeners getting started!For the grass inside the beds, thick cardboard will probably do it, especially if you are going to fill that baby up with soil. It depends on what you are going to plant as to whether you want to excavate the ground underneath.
Galvanized screws are not the best choice for this, they will start to rust pretty quickly in most parts of the US. I love гeаding a ?ost that can make peoрle think.Also, manу than?s f?r allowing me to c?mment!
Kerbing ipswich – and Ipswich for over 20 years, Brisbane Kerbing Services offers a wealth of knowledge.
We actually moved unexpectedly right after building these, but I know the new owner was excited to use them.
Hi – these are hands-down the most beautifully crafted raised beds I have seen online thus far.
Are you worried that the sides may bow out once you start filling them and the soil gets wet and settles?
The clarity for your submit is just spectacular and i could suppose you are knowledgeable in this subject.
Well with your permission allow me to grab your feed to stay updated with approaching post. Number three on my Design Bucket List was to "Replace the Front Yard With a Vegetable Garden." Ok, I've had time to think about that and have decided it is a radical idea for most people, including me!
Like most of the other ladies who have commented, I also think the stone would be the way I would go. Passionate about interior design, gardening, travel, antiques, flea markets, family and dogs! Raised garden beds take many forms from the ones you build yourself from scratch to the ones you buy and plonk on the ground and fill up with soil.

Weeding is much easier so long as you don’t make the bed too big you can reach the weeds more easily.
Solves your Soil problems – if you have problem soil like lots of rocks, heavy clay soil or even really sandy soil a raised garden bed can save you heaps of work trying to improve your natural soil.
Adds height to your garden – sometimes you just want to add a bit of interest in your garden the addition of height can be just the thing. Pest prevention – raising the bed can make it more difficult for rabbits, dogs and other animals to get to your crops.
Heating and cooling- the soil in a raised bed will heat up and cool down more quickly than a bed in the ground. If the sides of your raised bed is over a foot high you probably need little or no ground preparation. Here is a great video which shows the really simple steps required to build your own raised vegetable garden. I like what I see, as a woodworker and a lover of gardening this something I can totally grasp, great job. He was communicative and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us install the beds on our Big Dig Day. They wanted to know how practical they were, the cost involved and if they were really worth the bother?
Filled with the appropriate soil mix, they provide the excellent drainage needed to grow picture-perfect vegetables and flowers. And if your objective is to grow tomatoes, building a raised bed against a sunny wall or fence means that heat-loving crops, such as tomatoes, will thrive and require less watering than those grown in pots. They can be used effectively to control erosion and recycle and conserve water and nutrients by building them along contour lines on slopes. They can be created over large areas using any number of commonly available materials and efficiently maintained, planted and harvested using hand tools. A double skinned wall provides an air pocket of insulation that minimizes the temperature fluctuations and drying out of the soil in the garden bed.
And here are 8 materials for raised bed gardens described in an excellent article in Houzz.
These stylish, space-saving elevated gardens are made from naturally rot-resistant cedar with rustproof aluminum corners, have false floors made from marine-grade plywood set 10" down from the top, vents in the sides for proper air circulation and holes in the floor for drainage. Plus, we have a cedar fence that is now nice and gray (someone actually knocked on our door and offered to take it off our hands–ummm?) that we love and are looking forward to the weathering of the boxes, too! We trimmed down 20 of the 6ft lengths to 5ft 9 inches and the remaining 10-1×6 boards to 33inches (also resulting in 20 boards). The sides of the boxes are made up of two 1x6s, essentially stacked on top of each other with a redwood post at each inside corner.
From start (before we made our first cut) to finish (carrying the last bed to the backyard), our five garden beds took us 2 hours 21 minutes and 39 seconds to build–which, well, we were pretty excited about.
It’s adorable, but we still have to do a lot of weeding in the pea gravel (even with the expensive 20 year weed barrier underneath the gravel).
It pops up in our beds way too much, so I’d second the recommendation to excavate the grass in the beds before hand. If you’re really worried about grass making an appearance (which will happen sooner or later no matter what), do both! Jenn’s got a couple of gardens going in the back yard this year, but my favorite is a raised salad garden right outside of the kitchen door.
Looking over the comments, it seems like a big problem has been the weeds…but for us, it hasn’t been annoying at all! If your lawn is weedy (can’t tell from the pic), or for those with more shallow raised beds, you may want to take the extra step of removing the sod also. Casually that you’re getting dehydrated our own healthy proteins, not always making food the thought. I’ve been scowering the internet for raised bed designs and I definitely like your design the best.
Not only will you have to pay for the materials for the walls of the bed you also need to fill them with lots of new soil and compost. Sometimes you need to dig things like compost in it can be more difficult to dig depending on how high it is and you will probably need to use small hand tools rather than a spade.
If you are putting it on a hard surface like concrete so long  as it is pretty flat you’ll need none. If you purchased a raised planter kit it should come with some recommendations for how to fill it. There are so many points here that have enlightened us on the pros and cons of a raised garden bed.
I didn’t really know about all these benefits but now I’m hoping we have our best harvest yet! I highly recommend him and his wonderful recycled garden beds to anyone wishing to start their own kitchen garden – happy growing!

