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Of course, a lot of thought goes into a new kitchen cabinet design, including whether we want to reface or replace, whether we want our cabinets in wood or laminate, and the list continues.
When it's time to make the selections for your kitchen remodel, consider the popular cabinet colors as usual, but also consider some raised panel cabinet doors to help you create that beautiful and unique custom kitchen described above.
A beautifully crafted white oak internal door with four stylish panels trimmed with raised mouldings on both sides. If you think your friend would like to know about this product please complete the form below. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Insert these space balls in your rail and stile grooves to center raised panels in their frames, thereby ensuring flawless frame and panel assemblies.
To prove that you don't need expensive cutters to make handsome doors, we made the beautiful raised-panel doors, above, using only three common router bits. I use raised panel bits too but we must keep in mind that not all woodworkers can afford the high priced bits. Ana White demonstrates how to make raised panel doors with simple tools, easy techniques and inexpensive lumber.

I wanted to ask for some opinions and advise on what size router is best suited for making raised panel doors. But for the sake of this discussion, let's assume we've already settled on wood for the cabinet doors.
Plain old cabinet doors are just panels with handles to many people, but furnishing a cabinet design with some raised panel doors will be like looking at our new kitchen with 3D glasses. One may have the appearance of some simple frame work around the edges, and another may boast a stepped frame for even greater dimension, all raised above the main surface of the door.
Of course, if you would like an hour of FREE expert advice and a chance to see these samples in your own home, contact us at (855) 573-3223 and we will be more than happy to talk with you.
Please note that extra finishing is required when additional trimming and drilling has taken place. The balls are soft enough to allow expansion and contraction, but firm enough to keep the panel from rattling. We'll show you the best tips, techniques, and tools to make doors quickly and easily without expensive panel-raising bits.
Because the panels are hardwood-veneer plywood, they weigh less, cost less, and are more stable than doors made from solid stock.

Raised Panel Doors performs all the complex calculations required to make your doors fit perfectly every time. We'll also assume we've chosen a cabinet color and style combination that will bring about the desired effect for our kitchen, or as they say on those home and garden shows--really make it 'pop'. Some selections may incorporate a combination of different raised center panels and framed-type panels. All of these different panel designs merge well with the texture, grain and color of the wood creating a cabinet door masterpiece and an aesthetic delight. Raised panels will accentuate our cabinet's distinct light and shadow areas, adding to the unique properties of the wood grain and color selection. These doors will give our new kitchen cabinets a unique and contemporary look we'll enjoy for many years.

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