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I have a small Sydney backyard, all paved, & am thinking about putting in two Colorbond raised garden beds.
I'll fill them via the no dig garden idea, with a good 20cm of premimum garden soil & mulch. Your idea seems feasible to me, however I wouldn't put pvc pipes (I think it is to soften the sharp edges) on top, because the look might not be so great, I think you get something round in metal as well. No, the plastic acts as a reservoir that holds the water , think of it as a big self watering pot and it's watered by the filler tube and of course whatever rain you may get.
Once you complete the initial construction, maintaining a raised bed is easier than traditional garden space.
When you custom design and build your own raised beds instead of purchasing pre-fabricated ones, you can adjust the dimensions to fit your space and gardening needs. Cut wood (if you’re purchasing lumber and you know the dimensions ahead of time, usually the store or lumber yard will cut it for you).
Additional posts can be driven into the ground and screwed to the sides in the center of the raised bed to help prevent buckling.
If you are placing your raised bed on a spot with a lot of vegetation, grass or weeds, you can line the bottom of the bed with a few layers of newspaper before filling with soil. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Raices is a Non-profit, We Need Your Support!All donations, no matter the amount, make a difference to us!
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Design Your Own Vegetable Garden Layout Using our Free "Vegetable Garden Planner" Software!
Number three on my Design Bucket List was to "Replace the Front Yard With a Vegetable Garden." Ok, I've had time to think about that and have decided it is a radical idea for most people, including me! Like most of the other ladies who have commented, I also think the stone would be the way I would go. Passionate about interior design, gardening, travel, antiques, flea markets, family and dogs!
If the place is yours, then I simply would rip out some of the paving (you might even sell the pavers or out them on freecycle that someone picks them up). Pic 1 shows the finished bed,the layers in the bed are old magazines, weedmat, builders plastic liner, ag pipe wrapped in weedmat, layer of sand to cover ag pipe, weedmat to separate sand and soil, a small drainage setup to allow for overflow, soil , and I finished mine with cane mulch. It’s not a difficult process, it’s fun to build and you can get creative with the size and shape of the beds. Soils in a raised bed warm earlier in the spring, allowing you to work the soil and plant cool weather crops sooner. Raised beds can be custom designed for any height and even raised on a stand above the ground, to be accessible to people with disabilities, arthritis, knee problems and any other physical limitation that keeps them from bending or kneeling easily. Use our online Garden Planner to design your own unique vegetable garden layout.Design Your Own Vegetable Garden Layout Using our Free "Vegetable Garden Planner" Software! The colorbond beds in the shops are at least $200 each which is a bit steep + having to fill them, so I went to our local Hardware & General store.
They'll definitely be there for a long time and since you have the stone wall around the olive tree already, it would continue the same gorgeous look. Not only that, but I've had wood raised beds and sometimes they do rot, in time, but, if they are pressure treated, well, do you want that non organic stuff in your garden?

Some prefabricated raised beds advertised online  cost over $200 for a single 4×8’ bed. Some may even provide topsoil, so check with your town or county public works before buying any soil.
I wish I had even a sliver of space in my yard to plant just one plant, but it's mostly hardscape.
It’s possible to get materials for a much lower cost (or even free if you join and post a wanted ad on Freecycle).
A raised bed vegetable garden!I liked the idea at first of tearing out the lawn, kind of like the Victory Gardens from World War II. I think if you do stone you will do it once and it will last, plus it will look totally beautiful. I am planing to get Hubby to cut each one in half with a nibbler, then joining the ends together to make an oblong shape. Other alternatives include recycled composite plastic lumber, haybales, woven bamboo, bricks, steel and concrete blocks. I was also thinking about lining the inside with black builders plastic to help reduce corrosion, as i've heard that over time the colorbond will rust as it's in contact with the moist soil.
So for two 2m long, 70cm deep & approx 45cm high it will be $120 in any colour I like, not too bad.

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