Call Dan on 0431 383 516 or use the form above for an obligation-free chat about your needs. My answer is quite simple; if you’re serious about raising vegetables or creating a cutting garden, constructing a raised bed make perfect sense.
Pine that was treated using chromated copper arsenate or CCA, a toxic chemical mix for preserving timber that may leach chemicals into the soil which in turn can be drawn up into the plants, is a concern for vegetable growers, where part or all of the plant is eaten. And also raised so you don't have to break your back bending over all the time to pick your crop! Great for getting ideas for your bathroom renovation, new kitchen design and inspiration for living areas or outdoor layouts. A great solution for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers right on your patio while adding a natural decorative touch and privacy as well.
Privacy Policy5573 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. When we got home, we started the timer (so we could see how long it took to build the boxes) and made all of our cuts first.
I think that will really finish them off nicely and make them look more designed into their habitat vs just placed on top of the grass. If your overhead sprinklers don’t hit the garden and you do drip hoses only for the raised beds, you might be able to prevent some weed growth in the gravel. Make sure you place cardboard under the sides if you use it, or just remove the sod there, because some things will work their way in–and the best thing about raised beds is the lack of weeding.
Anyways, I’m сertаіnly dеlighted I disc?verеd it an? I’ll be bo?k-maг?ing it аnd сhecking back гegularlу! They'll definitely be there for a long time and since you have the stone wall around the olive tree already, it would continue the same gorgeous look. Not only that, but I've had wood raised beds and sometimes they do rot, in time, but, if they are pressure treated, well, do you want that non organic stuff in your garden? If you have access to some good garden soil by all means use it in the bottom section but you should have 1 foot to 18 inches of premium quality compost rich vegetable soil mix in the top. Even though they have a few down sides they are definately great from a practical and as you mention, also aesthetic point of view. If you haven’t heard from us in 24 hours your message may have been eaten by our spamcatcher so please give us a call on 0431 383 516.
Email us, but please note that we cannot help with identifying suppliers or colours at this point. I like the unity of these, and would totally consider lining the back of the yard with them. My biggest complaint is that I can’t walk on the bark without shoes on :) But whatever you decide, you are going to love your garden!!! I pretty much only pull tree seedlings that fall into my beds from above–except where things creep into the edges of my lower beds.
Would you by any chance be able to provide me with a list of lumber pieces required to build just one of these raised beds? I wish I had even a sliver of space in my yard to plant just one plant, but it's mostly hardscape. You can either dig up the existing grass, spray it with a glyphosate containing weed killer or cover it with a thick layer of newspaper – about 20 sheets.
Some gardeners use straw bales in the bottom of a raised bed but these will become waterlogged, rot down and become a bit stinky over time. Prep is key!For the grass outside the beds, I suggest you wait and see, and place the beds mower-width apart. A raised bed vegetable garden!I liked the idea at first of tearing out the lawn, kind of like the Victory Gardens from World War II. I think if you do stone you will do it once and it will last, plus it will look totally beautiful.
You will need to wait for the grass or weeds to die off then give it a dig over to improved the drainage before putting your new raised bed on top.
Mine ended up shaded and the grass declined, so I eventually went with straw mulch instead.
Make sure you leave an area around the bed grass free or eventually the grass will grow up into the bed. If you have a problem with digging pests you may need to put down some wire so they can’t dig under it. It also gets compacted there from walking and working there, so not great for grass in the long run.

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